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David's Dilemna

by Bashful

David's Dilemma

Author's Note: Once again I offer special thanks to Janice Dreamer, the 
Princess of Author's Notes, for her insightful assistance in preparing this 
story for publication.

Patty felt like screaming. She held tight to the headboard with both hands 
and squirmed in ecstasy. David's talented lips and tongue were driving 
her mad. She climaxed with a squeal and allowed her body to go limp. 
Best of all, that was just the beginning David always saw to her needs 
first.  Only afterward came the main event. As David moved up and 
knelt between her legs, she finally found the strength to say something.

"My gawd David, that was great! You are a real piece of work," Patty 
gasped out.

"He sure as hell is," a second female voice uttered in contemptuous 

The voice froze both David and Patty. David grimaced and turned 
around to see his wife, Lisa, standing in the doorway of their bedroom. 

She didn't have a gun in her hand. Thank God!

David immediately jumped out of bed and grabbed a handful of his 
clothes, spouting excuses as he struggled to cover himself.  "Lisa, wait!  
Don't jump to conclusions.  It's not what you think!  She threw herself at 
me.  I couldn't stop myself.  Please Lisa, wait a minute." He ignored the 
outraged noises coming from Patty behind him as he chased after Lisa.  

David was following her down the hall, trying to talk to her. He grabbed 
his pants off the floor of the living room as they passed through it. They 
were part of the trail of clothing, male and female, leading from the front 
door. Lisa didn't slow down as she headed for the front door. 

Lisa had not said another word since she left the bedroom. She refused to 
even look at David. David was hopping on one foot trying to pull his 
pants up as he tried to catch up to his very angry wife.

"Lisa, please stop and talk to me, please, honey. I swear, I couldn't help 
myself, it was all her fault baby, honest," David was scrambling to keep 
up with her and tripping over his pants. Finally he paused and got his 
pants on. He ran out of the front door, just in time to see Lisa's red Miata 
roar down the street. 

"Shit, shit ,shit! I've done it this time. She may never forgive me," David 
said out loud.

Just then he saw stars and the world began to spin. He grabbed the porch 
pillar and regained his balance. He turned around to see Patty standing 
there. She was dressed and menacingly swinging the shoulder bag she'd 
just used to hit him in the head.  

"You piece of shit, David! How dare you blame this one me? You chased 
me for two months before we went to bed for the first time and you have 
the gall to stand there and claim I threw myself at YOU!" With that, 
Patty swung her shoulder bag at David's head again. He managed to duck 
in time.

"Patty, I was just trying to make Lisa understand..." David started to say 
when Patty slapped him in the face.

"I told you to get us a motel room but you get a thrill out of taking stupid 
risks! This is the reason I won't screw you at my house. If my husband 
came in, he'd kill us both. You better hope that Lisa doesn't tell Norm 
about this. He'll break your neck AND cut your prick off!" Patty stomped 
off towards her black Blazer and climbed in, she rolled down the 
passenger's window, "Don't you dare call me, you son of a bitch!" Patty 
roared off down the street in the other direction.

'Well great!' thought David, 'I've got Lisa and Patty both mad at me and 
now I have to worry about Norm as well, if Lisa tells him. Damn, I 
should have listened to Patty and got us a room.'

Glancing at his watch, David went back inside, showered and went back 
to work. He called Lisa at her job. He was told she had left for lunch and 
hadn't come back yet. David knew he was going to pay for this one. He 
decided to let her have some time to cool off. Maybe a new Corvette 
would help her forgive him.

David was very well paid for his job as a sales manager. He had great 
benefits and hours. He had not had to work past 5PM in six months and 
never on weekends. All thanks to the carefully assembled a sales staff 
that was the envy of his company. Lisa didn't need to work but she 
insisted she wasn't ready for children yet and she wanted to stay busy.   

David provided for them both very well. The house had an in ground 
pool and hot tub. The cars they drove were never more than 2 years old 
and they frequently took exotic vacations. David thought that bought him 
some extra privileges.

After work, David headed home, hoping Lisa would be there. When he 
saw the empty driveway, his heart sank. The pool boy was here, his truck 
was parked out by the curb. David went inside and checked their voice 
mail. There was no message from Lisa. He checked the bedroom, all her 
clothes were still there. That was a good sign he decided. 

David called her cell phone and got her voice mail. He swallowed his 
pride and did the one thing he didn't want to do. He called his mother-in -

"Hello, Valerie, is Lisa there?" David asked, bracing himself for an 
onslaught of name calling accusations.

"Yes she is David, would you like to talk to her?" Valerie asked. The 
response left David nonplussed. She was being nice! The woman, who 
he most frequently thought of as a witch, actually spoke to him 
pleasantly! That could only mean that Lisa had not told her about 
catching David and Patty together. This was good.

"Yes, if I may please," David said. There was no reason to get on 
Valerie's bad side so being extra nice could only help, David figured.

"Hello David, you lying, cheating, back-stabbing, SON OF A BITCH!" 
Lisa was screaming when she finished and slammed the phone down.

David hung up. He sat down and watched the pool boy cleaning their 
backyard pool. David wondered if there was any way at all of getting 
Lisa back. Maybe more time was needed. 

Suddenly, David got the urge to go for a swim. It was a warm day and 
some physical activity would burn off the adrenaline coursing through 
his system right now. 

David went to his bedroom and stripped his clothes off. The bed was still 
rumpled from his 'nooner' with Patty. He recalled that Patty had been the 
only one that had really had fun today. David feared it would be some 
time before he had that kind of fun again. 

Damn he was stupid! Next time, a hotel room for sure.

David had finished undressing and he took a second to glance at himself 
in the full length mirror. Tall, at 6' 3 with broad shoulders, flat stomach 
and good muscle tone. He had short cut brown hair, it was too curly to 
let it get too long. He had brown eyes and a sharp nose. He was clean 
shaven and he bore a slight resemblance to George Clooney, the actor 
from ER. 

David opened a dresser drawer for a swimsuit. He lifted a green one out 
and was surprised to see it was really one of Lisa's teddy's. This was a  
bright green one. David chuckled, he must have opened the wrong 

Before David could put it back though, he felt himself bend over and 
slide a leg into the teddy! He tried to stop but he discovered he had no 
control over his body. His shocked eyes watched as first one hairy leg, 
then the other stepped into the lingerie. Then his hands pulled the little 
lacy thing up over his hips and waist. His arms slid into the straps and 
then adjusted them over his shoulders. 

"How did I get this on with out it ripping?' David thought to himself. It 
actually felt like it fit him!

Still having no control over his body, David was forced to simply watch 
as another item was removed from the dresser and placed on him. It was 
a thin, matching robe. Now David's body turned toward the mirror and 
David got the shock of his life. 

He was now a woman!

He had long reddish brown hair that cascaded over his shoulders and 
down his back. The teddy fit like a glove. The high-cut hips and narrow 
crotch showed off plenty of smooth, tanned skin with no body hair in 

David was further shocked when his now female body sat down and 
applied makeup. His new fuller lips were painted a bright color of red 
and his eyebrows were expertly arched. Then a pair of silver earrings 
with green stones were inserted into piercings he had not had before 
now. Then, a pair of matching green high heels were added to David's 
now much smaller feet. 

David's new body brushed at his long silky hair and smiled at his 
reflection. He felt his body turn and walk into the living room. The new 
woman stopped and looked about, as if searching for something. At that 
point in time, David became aware he could 'hear' the woman thinking.

Her name was Tina and she was horny. That was the main thrust of her 
thoughts. She was looking for someone to satisfy her carnal desires, right 

David tried to talk to her, he shouted in his mind but she either did not 
hear him or she ignored him completely. Then Tina noticed the pool boy.

'Oh, goody,' thought Tina, 'a man, just what I was looking for.' The pool 
boy was about 20 years old. He had a fit, muscular body and shaggy 
blonde hair. He was bare-chested and the sight of him made Tina wet 
immediately. Inside her, David began screaming in protest.

"Don't do it. I'm a man not a woman, please don't do it!" but it was 

Tina adjusted the robe on her shoulders and moved toward the French 
doors that led to the pool. She opened the door and stepped out onto the 

Tina sat down on a lounge chair, she crossed her legs and placed one 
hand on her knee. She licked her lips and smiled before speaking. The 
pool boy had still not noticed her.

"Hi," she said in a voice that dripped of lust. The pool boy jumped at the 

"Oh, uh, hi ma'am, I didn't see you there. Are you a friend of Mr. 
Hartley?" he stammered.

"You could say that, I'm house-sitting for them while they're gone. I'm 
Tina, what's your name?" she asked.

"Well, most of my bud's call me 'Slammer'," he said.

"Slammer, how did you get a name like that?" Tina asked as she licked 
her full lips again.

"It's cause I can slam a beer down faster than anyone else," He told her 

"Really? Would you like a beer, Slammer, there are some cold ones in 
the kitchen. Why not come in and enjoy one and talk with me for a 
while?" Tina asked him, while making prolonged eye contact.

"Oh no ma'am, we're not supposed to drink on the job, the boss would 
have my butt if he found out," Slammer said.

"Oh, well, how about a soda or some ice tea?" Tina asked.

"Oh, no thank you ma'am, I just finished a cold drink."

"Slammer, would you like to come in and cool off for a minute, get out 
of the hot sun?" Tina said, a little frustrated.

"No thanks, ma'am. We're not supposed to go into the houses. Just clean 
the pools and move on, that's what my boss says," Slammer answered as 
he rolled up his long, thick, hose. 

"Slammer, would you like to come inside and screw me until my eyes 
cross?" Tina asked him.

Slammer's room temperature IQ clicked on. 

"Oh yes Ma'am, I like that just fine," Slammer said as he headed for the 
house and Tina.

Some time later, Slammer was showering in the master bath when David 
realized he had control of his body back. Tina had sated her wants and 
left. But, David was still female. 

He got out of the bed and walked over to the mirror. He looked in horror 
at the body he now possessed. He was naked and makeup was smeared 
on his face. David was sickened by the feeling of warm fluid running 
down the inside of his thigh. He knew what it was. 

Slammer came out of the bathroom and seeing David standing there, he 
grabbed him and kissed him full on the mouth.

David tried to push him away but Slammer was far stronger than the 
little female body David now occupied. The kiss lasted just a moment 
though and then Slammer said goodbye and left.

David was stunned and nauseated by the events of the last hour. He had 
been changed into a woman, control of his own body taken from him and 
then he had sex with a man. 

David sat down on the edge of the bed and wondered how and why all of 
this had happened. He jumped and screamed when the phone rang.

David started to answer it and stopped before he did. If it was Lisa and 
he answered in the new voice he had, she would assume he had another 
woman at the house. David let the call roll over into voice mail. After a 
couple of minutes, David checked and heard Valerie's voice.

"Hello David, or should I say Tina? Did that get your attention? Are you 
afraid to answer the phone or are you and the pool boy still...busy? You'll 
want to call me soon, we need to have some uh, girl talk. There are 
things you need to know about who you now are and how long you will 
be that way. Now, if you and the pool boy make a night of it, that's fine, 
we can talk tomorrow. Enjoy dear, ta ta," The rest of the message was 

David stared at the phone for a long time. He dreaded calling Valerie, 
but not as much as he dreaded remaining a woman.

"Hello, " Valerie said. 

"Hello, Valerie," David said, wincing when he heard how soft and high 
pitched his new voice was.

"Why David, dear girl, how are you doing? How was your little fling 
with the pool boy? Did you enjoy it?" Valerie asked, her voice was 
syrupy sweet.

"How did you do this to me Valerie and what do I have to do to get 
changed back?" David asked, ignoring her question.

"I'm sorry sweetie, I didn't hear what you said about you and "Slammer". 
How was it?" her voice was more insistent now.

"I won't tell you Valerie, now what will it take to get you to change me 
back?" David was starting to get loud. He tried to calm down. He tried 
closing his eyes but that just brought forth visions of Slammer grunting 
on top of him and giving a rebel yell when he came inside David. 	

"David, if you don't answer my questions, right now, I will hang up and I 
will never speak to you again. You will be as you are now until the day 
that you die. Do I make myself clear?" Valerie said. There was no 
pretend sweetness in her voice any longer. 

David sensed he was on dangerous ground. He took a deep breath.

"What do you want to know Valerie?" he asked after a long pause.	

"Was it enjoyable, I mean did Tina seem to have a good time? Did she 
climax?" Valerie was chuckling between questions.

"Yes, Tina did seem to have fun and yes she reached climax. Now will 
you tell me how I can change back?" David asked.

"How about you David, how did you enjoy today's little adventure?"

"I hated every second of it Valerie, that's why you did this to me. I hated 
it and I'm sorry for hurting Lisa, really. Tell me what you want me to do 
and I'll do it Valerie, just change me back into a man, please," David was 
pleading now.

"Tell me about Slammer, David. I want to hear about every second of it. 
A girl's first time should be special. Talking about it now will help you 
remember it. It was special, wasn't David?"

David was trapped, describe the event in detail or face life as a woman. 
David described the sexual encounter in detail for his mother-in-law. It 
sickened him and his voice dropped very low a couple of times. Valerie 
had to make David repeat himself because she had not heard him. By the 
time David finished he was nearly in tears.  He had never been so 

"David, can you imagine how it shamed my daughter to walk in and find 
her husband with another woman, IN HER OWN BED!" Valerie shouted 
the last few words. David would normally not let someone talk to him 
like that but Valerie definitely had the upper hand.

"I have been humiliated beyond words today Valerie. I have wronged 
Lisa and insulted her. I won't contest a divorce. I will give her the house, 
the cars and all the stocks. I'll pay a generous alimony. Just please turn 
me back into a man, please Valerie."

"David, you truly sound contrite. I believe you completely. But this isn't 
about a divorce settlement. Everything you mention, Lisa will get 
anyway. You are giving up nothing. What we are doing here, David, is 
punishment pure and simple. Lisa wants you punished for what you did 
to her."

David felt a chill run through him. 'She's going to leave me this way!' he 

David tried to speak but his voice wouldn't work. His head spun and he 
thought he might black out.

"But…you may get lucky, David," Valerie said. "Listen carefully, I am 
going to tell you what is going to happen every day for the next 4 weeks. 
If you are lucky, you will be David again at the end of that time. If you're 
not so lucky…"

"David, every day, at 6:00PM, you will change into Tina. No matter 
where you are and what you are doing, you will become a woman and 
Tina will be in charge. She will control your body until she has made 
love to a man. The man has to finish his…uh, business, inside Tina. Is 
that part clear David? The man has to climax inside her or it doesn't 
count. Unless that happens, Tina will stay in control. And if Tina is in 
control when the sun comes up, then you will always be a woman and 
Tina will always be in control."

"Once Tina has been satisfied, you will regain control of your pretty little 
body. You may do with it as you please until sunrise, then it will become 
male again. This will last for 28 days. If you have managed to avoid 
getting pregnant by the end of that time, you will spend several days as 
your female self, experiencing a woman's period. Then you will become 
David again," Valerie explained. "If you ever wake up as a woman and 
the sun is up, it means you have become pregnant. Except on the last 
day. Then you may be pregnant or it may just be the start of your period"

"What happens if I get pregnant?" David asked, he was sure he knew the 

"Then you will be a woman for life David, but Tina would not be in 
control. The odds are against you getting pregnant, David. There are only 
a few days a month a woman is fertile. You're probably safe for the next 
few days. You're thinking of birth control pills, David. You can try them 
but they won't work. The spell I have cast will make you fertile during 
Tina's normal cycle no matter what you do."

"Is there nothing I can do to help prevent getting pregnant?" David 

"Well, douching is a form of birth control, washing out the seed before it 
takes root, so to speak. Not very effective, only about 50%. Condoms 
would be almost foolproof, but Tina doesn't like them. Just like you don't 
like them David," Valerie said.

David felt himself getting mad. Had Lisa told her everything about their 
lives together?

"David, haven't you figured out I can read your mind? Be careful what 
you think, dear girl, it can have dire consequences. I am doing this for 
Lisa, I could decide to do some things to you, on my own," Valerie said.

"David, you could call one of your friends and ask them to help you out. 
Tell them what is happening to you and ask one of them to see to it, that 
Tina doesn't get pregnant. All they have to do is come over once a day, 
service Tina and wear a condom while doing so. Surely you have at least 
one friend you could trust to do that, don't you David?" Valerie asked.

David was quiet, he was thinking, but he already knew the answer. There 
was no one who he would trust with this secret.

"No, I don't think I do." That admission was almost as humbling as 
describing the sex had been

"Good choice dear, we tend to gather with people who think as we do. 
None of your friends would be trustworthy enough to do this for you. 
They all are more concerned with their own pleasure, as are you," 
Valerie said. 

"Goodbye David, I may talk to you from time to time and Lisa will 
probably drop in to see you as well." David heard a dial tone and he 
hung up the receiver. 

Valerie turned to Lisa after hanging up with David. She smiled at the 
attractive young woman she had raised. She was bright, strong willed 
and, unfortunately, very much in love with David Hartley.

"Did you have to be so, so…cruel?" Lisa asked.

"Yes, I did, he would expect it. This won't be easy for you or him. He 
will never accept the truth. His subconscious won't let him be the man he 
is physically. His conscious mind  is too strong to allow him to make a 
voluntary decision to change right now. Tell me now if you can't go 
through with it, we need to stop this before midnight or see it through. I 
can't violate the laws of magic. We can still stop and you two just go 
your separate ways." Valerie said.

"If I didn't know why he was behaving the way he is, maybe I would. 
You’re the one that showed me what was wrong. This was your idea. If 
you didn't want to do it, why even suggest it?" Lisa said. "Did you have 
to be so, so…cruel?"

"Because I love you. I'm your mother and that's what being a parent 
means. You still love him enough to want to help him so I'll help you. 
Are you sure you're up to your part of the act? David is being controlled 
by a female personality, you have to make it seem real."

"I'm sure," was all Lisa said.

"Okay, it will take a couple of days to get your 'new life' arranged. We 
need that time for David to get desperate. It'll make your job easier. I will 
worry about you every day, you know that and I won't be able call you, 
or you me. We must stay apart completely. If this is to work, David has 
to make up his own mind. We can only give him nudges in the right 
direction. In the end, it must be his decision. Is that clear?" Valerie said.

"Yes, it is. I'm scared, Mother. What if he gets pregnant before I get 
there? What if he rejects me? What if…"

"Lisa, we can't worry about what if. It's dangerous, I know, but it's the 
best way." Valerie said. "My predictions of  possible futures show David 
committing suicide 5 out of 10 times in the next year, if left alone. If it 
were a lower number, I'd say let nature take its course, but we need to try 
and save his life if we can."

Lisa nodded her head and looked out the window at her mother's 
beautiful back yard.  Her mother spent all her spare time gardening since 
her father died and left her more money than she would ever need. 
Lisa always found solace looking at the simple beauty of nature. She 
needed some peace now. She thought back to the few hours since she 
had arrived at her mother's home. 

When she had come home and told her mother about catching David 
with another woman, her mother had recommended they get a lawyer. 

Lisa asked her mother to use her sorceress powers instead. Valerie was a 
sorceress by birth. Both her parents had the power so it was passed to 
Valerie. Lisa's father didn't have the power so Lisa did not inherit it.

Valerie first did a reading of David's aura. She didn't use her powers 
capriciously, Lisa had never asked her mother for anything like this so 
Valerie had never done it before now. 

Valerie told Lisa that the problem lay in David's soul. He had the soul of 
a woman and the internal conflict was making him do these things to kill 
his marriage. 

"I thought he loved me?" Lisa protested.

"He does dear, very much, he doesn't understand what is happening or 
why he does these things. Many people like David would seek a doctor's 
help in finding their true place and gender. In David's case, his 
subconscious mind is not strong enough to tell his conscious mind that 
he is unhappy as a man. He might be happier as a woman, but I am not a 
psychiatrist, I just know what his aura looks like. His soul is female, his 
body is male and he's in serious conflict. I can help him but we must 
make very sure he wants our help. I cannot in good conscience make him 
a woman just because I think that might make him happy.  He has to ask 
me to make him a woman, permanently."

"What if he doesn't but he gets pregnant anyway?" Lisa asked.

"He has the power to influence the personality in control when he is a 
female. She can use a condom if he tells her strongly enough. If he really 
wants to be a man, he will convince her. If he doesn't convince her, that 
is an acceptance of his fate and a decision to be a woman. That is not as 
ideal a situation as his coming to the decision consciously would be. He 
will have some difficulty adjusting if he just gets pregnant. And of 
course there would be the baby. I would rather not have a child born out 
of a situation like this, that's were you come in. You have to prevent 

"If I succeed, I end my marriage, once and for all." Lisa said sadly.

"If we fail, David may kill himself. Lisa dear, your marriage to David is 
over. He can't sustain a relationship with a woman. He will always seek a 
way to end it without knowing why. The fact that he loves you will make 
this break up very hard on him. With luck, he is already realizing he is 
ruining his life for no good reason. We are trying to save David's life. If 
there was another way, I would use it, believe me." Valerie said.

Lisa had never known her mother to lie to her. She trusted her more than 
any person on earth. She would do as her mother said and hope she was 
up to the task ahead.

David curled into a fetal position. The act made easier by the increased 
flexibility of his female form and slightly tougher by the breasts on his 
chest. David lay there on his side, curled into a ball, until the chill drove 
him into the bedroom. The sheets needed changing and David changed 

David lay awake, unable to sleep. The fear that he might wake up and 
still be female invaded his mind like a stampede of horses as soon as he 
closed his eyes.  What would he do if that were the case? Was he now 
pregnant? The thought triggered a violent reaction. He rushed to the 
toilet and reached it just in time to empty his stomach into the bowl. 

Being new to wearing long hair, David didn't know to hold it up and it 
dangled in the fouled water. He was forced to shower again in order to 
wash it. It took a great deal of shampoo to clean it properly. He would 
prefer to clean his shorter male hair. He would prefer to be male.

In bed again, David sought happier memories. Times before he began 
sleeping around on Lisa. Why had he begun that? He loved her with all 
his heart and soul. She had only to ask him for something and he would 
get it or do it for her. When did he decide he needed more than the love 
she supplied?  They had always been very satisfied with each other. 

David considered his relationship with Patty. She was demanding and 
bossy. She had to be satisfied first, every time. David didn't mind, he just 
wondered what it was about Patty that attracted him. Why didn't he rent 
them a room? He could easily afford it. Lisa would never know.  Was 
that why he chose to bring Patty and the others to his own house and 
their bed? Did he want to get caught?

David tossed nervously. He wasn't used to sleeping with breasts. They 
were uncomfortable to lie on and he preferred sleeping on his stomach. 
He couldn't wear a bra which might help. It would cut him in two when, 
and if, he became a man again.

David recalled the last vacation they had taken. It was to the Virgin 
Islands. Lisa had picked the spot.

"Hurry David, we'll be late for the plane," Lisa called out. 

The airport limo was waiting for them and David was making sure 
everything was locked up tight. He came running out and stopped. He 
stared at his wife, Lisa, standing next to the limo. She was wearing a 
sundress with skinny straps and a neckline that showed the tops of her 
firm breasts. The skirt stopped less than half way down the length of her 
long, smooth, tanned legs. She was wearing sandals with 2-inch heels. 
Her brown hair was lying softly on her shoulders, shining in the sunlight. 
She smiled at him and his breathing sped up, his heart rate accelerated 
and he actually felt dizzy for a minute. She was so beautiful! 

Time stood still, all sound was silenced, the world contained only David 
and Lisa for that one brief moment.

This was a moment he knew he would remember forever. 

He never loved her more than he did right then. He thought he was the 
luckiest man on earth to have Lisa for a wife. Not because she was 
beautiful, because she was the only woman in the world he had ever 
loved or could ever love. He had known that from the first time he saw 
her. The fact that she loved him back filled his days with joy and his 
nights with sweet dreams.

David was crying, he never cried. How could he have forgotten that time 
in their lives? The rest of the trip had been anti-climatic. For David, 
seeing her standing there, smiling and waiting for HIM, had made him 
the happiest man on earth. For two weeks, they shopped, saw sights, 
swam in the warm ocean and made love in the moonlight. 

David recalled only that moment, in their own driveway, when she had 
smiled at him.

David sobbed uncontrollably over the realization of what a fool he had 
been. He had probably lost the most important person in his life. He had 
no one to blame but himself.

Sleep finally came and then the alarm rang much too soon. David sighed 
in relief when he knew he was male again. He shuddered physically 
when he considered that he had 27 more nights to suffer through.

Somehow, he must get through the ordeal and win Lisa back. It was the 
most important challenge he had ever faced and he was determined to 

David forced himself through the morning, looking and acting haggard 
and beaten. Finally, David went home at noon and told his secretary he 
would not be back that afternoon. 

David parked his black 'Vette in the garage and entered through the 
kitchen. He made and ate a sandwich only because he was too hungry to 
sleep without something on his stomach. David undressed and collapsed 
in bed. He was asleep in minutes. It was just 12:45PM.

At 6:00PM sharp, Tina woke up and stretched. She stood up and looked 
at her body in the mirror. She felt her legs and decided they needed 
shaving. After a long soak and then shaving her legs Tina dressed for a 
night out. A knee length black dress with a very revealing neck line and 
plenty of cleavage. The dress didn't require a bra. Tina put on  a black 
gater belt and nude thigh highs and then slipped on some skimpy black 
panties. Afte a moment's thought, Tina took the panties off and went 
without. Makeup, jewelry and a pair of black heels and Tina was ready 
for fun.

Inside Tina, David was cringing mentally. He could feel everything she 
felt. He was actually experiencing the desire to be filled by a man. The 
sensation was horrifying to David. He had no interest in sex with men 
but his body was screaming for it. Then the thing that topped it all off. 
Tina spoke to David!

"David, I do hope you will be a little more quiet this time. I find the 
yelling and fuss you make distracting. I only get to come out for a little 
bit everyday, please let me enjoy it," Tina 'said'. She didn't speak, she 
was communicating directly to David, they did share a mind after all.

"Please take a condom and use it Tina, I don't want to be a woman. 
Please Tina, please," David begged. 

"I don't like rubbers David, it doesn't feel as good for me," Tina replied 
as she touched up her makeup.

"Can we trade something Tina, is there something you would like me to 
buy you tomorrow? Just name it, use a condom tonight and it's yours," 
David said.

"Hmm, would you go buy me a…vibrator? Something to have around in 
case I don't find the right guy some night, so I'm not so lonely," Tina 

"But you have to find the right guy every night or I'm stuck," David said. 
Now a new fear gripped him. What if Tina wanted to stay in control?

"Don't worry David, I don't want to be in control all the time, I know I 
can't earn a living," Tina said. 

"Can you read my mind?" 

"Of course I can, it's my mind too."

"Who are you Tina?" 

"I'm you David. Valerie took your sex drive and reversed it toward men. 
Then she gave me a feminine personality and some appropriate 
memories and skills. Fashion, makeup, feminine hygiene. I'm not a 
bimbo David, I'm just not very deep. I exist only to make sure that you 
go out every night and get laid. I know that and I'm okay with it. I get 
what I want and that's all I care about. Just like you, David."

"Where do you go when I'm in control."

"The same place you go when I'm in control. I can hear and sense 
everything you do. I know what you're thinking. I know you think I'm 
some kind of sex starved airhead. I'm not. I'm just exactly like you. My 
priorities are just as screwed up as yours are. Pleasure is the number one 
thing in my mind as it is in yours. I have less self-control than you do, 
that's the only difference. If I were to be in control fulltime David, we'd 
be a hooker in a few weeks. I want that no more than you do. However, 
if you were to be a woman fulltime and in control, that's something I 
could really get to like. It's getting late, time to hit the bar. You don't 
mind if I drive the 'Vette, do you?" Tina laughed out loud as she picked 
up a small black purse. 

She picked up David's pants and took out his keys and wallet. Tina 
removed his ATM card and the keys to the car and house and placed 
them in her purse. Their first stop was for money, Tina got $500.00 out 
of David's account. Then she drove to a singles bar, the same one where 
David met Patty.

David tried his best to find a dark hole to hide in as Tina began looking 
for a man for the evening. She had plenty of takers but to David's 
surprise, she was being picky. After an hour, David began to worry she 
wouldn't find someone she liked. Then a man came over and asked her to 
dance. He was tall and good-looking, he had a easy grin and a smooth 
voice. His line was simple and easy to see through. He was the 
shallowest man in the bar. Tina almost jumped him right then and there.

They wound up at David's house. Ken was very eager as was Tina and 
soon they were in bed and down to business. David tried talking to Tina 
but she ignored him. When they were done, Ken went to the bathroom 
and Tina left. 

Now David had a problem he had not considered before. What if Ken 
wanted a repeat performance? David doubted he would be able to bluff 
his way through it. He would not be able to do it.

Ken came out of the bathroom and lay down beside David. He placed a 
hand on an exposed breast and kissed his lips. Fear froze David to the 

"I had a great time Tina, I'll see you again, I hope," Ken said as he rose 
and began dressing.

David let out an audible sigh.

Ken turned around. "Are you interested in another go?" he asked.

"Oh, uh no, no, I was just reliving the moment. You were great," David 
said, repeating what Tina had been thinking as she left.

Ken finished dressing and left. David let out a loud sigh.

"Why did you pick that guy Tina? He wanted a notch for his gun, 
nothing more," David asked.

"David, do you want someone who wants a relationship, spending the 
night, waking up next to YOU in the morning? I went looking for some 
one who would not come back for more. Someone shallow and uncaring. 
Only interested in a moment's pleasure. In a word, David, someone like 
you." Tina's words stung but they had the ring of truth as well. 

If she had picked up some sweet guy looking for a girlfriend, it would be 

"Tina, what would have happened if Ken had wanted seconds? Would 
you have come back and handled that?" David asked.

"Nope, you'd've been on your own David. You should pay attention to 
what I do with the guys, it's bound to happen sometime. Someone will 
want a repeat or even triple play. Or, I'll make a mistake and the guy will 
want to spend the night. Then, there's the weekends."

"What about the weekends, are guys more likely to spend the night on a 

"Well, maybe, but mostly, you'll be female all weekend long, it's more 
likely that you'll have to handle a lover then," Tina explained.

"ALL WEEKEND LONG? Valerie never said anything about that. How 
do you know that anyway?" David was actually shouting out loud.

"Calm down David, believe me, I can hear you and now, so can the 
neighbors. Valerie gave me specific memories. How to dress, how to 
apply makeup and the rules of the spell. I know she didn't mention it, I 
was there, listening with you." 

"I'll sleep tonight at least. Thanks for asking Ken to use a condom. Will 
you do that every night?" David asked.

"I can't promise that. When we get into foreplay, my brain shuts down. I 
only notice what is happening to me," Tina explained

"But if I get pregnant, I stay a woman, you said that you didn't want 
that," David said.

"No, I said if I am in control and we get stuck as a woman, then we have 
a real problem. My focus is on pleasure and sex. That's all I care about 
when I'm in charge of our body. If you get pregnant, I won't be in charge. 
With you in control of our body, you will be able to get a job and earn a 
living without resorting to prostitution. If you get through the month 
without getting pregnant, I leave forever."

"Tina, I don't want to be a woman for the rest of my life. I like being a 
man. I don't want to have to make love to a man some night because 
once wasn't enough, can't I just tell him no?"

"Would you accept no in the same situation with another woman? You 
can try it David but why not experience it for yourself?" Tina said.

"I have experienced it, twice more than I cared to."

"I mean with you controlling this hot little body we have. David, riding 
is never as much fun as driving, believe me."

"I am not interested. Please choose wisely, Tina. Find the guys that are 
not into pain and just want to get off and leave." 

"I'll try but you should pay attention to what I'm doing so you can handle 
anything that comes up, so to speak. Besides, I feel pretty damn good 
when I come, don't you feel the same thing?"

"Yes, but the humiliation of having a man's…" David couldn't even think 
the word penis, it was so upsetting. 

"I understand. It's tough but you don't have a choice, neither of us does. 
I'll help if you need it David, I'll be able to talk you through it, if and 
when the time comes," Tina said. "Better shower and get the makeup off 
before bed."

In the shower, Tina tried to get David to play with his new body but he 

David fell into bed, exhausted and was soon asleep. The alarm went off 
at 6:30am and David crawled out of bed, male once again. 

David tried to talk to Tina but got no reply. He wondered if she was mad 
at him because he wouldn't play in the shower last night. At lunch, 
though it embarrassed him greatly, David found an adult bookstore and 
purchased a "vibrator". He choose the six-inch length. Even that seemed 
huge to him. David's face turned bright red as the clerk handed him the 

"Hope you enjoy it," the clerk said. 

That evening, David got caught in traffic due to a five-car pile up. It was 
just turning 6:00 PM when David pulled his Corvette into the garage. 
Tina, wearing David's suit, stood up from the car.

"David, you shouldn't cut it this close," she said.

"Why haven't you answered me all day?" David asked.

"I'm only around when you're female David. I see you bought me a 
present, maybe we could just watch a dirty movie and…" Tina said as 
she opened the bag and examined the vibrator. Seeing it in her smaller 
hand sent a shiver through David. 

"NO!!!" David barked back.

Tina giggled out loud.

"Got ya!" Tina said. "I guess this means you want me to go out and find 
a guy, is that right?"

"No, I don't but as you said yesterday, we have no choice in this."

Tina hurried to the bedroom and pulled David's clothes off and began 
choosing an outfit for the evening. She had just donned a bra and panties 
set when someone began pounding on the front door. 

Tina pulled on a robe that covered her body but then clung to every 
curve like paint. She opened the door to a large man with fire in his eyes. 
His face was red and he was obviously very agitated. Tina tried to shut 
the door but the man was too strong. He forced his way in and shut the 
door behind him. Tina took off running but the man grabbed her from 
behind. He wrapped an arm around her tiny waist and lifted her up.

"Let me go you bastard, RAPE, HELP, RAPE!!!!" Tina screamed.
As she tried to kick at the man's legs and she beat on his arm around her 

The man sat her down and backed up. Tina spun around, ready to fight if 
need be. The man held both hands in front of himself.

"No, I'm not going to hurt you, not unless YOU"RE David Hartley."

"Do I look like someone named David Hartley?" Tina asked pointedly.

"No, you don't. I'm sorry I scared you, I really didn't mean to. I just came 
by to beat the shit out of this Hartley character, for screwing my wife. I 
guess I scared you, I'm sorry, are you his wife?" he asked.

"No, I'm the house-sitter. David's wife left him because of what 
happened. I'm just a close friend," Tina said, feeling relieved. "I guess 
you're Norm?" 

"Yes, does David tell you everything about his sex life, including the 
names of his lovers husbands?" Norm asked.

"David and I have no secrets between us. I am well aware of David's 
habit of dallying with other women. I'm afraid David's not here though. 
You just missed him," Tina said.

"But just a few minutes ago, I saw him pull into the garage. He's here 
lady, don't try to hide your boyfriend from me." With that Norm began 
searching the house. Tina followed him around and let him look all he 
wanted. He saw David's clothes in a pile on the floor of the bedroom. 

"I guess I interrupted you and David. Good, he's interrupted my 
marriage," Norm said.

"Are you and Patty getting a divorce?" Tina asked.

"Probably not, but I'm mad at her and I'm going to pound David Hartley 
when I find him." 

"Norm, would that solve anything? I mean, might you not wind up in 
jail, maybe lose your job, have to pay an attorney a lot of money? Is it 
worth all that?"

"I can't just let him get away with it though, dammit." Norm said. 

Norm was a big man, he was a good 2 inches taller than David and 
maybe fifty pounds heavier. Patty said he could bench-press 300 pounds. 
What in the world made David pick the wife of this man? If he got his 
hands on David, it could be serious.

"Norm, it won't surprise you to find out that David and I are more than 
just friends. I love David in a very special way. He's a part of me and I 
don't want to see him hurt. I also want to teach him a lesson about 
screwing other men's wives. Could I get you to help me with something, 
in that regard?" Tina asked, as she loosened the tie on her robe.

"What did you need help with?" Norm asked.

"My bra, it's a real bother to get off," Tina said as she slipped her robe 
off and turned her back. They were still in the bedroom. 

Norm unhooked her bra with shaking fingers and she pulled it off. She 
turned back around and faced Norm. 

"My panties get stuck too, sometimes."

Norm hooked his thumbs in the waistband of Tina's panties and slid them 
down her silky soft legs. When he got to her ankles, she lifted first one 
leg, then the other. Norm found himself kneeling in front of Tina's small, 
neatly trimmed triangle of brown hair. Her natural aroma, enhanced by 
her arousal, drifted to his nose and he inhaled deeply. 

Norm straightened up and stared into Tina's eyes. Inside Tina's head, 
David was trying to argue. 

"David, shut the hell up! You got us into this, I'm trying to get us out!" 
Tina told him silently.

Norm was wavering, he looked unsure.

"I shouldn't, it's not right," Norm said.

"Neither are the nooners David and Patty had three times a week. This is 
a chance to get even with David and Patty at the same time without 
getting arrested. Trust me, David is going to feel this like you were doing 
it to him," Tina said.

Norm looked at the firm breasts with erect nipples, he could smell Tina's 
desire stronger now and her eyes were glazed with desire. Here was a 
horny woman, going to waste! Norm made up his mind and took Tina in 
his arms.

Tina undressed Norm and he lifted her up on the bed and moved into 
position. They kissed and touched and caressed until Tina was aching for 
Norm to enter her. As Norm started to push against her wet and eager 
lips, Tina put her hands on his chest and pushed.

"Promise me Norm, this settles accounts between you and David. I'll 
make sure he knows about this, you take that as your revenge, agreed?" 
Tina said.

"Okay Tina, I promise," Norm said.

With that, he easily overpowered her thin arms and pushed himself deep 
into Tina. David screamed as he felt the thick shaft pierce his male pride.

The rest of the encounter was a blur to David. He thought he had 
accepted the fact that he was going to experience sex with men for the 
next month. This particular man was the worst though. Norm wasn't 
mean, it was the concept that David was being screwed by the husband 
of a woman he had slept with. 

When Norm climaxed, he relaxed and lay atop David, they were still 
connected. David had regained control of his body and was wishing 
Norm would get the hell off of him. He could feel Norm shrinking. 
David looked up at the ceiling, the only thing he could see right now. 

"Why did you do this to me Tina? Why screw Norm, to hurt me?" David 
said silently. "Is your body so much in control of you when you're horny 
that you can't stop to think about what you are doing? Do you have any 
idea how much that hurt me, inside?" 

"I know exactly how much it hurt you. I did it you save our life. I WAS 
thinking. It took every bit of will power I had to stop Norm and make 
him promise to leave you alone. That man is huge, he could have hurt 
you seriously if he had attacked you. You wind up in the hospital, when 
it's 6:00PM I show up and I'm just as beat up as you are. I'm trapped in a 
hospital bed and can't get laid. The next morning, we're stuck and I'm in 
control. Hot to trot, 24/7. Now David, which would you prefer, walking 
the streets or getting screwed by Norm? To me, it was a no brainer."

"Okay, I'm sorry, it just…" David stopped.

Norm stirred, he lifted himself up and left. Acting as if he was ashamed 
of himself. He didn't look David in the eyes after they separated their 

"It hurt you and it hurt like hell, not physically, mentally. I know, I felt 
the pain you were experiencing. Now, the next time you screw another 
man's wife, think of today. Norm was as embarrassed as hell, he won't be 
back and you'll never hear from him either, I'll wager," Tina said.

David showered and picked up the clothes off the floor. He made the bed 
with fresh sheets and did laundry. Then he called out for pizza, ordering 
his usual, pepperoni and extra cheese. 

"David, you'll never finish a large and I'll never fit into that little black 
dress I wore last night if you keep eating like that while you're female. 
Once in a while's okay, but let's watch the comfort food, okay?" Tina 
chided him.

"Point taken. I should have asked first, do you like pizza?"

"David, I like what you like, except I like men and you like girls. Maybe 
I can broaden your horizons in that respect?" Tina said.

"No thank you. I have no desire to start liking men."

"Just while you're female. What would have it hurt to go out to eat 
tonight? You could have gone to a nice place and very possibly found a 
nice guy to buy you dinner or at least a drink. So you're a guy during the 
day, at night, you're a hottie!"

"Tina, I don't like being a girl, much less a hottie. This is punishment for 
me and that is exactly as I am taking it. Please get off the subject of men, 
it upsets me," David said.

"You might think about the fact that you may have to get used to liking 
men or be a old maid. There is a good chance that you'll wind up as a 
woman for life, you know," Tina pointed out.

David ignored her remarks and turned on the TV. He found a ball game 
and watched it until the pizza arrived. David was wearing the slinky robe 
he had put on after his shower and the pizza boy almost choked when he 
saw the sexy woman open Mr. Hartley's door. 

"Hi Ma'am, That'll be $15.10, please," he said as he stared unabashedly 
at her cleavage.

David realized what he looked like to the boy and threw a twenty at him 
and told him to keep it. He grabbed the pizza and slammed the door.

Tina was laughing at him, inside his head.

"What's so funny?"

"You are, you liked it, I could tell. You liked the kid ogling you," Tina 

"No I didn't."

"David, I feel everything you do. You got excited when you saw him 
leering at our tits. It's okay. That's why a woman dresses this way, so 
men will notice."

"Damn it, Tina, I'm not a woman! If you're going to try to change me in 
some way, you can just stop it right now. I like being a guy and I don't 
like getting screwed by men. Get off this subject now!" David screamed 
at her.

Tina was silent for the rest of the night. David watched the rest of the 
game, ate just two slices of pizza before filling up and put the rest in the 
refrigerator. He then crawled into bed and lay awake wondering if he 
would be a man in the morning or not since Tina hadn't told Norm to use 
a condom. 

That would be irony, becoming a woman for life because his girlfriend's 
husband had knocked Tina up!

Sometime after midnight, David fell into a troubled sleep. He woke up 
before the alarm clock went off. He felt like hell but there was too much 
to do today to skip work. David made his way to the office and somehow 
got through the day. 

"David, I'm worried about you." This was from his secretary, Margaret  
Winters. She was fifty something. He had 'inherited' her from his 
predecessor and she was far too proficient to replace with the kind of 
trophy secretary he had wanted. The job paid him too much money to 
screw around at work anyway.

"I'm fine Margaret, really," David lied. Margaret wasn't buying it. She   
knew David too well. 

"David, we need to talk," she said. She closed the door to his office and 
sat down. Margaret knew David's mother was gone and he really needed 
a mother right now, she was sure.

"David, I have never told you how much I disapprove of your running 
around on Lisa. I like Lisa a great deal and I think you do her a great 
disservice with your tomcatting. Now she has left you, maybe for good."

David's head jerked up at that last comment. He knew Lisa would call 
Margaret from time to time but he had no idea they were close enough to 
discuss their personal lives.

"David, she really loves you. She doesn't want to lose you but this last 
incident, whatever it was, was too much. She feels like she's backed into 
a corner. You have to do something David. You and Lisa belong 
together. Swallow your pride, beg her forgiveness, do whatever it takes
to get her back. If you don't, you'll never forgive yourself."

"I can't get her to talk to me. She screams at me and hangs up. I want her 
back, I really do. I was a fool, I know that now, but she won't talk to 

David put his face in his hands and cried. Despite the horror of his 
evenings as Tina and the humiliation he experienced then, this was only 
the second time David cried since his mother's funeral three years ago.  

Margaret let him go for a while, knowing he needed the release. When 
David regained control she patted his shoulder and told him to keep 
trying to talk to Lisa. She would be there to help if she could.

David's office had a private bathroom and he splashed some cold water 
on his face and kept his door closed for a while until he thought his eyes 
were clear again. 

'Margaret was right,' he thought. 'Lisa and I belong together. I have to get 
her back.'

David called Lisa's job and was shocked to find out she had quit without 
notice. He called Valerie.

"Hello David, well, three days down and 25 more to go. Are you getting 
used to being on the bottom? Are you and Tina getting along? I wasn't 
sure if you two would talk or not. How about the men she has picked, 
how did you like them?" Valerie asked.

"Please Valerie, can I just speak to Lisa?" David said.

"David, I just got a flash from your mind. You and Norm! How 
delicious! Was he good, or did he just come and go? Will you see him 
again? Lisa felt it was important to share the information about how 
close you and Patty were with Norm. She actually had a different kind of 
interaction in mind for the two of you. I think she thought Norm might 
hit you. She was still quite angry when she called him. I do believe that 
she regretted the call later on."

"That's what you get for letting your emotions control you. But you 
know all about that, don't you? Your baser emotions taking control and 
making you do something you really don't want to do."

"Please Valerie, let me talk to Lisa, please."

"Lisa isn't here David. I will tell her you called," Valerie said and then 
hung up.

'Damn it! Why do I let her bait me like that? Because if I blow up at her, 
I'll regret it for the rest of my life,' David thought to himself, answering 
his own question. 'Great, now I'm talking to myself.'

David finished the day out and went home, dreading the evening ahead. 
He had yelled at Tina last night and she was mad at him. Who knows 
what she would do to punish him? All she had to do was pick the wrong 
guy and David would pay for the rest of his life. He had to make it up to 
her somehow.

David arrived home at 5:45. He had fifteen minutes before he lost his 
manhood and control. Quite possibly, the last fifteen minutes he had as a 
man, and maybe as a functioning human being and not just a collection 
of thought patterns. This thought had come to him more frequently of 
late. The month to come would be far rougher than he had first thought. 

Something could happen that would keep Tina from completing her daily 
assignment. Then, they would be stuck as Tina, constantly looking for 
pleasure. Or, she could get pregnant because she didn't use a condom. 
That was the real fear. David knew Tina didn't want to be in control full 
time, but she couldn't help herself when she got aroused. 

David went to the bedroom and took off his suit and hung it up, as he 
was unbuttoning his shirt, Tina arrived.

"Got home earlier tonight, huh David, good. Now what shall I wear? 
Any chance another girlfriend's husband's going to stop by and make 
things easy for me again?" Tina said and giggled out loud. She finished 
undressing and began selecting underwear.

"Tina, I'm sorry for yelling at you last night. I had no right to treat you 
like that. You did the right thing and it probably did save our life. Can 
you forgive me?" David said to her.

"Of course I can David, I understand how upset you were and I was 
pushing too many buttons. I went over the top. I'm sorry too."

"Tina, name it and I'll buy it for you," David announced magnanimously.

"Oh David, you have to learn, money just buys things. You can't buy 
friends or lovers, just rent people who pretend. You made a heartfelt 
apology, I know you meant it. That's what made it special. After Lisa 
caught you and Patty, you wondered how much you could spend to get 
her back. The answer, David, is all the money in the world isn't enough 
and a single penny is too much."

"Lisa needs to know you are sorry and really want to get back together. 
She doesn't want a new car or a bigger house, she either wants you, alone 
or you've lost her for good. The fact that the punishment isn't absolutely 
permanent is a good sign. If you can talk to her, apologize as you just did 
to me and never cheat on her again, you might have a chance."

"Maybe send her a dozen roses?" David suggested.

"How about one rose and a sweet card asking for a chance to talk to 
her?" Tina said.

"Would you help me write the card?" David asked

"Sure, right after we get home tonight, how do I look?" 

While they had been talking, Tina had been dressing. She was in a knee 
length sleeveless dress with a modest neckline. 

"Very lovely but not very uh…"

"Sexy? David, it's how you sell it, not what you're selling, I would think 
a salesman like yourself would know that. I'll have plenty of takers 
tonight, just wait and see." Tina assured him.

Tina picked up her purse and slid into the Vette. She backed out of the 
drive and headed for a nice bar David visited when looking for 
companionship other than his wife. Tina slid through one corner and 
punched it coming out of the next as she entered a straightaway. David 
warned her about their speed but she just pressed harder on the pedal. A 
quarter mile further down the road she saw the red and blue lights in her 

"Oh my god, they're going to arrest you for driving without a license and 
tow the car and we're going to be stuck. Damn it Tina, I asked you to 
slow down!" David said. 

"Calm down David, it'll be okay, trust me."

"Good evening Miss, do you have any idea how fast you were going?" 
The officer asked Tina while staring at her breasts.

"I would guess about 95 officer, is that about right? You have to blow 
these things out every once in a while, I'm sure you realize that, don't 
you." Tina said while looking in the man's eyes. She slowly licked her 
red lips and left them slightly parted. David could feel her arousal 
building. Her brain would shut down soon if something didn't happen.

"I clocked you at 97 ma'am, and yes I understand the machinery needs 
blowing out but you can't do it on the highway. I'll have to issue you a 
citation. May I see your license and insurance please," he told her.

"Surely officer, and I'm sorry for speeding." Tina dug into her purse and 
to David's surprise came up with her own driver's license. She handed 
that to the trooper and then got the insurance card out of the overhead 
clip David kept it on. 

After signing the ticket, Tina handed him back the book and he handed 
her a copy of the ticket.

"Hmm, R. Tanner, what's the 'R' for?" Tina asked.

"Richard, ma'am," he said.

"Do your friends call you 'Dick'?" Tina asked.

David cringed at the obvious line, Tina would get them arrested yet.

"No ma'am, they call me Rick," he replied and he leaned on the top of 
the car, getting comfortable.

"Well, Rick, you will have to stop calling me ma'am, my name is Tina," 
she said as she noticed the desired effect was taking place in Rick's 

"Okay, Tina," Rick said, grinning like a schoolboy.

"Rick, when a girl needs to get her equipment blown out, good and 
proper, without getting in trouble with the law, where could she go?"
"Well, if you wanted to get that taken care of right now, since I've 
already written the ticket, you could just follow me, " Rick said.

Fifteen minutes later, David was once again underneath a man who had 
just finished screwing his female body. This time he was staring at the 
ceiling of a state patrol car and he was exceedingly uncomfortable. Tina 
had enjoyed herself though. The trooper worked his way backward and 
stood up. They were in a densely wooded area with a view of the 
highway, doubtless the trooper's hiding place to catch speeders.

"That was great Tina, I guess I'll have to skip my dinner break today, 
don't want to cheat the state. Now Tina, I can't tear up that ticket, but I 
want you to be careful, driving like that can get you killed, okay?" Rick 

"Right, Rick, I'll do that, and thanks for everything," David replied. He 
straightened his clothes and climbed back into the Vette. 

"Let's go eat David, I know you're hungry," Tina said.

"No, I need to clean up and your makeup is smeared. We're going 

"David, just do as I say and we'll look fine. Rick used a condom without 
even being asked so cleaning up isn't that vital. We can stop in the 
restroom when we get to the restaurant."

David was hungry so he followed Tina's instructions and soon had their 
face looking as good as it did when they left the house. David drove to 
the restaurant, obeying all the traffic laws.

"Chicken," Tina taunted David.

"Once with Rick was quite enough. And that ticket is going to cost at 
least $250.00," David groused.

"Oh yeah, like that's going to break you. It takes you what, about an 
hour, to earn that much?" Tina goaded him.

"Okay, so it's not the money, where did you get a license?"

"Part of the package Valerie put together with her spell. License, social 
security card, high school diploma, birth certificate. Just about 
everything," Tina said.

"No college diploma? I have a BA and an MBA. With no college, how 
could you earn a decent living?" David asked.

"Even if I have a college degree, I wouldn't use it. Remember, when I'm 
in control, I only want one thing." Tina pointed out.

"Yeah, but what about me. I worked long and hard for that education. If I 
wind up stuck as a woman, I'm going to be a waitress or a maid. I can't 
earn near what I earn now," David felt himself getting mad. They had 
arrived at the seafood place Tina suggested. It was quiet and David could 
order something low-fat, to keep Tina's waistline in shape.

"Why not worry about that if it happens. You can't change it anyway. 
Let's just relax and enjoy our dinner. Hey, that's a cute guy, wonder if 
he's alone?" Tina said as David's gaze swept over a man who came in 
right behind them.

"Oh goody, here he comes, be a good girl David, talk nice to the guy, 
maybe he'll buy us dinner," Tina said, "Lick your lips slowly when he 
talks to you and watch his face."

"Stop it, I am not cruising for a date. I'm eating alone and that's final," 
David insisted.

"Hi, my name's Brad, I know this is very forward of me, but would you 
like to share a table. I'm alone and if you're not waiting for someone, it 
would get us both seated a lot quicker. The restaurant doesn't handle 
singles very well. If the food weren't so good, I wouldn't come here," 
Brad smiled shyly and Tina mentally kicked David in the shin.

"Say yes David or I'll scream like this all during dinner." Tina then began 
to scream in David's mind. It was amazing how loud it seemed.

"Okay, Tina, you win this one, but I will make you sorry for this, I 
swear," David told her.

"Okay Brad, my name is Da…Tina, Tina Johnson.  I am alone and I'll 
share a table with you but we split the check, agreed?" David said.

"I would prefer to buy you dinner but if letting you pay for your own 
meal wins me the opportunity to sit with you, I'll accept that, for now," 
Brad said graciously.

Soon they were being shown to a table, David was about to pull his own 
chair out when Tina hissed at him to wait and let the waiter or Brad do it. 
Brad beat the waiter to it and helped David sit down. 

"Do you live around here Tina?" Brad asked.

"Uh yes, I'm house-sitting for a couple of friends who live up the road a 
few miles, David and Lisa Hartley. Do you know them?" David asked. 
He was comfortable with the question since he had never seen Brad 

"No, I just moved into the area. I just started a new job and rented a 
condo on the beach just north of here. I found the restaurant when I came 
to town for an interview. They have great food here. Can I order for 

"Okay, something light," David said. What could it hurt to be nice to the 
guy? David knew it wasn't going anywhere. 

The waitress took their order and they talked while waiting for the meal 
to arrive.

"So you just house sit? No career, not going to school, anything?" Brad 

"Not right now. I need to wait and see how a certain situation works out 
before I can make any long range plans," David said. 'That should be 
vague enough,' he thought. 

"I love it here. I was very nervous about moving in and starting all over. 
It was all so new and scary. I wasn't sure I would like it but I do. I hope 
you don't think I'm being forward, but I was hoping to meet someone 
nice. I'm alone right now and I don't care much for that. Are you seeing 
anyone in particular?" Brad asked. 

 "No, no one," David answered and immediately knew he had made a 
mistake. Fortunately, the meal arrived then and they made small talk 
about the food.

When the waitress had cleared their plates and left the check, Brad 
insisted he pay for the meal.

"Tina, I've been lonely since I moved in. This is the first evening that I 
haven't been just a single guy at a small table. I've enjoyed myself 
immensely and it's all because of you. Please, let me buy your dinner 
tonight," Brad asked.

David saw no way to graciously say no. He had enjoyed the conversation 
and company too. He had spoken to no one except Tina for the last four 
nights. As ashamed as it made him feel, the evening had been fun. 

"Okay Brad, as you wish," David said with a small smile. 

"See, that wasn't so hard David, now when he walks us to the car, kiss 
his cheek," Tina said. She had been quiet for most of the meal, now she 
was getting bossy.

"No kissing Tina, none, forget it," David said.

"You're no fun David, you kiss him on the cheek as a reward for being 
nice. He gets a lot out of it and it costs you nothing. Why make the poor 
guy sweat for nothing?" Tina demanded.

"Please Tina, give me a break, this is hard enough as it is," David 

Tina was silent.

Brad escorted Tina to the Vette. He gave a low whistle when he saw the 
gleaming black car. 

"House sitting must pay better than I suspected," he said.

David tried to chuckle but it came out a giggle. 

"It belongs to Mr. Hartley, he lets me use it. Brad, I had a very nice 
evening, thank you." David held out his slim, manicured hand. 

Brad took the offered hand and held it for a moment.

"Tina, may I see you again, please," Brad said.

David was expecting this and had an answer ready, "Why don't you let 
me call you when I have another evening free?" he said.

Brad's face fell just a touch. He knew what that meant. He fished a card 
out of his wallet and scribbled a number on the back.

"This is my home number on the back and my cell phone is on the front. 
I can be reached on that anytime. Tina, I know you may not call me but 
if you ever need help with anything at all, please do so." Brad held the 
door and David's hand as he slid his shapely legs into the sports car. Brad 
watched as David drove away.

"You weren't the nicest person just now David. You could have offered 
to at least meet him for a drink sometime. What would that hurt?" Tina 

"I do not like men, Tina, I like women. Hey, there's a thought. What 
about finding a girlfriend? This body does feel pretty good when it gets 
excited. Maybe a little female companionship would be interesting," 
David said.

"No David, I would not like that at all," Tina replied.

"Then get off the 'dating men theme', I'm not interested. Keep it up and I 
find a gay bar," David said firmly.

"You win this one David, I guess that makes us even for the evening. But 
admit it, you had a good time with Brad tonight, didn't you?"

"Yes, I did, Tina, you know as well as I do, I enjoyed it. I just am not 
going to lead a man on. I won't date anyone for the next three weeks. 
What you do when you're in control, I have very little control over. What 
I do, I can and will decide."

"Okay David, bet you can't hit 130 before the curve," Tina dared him.

"Okay, you're on…wait a minute. What do you think would happen if 
Trooper Rick happens to stop us again?" David asked.

"David, that would be up to him, I would imagine a good tongue lashing, 
if we were lucky," Tina said with a giggle. Her naughty thoughts were 
having an effect on David's body.

"Stop that, I'm getting wet and I don't like it," David protested but Tina 
knew it didn't bother him nearly as much as it used to.

They arrived home, intact. David undressed and showered. He wore a 
pajama top but the pants wouldn't stay up. He couldn't wear a nightgown, 
when he changed back in the morning, he would rip it apart.

"Can we write a card for Lisa now, something that will at least get me a 
shot at meeting with her?" David asked.

"Okay, what do you want to say?"

"I want you to write it Tina, I'm no good at this stuff."

"She's your wife David, what do you have to say to her that you haven't 
said before. 'I'm sorry, it'll never happen again.', here's a good one, 'she 
means nothing to me' why men say that I'll never know. So she's 
insignificant, and you picked her to cheat on me with? Now that makes a 
woman feel loved."

"I'm a real pig, aren't I?" David said.

"Yes David, you really are. You pursued Patty. You brought her to your 
WIFE'S bed. When caught, you treated Patty like dirt. Patty is no angel 
but you had no right to talk about her that way."

"You realize that the whole spell is crafted around your remarks to Lisa, 
don't you?" Tina asked.

"What? Right now, I don't remember what I said. I was trying to save my 

"Bullshit David, you were trying to keep what you had going. Lisa most 
of the time and Patty for in between. You told Lisa that Patty 'threw 
herself at you, you couldn't help yourself.' Now David, you are the one 
throwing yourself at men and they can't help themselves. Rather fitting I 

"I wonder sometimes whose side you're on, Tina."

"David, I'm you but female. I'm on your side but I have a unique 
perspective of what Lisa must have felt. You don't have that perspective, 
yet. You may find yourself with it someday though. I know how much 
you hurt Lisa. I want her back too but you have to understand the pain 
and humiliation you caused her. I feel that you are beginning to 
comprehend so that ends tonight's lesson. Now, the card. When you think 
of Lisa, what's the second thing that comes to mind?"

"The second thing, why not the first?" David asked.

"Because a card suggesting having sex won't work right now. When you 
see an attractive woman, that's the first thing you think about David."

"Okay, you're right. Lisa is the best thing that ever happened to me. 
That's what I think."

"Okay, say that. Then tell her what a complete asshole you are."

"Wait a minute! I'm not going to write that about myself."

"You better, clean it up a little but you better write it. She's already 
thinking it," Tina said. " Then you ask her for a few minutes so you can 
apologize properly, no matter what her final decision is, you owe her an 
apology. Now, when you're done. Read it out loud to see how it sounds."

"Dear Lisa, 

Without a doubt, you are the very best thing that ever happened to me. 
My life is barren and bleak without you. 

I have brought this on myself and have no one else to blame. My own 
foolish desires and petty wants have caused you untold personal hurt and 
pain. It is my fault and I am a complete idiot of the highest order for 
doing this to you. 

I would ask that you grant me just a few minutes of your time to give me 
an opportunity to apologize, in person, properly. You may pick the spot, 
date and time. I will do anything for one more chance to speak to you. 

If, at that time, you choose to continue our separation, I will accept your 
decision. I will not trouble you again. 

I do not ask you to forgive me now, just let me speak to you in person.

All my love,

"No promises David, but if anything will get you a meeting, this note 
will. Then it's up to you," Tina said.

"Even if I have to go through the whole month, if I get Lisa back in the 
end, it'll be worth it," David said.

David fell asleep faster than he had all week. Rick had worn protection 
during the sex so he wasn't worrying about being pregnant. 

Friday morning David awoke and was happy to find himself male once 
more. The problem was, David knew he had the weekend to look 
forward to now. Starting at 6:00pm, David would be a woman for sixty 
hours straight.

David gave the note to Margaret and asked her to have it delivered to 
Lisa with a single red rose. Margaret read the note after asking David if 
she may. She nodded her approval.

"You are a damn good boss and you never bother the young women here 
at work. Why did you run around on someone so special as Lisa?" 
Margaret asked.

"I don't know. Male pride, notches on my 'gun', just plain stupid. All of 
the above. What matters now is getting her back. The pain I'm going 
through has shown me that." David said.

Margaret went personally to the downstairs florist and picked out the 
best rose they had and sent it over to Lisa, using a special courier.

No response was received before Margaret left for the weekend.

David pushed himself all day, getting caught up with things he had let 
slide during the week. At 5:30Pm, he realized he was alone in the office. 
He also had a minimum twenty-five minute drive home.

David ran to his Vette and squealed his tires leaving the parking lot. He 
made good time until he was a mile from the house, then he hit a traffic 
jam caused by a minor fender bender.

David sweated the change hitting him in the car. Traffic began moving 
just two minutes to six, David drove as fast as he could but it was Tina 
who drove the car into the garage. 

"David, if you get seen changing, you'll have a lot of explaining to do, 
most likely on Jerry Springer's show," Tina told him as she struggled out 
of the car, wearing his bulky suit and wingtips.

"Sorry Tina, trying to catch up at work. I've been so worried about 
everything else, I let business slide. I am just about even at work now. If 
you can just use an condom all the time, I'll get more sleep."

"I have a plan for that David. As soon as I get dressed, I intend to put 
that plan into action."

"What plan Tina, I don't know what you're thinking. I thought we knew 
everything the other was thinking," David said.

"I can block what I want to David, you could to, if you practiced," Tina 

"What are you going to do, Tina?" David asked, dreading the answer.

"Just get dressed and do what I do every night about this time. Find a 
man to satisfy my desires. Tonight is just going to be a little easier is all." 
Tina said with a grin on her face.

Tina refused to say anymore just then. She took David's clothes off and 
threw them on the floor of the closet. She selected a sexy little item from 
Lisa lingerie drawer and then applied makeup, jewelry and perfume. 
Tina examined herself in the mirror and approved of it. David knew she 
looked good as well. He also suspected he knew what she had in mind.

Tina got her purse and found Brad's card. She called his home number 
but got his answering machine, then she called his cell phone. Brad was 
on the road, heading for home from work.

"Hello Brad, this is Tina," she breathed into the phone. The sound of her 
voice and the obvious invitation in it made Brad instantly hard.

"Tina, I wasn't sure I would hear from you again. How are you tonight?" 
Brad was obviously glad she had called. 

"Brad, would you like to drop by here for a little while? I'm very lonely 

"Sure, what's the address?"

Tina gave Brad the address and directions and she was waiting at the 
front door when he rang the bell. Tina threw herself at Brad, wrapping 
her arms around his neck and kissing him deeply before he could say a 
word. Tina had been fantasizing about being with Brad and she was 
ready to explode when he arrived.

Brad didn't miss a step. Apparently he was having the same thoughts. He 
returned her kiss as he kicked the door closed behind him. They stood 
locked in the embrace for several minutes. Tina broke the kiss and led 
Brad to the bedroom. They kissed again as Tina began undressing Brad. 
He caressed her bare arms and cupped her breasts in his hands, 
squeezing gently. 

Brad played her body like an instrument. Tina found herself climaxing 
again and again before she was entered. This was a new experience for 
her and she loved it. Brad turned out to be a generous lover, seeing to her 
needs first. Not because she demanded it, as Patty did of David, but 
because Brad wanted it that way. Brad knew his way around a female 
body better than any of the other men she had been with.

David became fearful that Tina would surrender control after she 
climaxed but she didn't. Brad then moved into position but before he 
pushed himself inside he stopped and got off of the bed.

"What are you doing? Come back here Brad, we're not done!" Tina 

"Relax honey, I just need something from my wallet. I always wear 
protection," Brad said as he rolled a condom over his stiff member.

"You don't have to do that for me, Brad, I like it without one. Really!" 
Tina protested.

"Tina!" David yelped but she was beyond listening.

Brad didn't say anything else, he got between Tina's legs and filled her 
waiting void. Tina came at least three more times, she lost count. When 
he finally came as well, Tina was near collapse. The pair fell asleep in 
each other's arms. 

David awoke first and untangled himself from Brad's arms and legs. 
Brad shifted but didn't wake up. David slipped into the restroom and 
cleaned up. He put on a robe and went into the kitchen. He wanted to 
distance himself from the bedroom. 

"Wow David, was that great or what. I've never slept with a guy like that 
before! We have got to keep this one around. He is terrific. Admit it, you 
enjoyed yourself, didn't you?" Tina said.

"I'm afraid he is going to wake up and want to screw some more. How 
do we get rid of him now?" David asked. He was edgy and upset. Tina 
was right, he had enjoyed it. Much more than he wanted to admit.

"Get rid of him? I want to chain him to the bed. I don't want him to 
leave. David, that man rocked my soul! He is a keeper! You run him off 
and I'll make your life hell."

"My life is hell Tina. I'm screwing a different man every night and 
scared silly that you're going to get me pregnant and then I'll be a woman 
for life. How can you make it worse?" David asked with exasperation. 

"David, I haven't done all the things to my partners that a woman can do. 
For instance I know that if you made Patty really very happy on your 
nooners, she would reward you with a blow…" David interrupted her.

"You wouldn't?!"

"Yes, I WILL, if you run Brad off. I won't make you have sex with him 
while you're in control, unless you want to. But if you run him off, I will 
call Norm and give him the best 'hummer' he's ever had.

"Damn it Tina, that's blackmail!"

"Yes it is, and very effective as well, you can't even have me arrested for 
it, can you? If you want to sidestep another romp in bed, although I don't 
know why, cook dinner. Maybe a full stomach will slow him down. 
Besides, after that performance, he deserves a reward."

David decided eating sounded good to him as well, he started dinner.
David had two potatoes in the microwave and a couple of steaks on the 
stove top grill when Brad walked in. He was wearing David's robe, it 
was a little large for Brad but it fit him well enough.  Brad wrapped his 
arms around who he assumed was his lover and kissed her on the neck. 
David's body betrayed him and reacted to the touch. 

"Not now Brad, I'm cooking," David protested and broke free. He turned 
the steaks and started setting the table. 

"Tina , you were fantastic. I've never been with a woman like you before. 
Thank you for a wonderful evening. I hope the night isn't over," Brad 

David felt his heart jump to his throat. Brad wanted to make love again! 
How was he going to turn him down?

"Why turn him down David, he's the best I've ever had. I wouldn't turn 
him down. Sleep with him David, enjoy it, it's fun!" yelled Tina.

"NO! I am not screwing a man, it's not going to happen."

"David, you love the orgasms as much as I do, I can tell. This is your 
body too. If it feels good to me, it has to feel good to you," Tina said.

"Feeling good doesn't mean I like it. When you're not around, when I'm 
male, I can't stop thinking about how much I despise being fucked by 
another man. Tina, it's repulsive to me when I'm not female. I can't 
control this body's involuntary reactions but I do not like it."

"Okay, then tell him the truth. Tell him who you really are. Explain what 
has happened to you and why. That should remove him as a problem. He 
will either believe you and not wish to make love to a man or figure 
you're crazy and he'll leave. Either way, you get him out of here," Tina 

David had to admit it made sense. If he heard the tale from a woman, 
that would be the two thoughts that ran through his mind.

"Brad, let's eat and I'll tell you a little story," David said.

As they had dinner, David explained who he was, what he had been 
caught doing and what his punishment was. Brad listened in silence and 
then helped David clear the table. Afterwards, Brad went to the bedroom 
and dressed.

"I hope you're happy David, Brad won't be back now. I only get to have a 
little fun every night. As soon as my fun is over, you get control and it's 
pizza, beer and ballgames," Tina said obviously pouting.

Brad walked back into the kitchen, dressed but with his suit jacket 
hanging over his arm.

"Well, David, I'd like to talk some more about your situation, can we?" 
he asked.

"What is there to talk about Brad? I'm really a man. In the morning I will 
look like David Hartley again. Well, no I won't, it's Saturday and I'm 
going to be a woman all weekend, Damn it! Sorry, it's not your fault."

"Can we sit down and talk, please? I have an idea that might help you 
out," Brad said.

David sat down on the couch and Brad sat in the chair across the coffee 

"When you become Tina, she has to have sex, she's driven to do it. She 
will have sex with the first man she runs across and she doesn't care if 
she gets pregnant. But if you get pregnant, you will stay a woman for the 
rest of your life. Is that all correct?" Brad asked.

"Yes," David answered

"What if I were to be the first man Tina saw everyday? Would that help 
you out? I would always use a condom, I'd always be nice. I understand 
there is no romance between us and won't be. I'd be doing you a favor, 
and I guess I would be getting something out of it as well," Brad said.

"I guess, you'd be getting laid every night. Thanks for your generosity, 

"David! Shut up! He's offering to help keep you from getting pregnant or 
beat up. I might pick the wrong guy one night and we could wind up hurt 
or dead. Remember what I said about running him off and what I'd do? 
Besides, when I'm in control, I'll just call him anyway, you might as well 
be nice to him," Tina said.

David knew she was right. It galled him to make an arrangement for a 
man to come by everyday just to screw Tina. It made him feel like a 
pimp. But better that than being a woman for life. David swallowed what 
little pride he had left.

"Brad, on second thought, you're right. It would help me out. It's a little 
hard for me to accept though. Forgive me if I seem a little put off by it."

"I understand. I was thinking how glad I am that it isn't me in your shoes. 
How much of what Tina does are you aware of?" Brad asked.

"Everything she says and does, I hear, see, feel, taste, everything. I'm just 
a passenger then. I can't do anything except endure it." To his further 
shame, David felt a tear run down his cheek. Crying? He was crying 
again! How much further would this go, how much more humiliation did 
it take to make Lisa and Valerie happy? 

Brad had stood up and walked away. He was clearly uncomfortable 
seeing David cry. He apparently believed the story enough to be 
embarrassed for David right now.

Now that he had started, David couldn't seem to stop crying. Brad turned 
and looked at the pretty woman, sobbing all alone. He wanted to hold her 
and comfort her. He sensed his comfort would not be welcome though.

David stood and left the room at a fast walk. He threw himself on the bed 
and cried for what seemed hours to Brad and David alike. Finally the 
sobs subsided and Brad peeked into the room. David, Tina, whatever 
name fit, was curled up on top of the covers. Brad found a blanket and 
covered the sleeping form. 

He stared at the woman's body asleep before him. The story would be 
hard for many people to believe. He knew it was true. He would be 
around to help David make it through the next three weeks. After that, 
fate would decide what became of David Hartley. 

Brad slept in the guestroom that night. He had intended to ask David 
about it but didn't have the chance. He wasn't sure if Tina would wake up 
or David would. David probably didn't know himself. At 7:30am, Brad 
got the answer. Tina crawled into bed with Brad and woke him up with 
her very personal touch.

Brad needed a moment to orient himself to the situation. Strange room, a 
woman ravishing his body first thing in the morning, new experiences 
for Brad. He woke up enough to remember what was going on. By then 
Tina had matters well in hand.

Brad and Tina finished their morning exercise and Brad had to use the 
restroom right away. David was now in control and lying in Brad's bed. 
He was uncomfortable but he was also naked. Tina had walked in here 
without even a robe. David decided to wait for Brad to return and ask 
him to get him a robe.

Brad came out and saw Tina still in bed. He assumed she was still in 
control or David would have left. Brad leaned over to kiss Tina, 
something she would expect. David almost hit Brad as he tried to deflect 
the kiss.

"Brad it's David, don't do that!" he said.

"Oh, sorry David, I would have expected you to have left."

"I would but Tina came in here naked. Could you get me a robe please?"
David had to ask Brad for another favor and all because of his apparent 

"Sure Ti…uh...David, glad to," Brad said. He returned with the robe and 
left the room, closing the door behind him.

David stood up and went to his own bedroom. He saw the condom 
package on the nightstand in the guestroom. Brad had apparently kept his 
word. Six days down, twenty-two to go, David could only think it wasn't 
really getting any easier. He had hoped it would.

The crying last night troubled him. He had cried at the office in front of 
Margaret. He had done so over the loss of his marriage. He felt no shame 
in that. The crying last night in front of another man, a near stranger. 
That bothered him a great deal. Was his thinking becoming female? 
Would other things about him change? Was he more than just a woman 

David didn't try to talk to Tina. He was depressed and talking to her 
would just remind him of what he was depressed about. David made 
breakfast for Brad and himself. David could see he would need to go 
shopping today. He hadn't been shopping since Lisa left. The kitchen 
was nearly bare. 

After eating and cleaning the table, David made a shopping list. He 
showered and dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt. Tina tried to protest but 
David ignored her. There was no need wear dresses if you didn't need to 
attract a man. Tina had settled that by getting a live in lover. David was 
surprised to see he was angry with her about Brad.

Brad wasn't the problem, it was Tina, trying to control his life. Tina 
wanted David to be a woman but in control so Tina could still have fun. 
She knew she couldn't support them so it had to be David. It was 
suddenly so clear.

Brad had left to get a change of clothing he would spend the night again. 
If Tina woke up in an empty house, it could be a disaster for David. 
After shopping, David returned and locked himself in his bedroom. He 
wanted privacy to talk to Tina. 

David sat crossed legged on the bed and closed his eyes to concentrate 
on the conversation.

"You are a conniving little bitch aren't you?" David began.

"David, nothing you can say will surprise me. I know everything you 
have on your mind. You are wrong. I am not trying to trap you in a 
female body. I would prefer it but if that were what I wanted, I would 
just continue to hunt for stray men. One of them is more likely to knock 
me up than 'Mr. I Always Use Protection!'  I wanted Brad to be our lover 
because he is damn good in bed and because he is your best chance to 
get through the month without getting pregnant."

David knew she was telling the truth. Mental communication is very 
different from vocal. It's almost impossible to lie because your own 
thoughts betray you. David felt his eyes stinging again. 

"Damn it. I'm going to cry again! Why am I crying so much all of the 
sudden?" David said.

"Because you are in an almost impossible situation and you're scared. 
Most people in your spot would cry too. It's a release David, it's one of 
the reasons women live longer," Tina explained.

"Will I make it? What do you think Tina?"

"I hope you do David, but if you don't, you won't go through it alone."

David thought they were kind words but not very comforting. He 
unlocked the door and went into the living room. Brad was not back yet. 
David cleaned up and changed the sheets on both beds. Brad arrived with 
a couple of movies from the video store and suggested calling out for 
Chinese food. They did so and watched the movies. David sat on one end 
of the couch, Brad on the other. Three feet separated them. They went to 
bed early.

Sunday was a repeat of Saturday except for the shopping. David was 
silent most of the day. Brad brought some paperwork in from his car and 
spent most of the day working on it. He told David it was job related. 

Monday morning, David woke before sunrise. He was still female. He 
went into Brad's room, wearing his male robe and woke him.

"Brad, I wanted you to see this. It will prove to you what I've been telling 
you is real." Brad checked the time and while blushing deeply, he opened 
his robe, displaying Tina's firm ripe body. Less than a minute later, 
David Hartley stood before Brad.

"Sorry to have woke you but I wanted to make sure you knew the truth. 
If you now want to renege on our agreement, I understand," David said.

"Why would I want to do that?" Brad asked.

"Because now you see that you are having sex with someone who is 
really a man. I think it would bother me to be in your position. I'm not 
sure I would make the same offer to you that you made to me."

"Brad, I also considered that you did not believe my story and were 
hoping that Tina was a troubled young woman. You may have thought 
she would come out of her fantasy and fall in love with you. Now you 
can see that will never happen."

"That was never the case David. I appreciate you being up front with me. 
I know it embarrassed you to show me that transformation. I made an 
agreement, I'll stick to it. I need to get dressed for work. I guess I'll see 
you tonight about 6:00pm. I suppose there's no reason for me to sleep 
here on weeknights, is there?" Brad asked.

"No, no need. I see no reason you couldn't leave right afterwards, if you 
had something to do. I'm sure you have a life and friends," David said.

"Actually, I have no one here that I'm friends with yet. I just moved in 
from Oregon and just haven't met anyone, except Tina that is," Brad said 
with a smile. David didn't return it. 

"Of course, I'll fix you dinner, it's the very least I can do," David said.

"Okay, I'll plan on that then. I better get going."

David went back to his room and got ready for work. Margaret told him 
there was still no response from Lisa, before he could ask her. He spent 
the day trying to concentrate on his job. Sales from the week before were 
up but no thanks to him. He had been running at about sixty per cent. 
Now he tried to make up the difference. 

He held a sales meeting and praised everyone's performance except his 
own. He promised to be more attentive and as a result, he had meetings 
all day. 

It was 5:15 before he finished the last meeting. David rushed home, 
arriving just before 6pm. Brad was waiting in the driveway.

"I guess I could give you a key. No sense in your waiting outside if I run 
late," David said. He handed Brad a spare key and headed to the 
bedroom for the change. "Just make yourself at home. Tina will be out 

Brad got a glass of water and drank it down. He went into the living 
room and waited for Tina. She came out wearing a long, white, lacy, 
nightgown and robe. She had styled her hair on top of her head and 
applied minimal makeup. She was as lovely a woman as Brad had ever 

The fact that she was waiting for him to satisfy her was both intoxicating 
and somewhat intimidating. Even though he knew he had only to reach 
climax himself and she would be gone for the evening, he knew how 
much Tina sought the pleasure her own body desired. 

Brad moved to Tina and they embraced. The change in behavior from 
David to Tina was startling. Soon however, Brad was beyond comparing 
the man to the woman. He picked Tina up and carried her to the 
guestroom. He sensed that David would prefer the sex take place in the 
other bed. Tina didn't care where it happened.

After Brad and Tina finished. Bead went into the bathroom and waited 
until he heard David leave. Then he came out and dressed.
They ate dinner in silence. David still depressed and Brad respecting 
David's feelings. Brad hoped they would talk more in the next few days. 
He wanted to get to know David.

Tuesday and Wednesday were copies of Monday. David came home, 
Tina came out and had sex with Brad. David cooked dinner and Brad 
left. Less than a dozen words passed between them in an evening. 

"David, have you heard from Lisa?" Margaret asked him on Thursday.

"No, nothing. I guess she doesn't even want to see me. I screwed my life 
up good and proper Margaret, I have no one to blame but myself."

"I could talk to her David, she may agree to see you if I ask her. I hate to 
see you so unhappy." 

"Thank you Margaret. If she won't see me because she wants to though, I 
think I'm better off leaving it alone. As much as I want to be back with 
her I want her happy above all else. If never seeing me again makes her 
happy, then so be it," David said

After lunch, Brad showed up at David's office, he had called and made 
an appointment with Margaret.

"What are you doing here?" David asked when Brad walked in his office 

"David, I wanted to talk to you but in the evenings, you're so quiet and 
hard to speak to, I thought I'd try you here."

David closed his office door after telling Margaret to hold his calls. 

"Brad, I don't like you coming here. It makes me very uncomfortable."
David paced around the office, he wouldn't look at Brad and he couldn't 
keep still. David was sweating and his breathing was rapid. His heart was 
pounding in his chest.

"I'm sorry David, I was hoping you would be more relaxed if we were 
both male. I probably shouldn't have come but it's important."

"Well, you're here, what is it, let's get it over with and let me get back to 
work. David sat down at his desk and tried to look at Brad but he kept 
moving his eyes around the room.

"I have a business dinner party to attend on Friday night, I'd like to take 
Tina, that is, you." Brad said.

David stopped glancing around the room. 

"Are you asking me out on a date?" David said in a harsh whisper. "I 
thought you understood, I don't like looking like this. I don't go out 
unless Tina is in control and takes us out or I have to, like shopping. No, 
I can't, I wouldn't know how to act."

"You were fine in the restaurant last week. I never suspected that you 
were anything except a lovely young woman. Tina helps you do the 
proper things. She would be there to help. This is not a date. I have to be 
at this party and bring someone. I haven't been able to meet anyone yet I 
would be able to ask. Tina would be the perfect 'date'." 

"I know this is embarrassing and asking a great deal but I have not asked 
for anything in return since I agreed to help you out. I know I'm getting a 
reward every evening but David, it's just sex, there's nothing that special 
about it. Tina is a very skillful young woman but there is no pursuit, no 
thrill of victory. I know I can't lose, I could call her names and spit on 
her and she would still go to bed with me." Brad explained.

David listened then jumped up and paced nervously around the room, 
even more upset. 'What's wrong with me?' he thought. 'Why am I so 
hyper all of the sudden. Why am I reacting to this man like this. Damn I 
wish Tina were here to talk to.'

David knew he could say no and Brad would probably come back every 
night but he did owe Brad something more than just dinner. As much as 
he hated the thought of pretending to be a girl for the evening, he agreed.

"Okay Brad, I'll go to the party with you. I am not your date. I will act as 
much like a woman as I can with Tina's help. I can't guarantee I won't 
embarrass you though. What time do we have to be there?"

"7:30, I think we can make it if you're home before six and Tina just 
doesn't bother to get dressed at all. I mean, you know…, we just meet in 
the guest room and get that out of the way." Brad was blushing. He was 
reverse planning the evening. He wanted to have the sex first, get it out 
of the way so they could get down to the serious part of the evening, the 
two of them having a platonic 'date'. 

Brad was looking forward to the evening. It was a chance to talk to 

"Okay, that's settled. I need to get back to work. I'd appreciate it if you'd 
let me know before you plan to come to my office in the future," David 

"Of course, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you. I'll leave now. Thank 
you for agreeing. I guess we'll talk about it tonight, " Brad said.

"You didn't upset me, I'm just very busy. I don't like having my day 
interrupted. Yes, we'll talk tonight," David held the door for Brad and 
closed it behind him.

David sat back down in his chair and took deep breaths. What was going 
on? Brad's presence affected him so strongly, why? David felt the need 
to move. He body was racing with adrenaline. He told Margaret he'd be 
back soon and he left the office. He walked down five flights of stairs 
and then back up. he felt a little better and he returned to his office. 

Back at his desk, his door closed, David tried to think again. Brad had 
caused a definite physical reaction in him, but why? David didn't know 
what was wrong with him.  He shouldn't be acting so excitable around 
Brad.  He was another guy for god's sake!  If he didn't know better, he'd 
swear he was acting like… like… a teenage girl with a crush!  Oh my 
lord!  Was that it?  Was he somehow … 'in love' with Brad?  No!  That 
was simply impossible! It was ridiculous, he was a man, they were both 
men. But there was something there. He could only hope that when the 
month was over, David would get over these feelings and return to 
normal. David tried to concentrate on his job but he got little 
accomplished the rest of the day. 

That night, over dinner, they discussed the party and how David should 
dress, casual or evening gown. Tina voted for evening gown and said she 
knew the right one from Lisa's closet. She convinced David to put it on 
now so Brad could approve and wear a suit that complimented her 

Tina chose a long black gown with long sleeves and a v-neck. It had a 
slit that ran from the floor to the top of David's left hip. When Brad saw 
David in the dress, he felt the stirring of arousal. He fought the feeling, 
not wishing to upset David. 

The last thing David needed to think was that Brad was sexually 
attracted to him.  He wasn't but he was very attracted to Tina. If the two 
were merged permanently, she would be a fantastic woman. But Brad   
had given his word to help prevent such a thing. What kind of a man 
would he be if he didn't keep his word?

The next evening, Brad was waiting for David when he arrived. Soon 
Tina and Brad were in the guestroom. Tina complained when Brad 
finished so quickly. 

All the way to the party she griped about how fast Brad had rushed 
through the sex. Tina only was able to climax once. She was spoiled.

"Damn it Tina, you've been pushing me at Brad, now when I agree to go 
out with him, you bitch. Give it a rest or I'll play that old Beach Boys 
album you hate," David threatened.

"That's cheating," Tina said.

"Sue me."

The party went fine until after dinner when Brad was called aside to 
discuss some details with the client. David found himself cornered by 
one of Brad's associates. Terry was his name.

"So where did Brad dig you up? I don't believe I've seen you around 
before?" Terry asked David.

"Brad and I are close friends. We've been seeing each other for a while 
now, since shortly after he came to town," David said. This was the 
agreed upon story they would use to answer just that question. They 
knew enough about the other to answer anything else or just make a 
vague comment. 

"Come on, Brad had to rent you for the night. He's much too fruity to 
have found a chick like you in just a couple of weeks, unless you're not 
really a woman. I mean, they look real but now a days, you can't tell," 
Terry said.

"Are you Brad's boss?" David asked.

"Nope, I'm an account rep like him."

"Good," David said and slapped Terry as hard as he could.

The slap could be heard all over the private dining room the party was 
being held in. Brad rushed over in time to see Terry holding his check 
and David flushing beet red.

"What's going on here?" Brad asked.

"This little bitch you picked up for the night slapped me," Terry said, too 

"Yes she did, and if she hadn't, I would have punched you in the nose." 
This last was delivered by an older man. He had been standing behind 
Terry when the conversation turned ugly.   

Terry paled and seemed to sway a little, his eyes got wide and his mouth 
dropped open.

"Mr. Dandridge, I didn't see you there, sir. Uh…I mean…" Terry said.

"Just shut up Collins, I've heard enough from you tonight. In fact, I've 
heard enough from you period. This was the last straw, I've warned you 
about how you speak to women and now you've gone too far. You better 
leave now and come see me first thing in the morning. Don't bother to go 
to your desk. I'll have it packed for you."   

"But…but…but…" Terry said, "I'm your best salesman, I make more 
money for you than half the men here put together. You can't fire me!"

"I just did and if you aren't out of here in one minute, I'll have the 
restaurant call the police. Is that clear?" Mr. Dandridge said.

Terry Collins left in a hurry, muttering something under his breath. 

"My dear young lady, I am so very sorry that one of my employees 
spoke to you in such a rude and callous manner. I really should have 
gotten rid of him months ago. I was hoping he would grow up though. 
You don't happen to know anything about selling medical equipment do 
you? I seem to have an opening," Mr. Dandridge said with a smile.

"Please sir, don't apologize for him. He was dealt with and if an apology 
is owed, it should come from him. I am sorry I disrupted your party. I 
should have held my temper better." David said. He really was mad at 
himself for slapping the poor guy. He didn't want anyone to lose his or 
her job and besides, he had been right. They may be real but David really 
wasn't a woman.

"Back off David, the creep was rude and insulting, he had it coming. If I 
hadn't known you were going to slap him, I would have told you to," 
Tina said.

"Not now, lets discuss this later. Right now I need to mend the hole I put 
in Brad's fence. This could affect his job," David said.

"I hope you won't hold what I did this evening against Brad. He had 
nothing to do with it and I'll promise never to come to another of your 
parties," David said to Dandridge.

"That WILL get Brad in trouble. I want you to come with Brad as long 
as you care to keep his company. You have done nothing wrong, Tina. I 
remember Brad introducing us earlier. Please, let's forget this little mess 
and enjoy ourselves." Mr. Dandridge said.

Brad was standing there looking bemused. He had disliked Terry Collins 
since he had started with the company. He was very happy now that he 
had convinced David to come along. David seemed to be less moody as 

The party went until 11pm and then broke up. Brad drove them back to 
David's house. They chatted all the way back with Brad laughing out 
loud at the re-telling of the conversation leading up to the slap.

After telling Brad about the slap, David paused and thought about what 
he had done. He had slapped a man! Slapped him, slapping was so, 
so…feminine. Why had he not punched him or even kneed him in the 
balls? Why a slap? David had not had many fights, but he had known 
how to protect himself. Were even his automatic reactions becoming 
womanly? Was he accepting his female nature too easily? They arrived 
at the house and David shook the disturbing thoughts from his head.

"David , I had a really nice time tonight," Brad said as they stopped in 
David's drive. "You have definitely made an impression on Mr. 
Dandridge. I think he will remember you for a long time. At least he'll 
remember Tina."

"I know of Dandridge, he's very well thought of. He's supposed to be one 
of the best companies to work for in the state. I wouldn't mind working 
there myself. I'm with a good company though and I'll stay where I am."

"I had a good time too Brad. I didn't think I would though. Thanks for 
getting me out of the house. It helped a lot," David said.

Their eyes met and silence filled the car. This is when the man would 
kiss the woman. They both thought the same thing and they both knew it 
wouldn't happen.

"Kiss him David, he's earned it," Tina said forcefully.

"No damn it, I'm not kissing a man. It's not happening now or ever. You 
want to kiss him for tonight, take a minute and do so tomorrow morning. 
I'm not doing it," David told her.

"You're no fun." Was all she would say in return.

David opened his door and slid out, struggling with the long dress and 
high heels. Brad had jumped out to help but was too slow. Now they 
stood on the porch together. Brad used his key to open the door when 
David was fumbling through the small purse he had carried that evening. 

"David, could we do this again? Not the party and slapping Collins and 
all. As much as I enjoyed that, I mean, could we go out to eat dinner 
instead of staying in every night. It just makes the whole thing seem like 
a chore. What I mean is, I had fun tonight. I know you are not a woman 
and I know you aren't comfortable in dresses and the like. But I would 
like to have the chance to enjoy your company. Just like a couple of guys 
maybe. Talk ball or work or anything. Not just have sex and then eat and 
I leave with no real conversation even. This may be coming out like I'm 
complaining and I guess I am. I can do what we've been doing for two 
more weeks, I just wish it was more…interesting. Do you understand?

"I think I do Brad, you sound like you want a relationship to go with the 
sex you're having," David said.

"I guess I do. This would be a lot easier if Tina was in control all night 
instead of just for the beginning. I think she would be willing to talk to 
me over dinner."

David felt the sting in those words. Brad wasn't trying to hurt him but he 
realized he was treating Brad like a sex object. David was putting up 
with Brad until the spell wore off. If David had his way, Brad would 
meet with Tina and leave before David even got control back. That 
wasn't fair to Brad.

"Brad, I'll try to be a little more open with you. You're right. I have been 
rude. If it'll help, we can spend time together. Just remember. I'm still a 
man. No touching, kissing, holding hands. We can go out to eat and I'll 
even dress nice. But we're just friends, agreed?" David said. "Also, we 
split the checks, or better, I pay."

"Agreed! Thank you David, that helps a lot. I'm going to bed, I'll see you 
in the morning. Afterwards, you know," Brad said.

"Yes, afterwards. I'm going to put a robe in the guest room tonight in 
case Tina strands me naked again," David said.

"Sure, good idea."

Beginning the next day, Saturday, David and Brad spent time together 
after the obligatory sex. They went to movies, dinner, ball games and 
even a concert once. 

By the end of the first week, David was looking forward to his evenings 
with Brad. He found Brad to be smart, funny and a good listener. Brad 
had respected David's wishes and had made no advances on David when 
he was in control. There were no more uncomfortable silences in the car 
at the end of the evenings.

David tried to leave Brad and Tina to themselves when it was that time 
of the day but it seemed to David that Brad was putting more into his 
sessions with Tina. 

Tina was happy that Brad and David were going out together but 
frustrated that they weren't even holding hands.

"C'mon David, kiss the guy, what's it going to hurt. Listen to me, I know 
what you're thinking. You want to kiss him. Now tell me I'm wrong," 
Tina said.

"It's just this damn body of yours. I have no desire to kiss him but your 
hot little body is just aching to. So yes, in a way you're right."

"Then why not kiss him for gawd's sake. What would it hurt? You just 
might enjoy it. Wait, that's it. You're afraid that you will enjoy it, aren't 
you. It would bother your fragile male pride to kiss a man and enjoy it, 
even if you are a woman when you do it."

"Can we drop this. I will not kiss Brad. You do enough of that for both 
of us," David said.

"Have you noticed how much more active Brad has been lately? I mean 
he seems to stretch our little sessions into extra innings so he can spend 
more time with our body. I think he's in love with you David. Have you 
seen how he looks at you? I think you have," Tina said.

Tina knew she had stepped over the line when David didn't respond.

"David, I'm sorry. I was just being mean. You know full well that Brad is 
in love with you, with us. You feel something for him too, don't you? 
You've been hiding something from me, you're falling in love with Brad 
aren't you?"

"I still love Lisa though and when I no longer turn into a woman 
everyday, I can be in love with Lisa again. And yes, I am in love with 
Brad. I want to kiss him and hold him. I am jealous of you getting to do 
all the fun things with him. I can feel what you feel but it's not the same 
thing. I want to be with him, alone," David said.

"Then do it David, tonight after dinner, kiss him and invite him to your 
bedroom. He'll still respect you. You can even respect yourself David. 
What you are feeling is very natural for the woman you are right now."

"No, I might sill get Lisa back. I'll get over Brad. If I make love to him, I 
don't think I could forget him. I have one lost love. I don't need two."

"Is that what this is about, Lisa? David, she didn't answer your card. She 
doesn't want to see you any more. She's gone. I'm sorry but it's the truth. 
If she still wanted to be with you, she'd have called or something. It's 
over David, you need to face it."

"David, there is something I want you to consider. Lisa is gone. We 
seldom find one true love, finding two is unheard of. Maybe you should 
consider staying with Brad. Let him get you pregnant and then marry 

"What?! Tina, do you think I want to stay a woman? I don't! I want to be 
a man again and I want Lisa back. As long as there is a chance for that, I 
will not be kissing Brad or making love to any man. This discussion is at 
an end," David said. Had it been possible to storm off and leave Tina 
behind, David would have done so.

It was Friday and Brad and David were going to a movie. David wanted 
to see a comedy, he needed something to lift his spirits. He was happier 
since he and Brad had begun 'going out' but he was still hoping he could 
get back together with Lisa.

Brad dropped David off after they got back from the movie. Brad went 
back to his condo for a change of clothes. He had packed a bag and 
forgot it. He had suggested they sleep at the condo but David vetoed the 
idea. Since Brad didn't have a guestroom, they would have to share a 

David walked in and began dressing for bed. He had bought some roomy 
pajama's that would allow him to grow into them at night. He put a pair 
on. He heard a car in the drive and went back to the living room to say 
goodnight to Brad.

The front door opened and in walked Lisa.

David was dumbstruck. He hadn't heard or seen her since the day she 
caught him and Patty in their bed together. 

"Lisa, darling, I…" David stopped, Lisa was laughing at him.

"David? Is that you, I knew mom said you were cute but you are a real 
beauty. I imagine it's hard NOT to get laid in that body. Well, it is the 
same size as mine but somehow, on you it just looks…sexier. So, David, 
tell me. How you like getting screwed by a man. Is it all you thought it 
would be?"

"Lisa, please, I want to apologize for what I did…" Lisa cut him off 

"Apologize? You sniveling little back stabbing son of a bitch! Excuse 
me, make that just…BITCH! You can't possibly know what I went 
through. You cheat on me in my own bed and expect me to accept an 
apology?" Lisa was screaming. She was so angry, spit was flying from 
her mouth as she shouted at David. 

David just hung his head and let her vent, hoping he would be allowed to 
speak when she got it all off of her chest.

"I want you out of this house as soon as the spell is over. That's about ten 
days from now. I am selling the house and keeping the money. You are 
going to pay me alimony for the rest of your life buddy, unless of course, 
you becomes Tina permanently." Lisa laughed again.

"Lisa, can I please say something," David asked. He was shaking from 
fear right now. Lisa and he were the same size but she was mad and he 
couldn't hurt her even to protect himself. If Lisa attacked him, he would 
stand there and take it.

"Okay, but make it quick, I need to leave. I have a date with a real man, 
not a pretty little girl like you. You never answered me David, do you 
like having a man stick his prick inside you?"

"Lisa, whether you chose to forgive me or not. I am sorry for the pain 
and humiliation I caused you. If it helps any to know this, Patty's 
husband came by here after you called him. He and Tina had sex. He got 
to screw the man who was screwing his wife. I've been through my own 
pain and humiliation. That doesn't excuse what I did, but I thought it 
might help for you to know that," David said.

Lisa started laughing, even louder than before. She pointed a finger at 
David and held her side. She turned and walked toward the door, 
laughing the whole way. 

"So good old Norm laid it to you huh? Well good for him and I'm glad. 
So long loser. Have a nice life. Whoever you may be," Lisa said.

She continued to laugh as she went out the door. David heard her Miata 
fire up and screech away. 

David sat down. His wife had just told him that she was dating another 
man and she hoped he stayed a woman for life. She laughed at and spit 
upon him. David had been rejected in a very final way.  It hurt but he 
wasn't greatly surprised. She had waited two weeks to contact him after 
his card. He knew she wasn't going to forgive him, he had been fooling 

Just then, Brad arrived back, carrying a suitcase.

"David, I'm so sorry," Tina said.

David began softly weeping. Brad approached David where he sat on the 

"David, what's wrong," Brad said. He sat down on the couch next to 
David, a comfortable distance separated them. 

"My marriage is over," David said. He explained that Lisa had been there 
and what she had said. 

"It's strange she came here like this," Brad said, sounding confused.

"Why strange, it's her house too. She owns half of it and I did ask her to 
come see me so I could apologize. I sent her a note two weeks ago. She 
just now got around to dropping by. I guess her new boyfriend is keeping 
her busy," David said.

Brad saw how very depressed David was. He wanted to help him. Brad 
saw a woman in pain, and the fact that David was really a man was 
secondary to Brad now. He wanted to hold and comfort HER. He had 
promised David no touching. Despite that, Brad reached out his hand and 
laid it on David's slender shoulder. He squeezed it briefly to show David 
he was there and then let his hand drop off and rest back on his own leg.

David felt the reassuring touch of a friend's hand, nothing sexual in 
nature, just one human sharing with another. He accepted it in the spirit 
it was meant. 

David stood up and Brad stood at the same time. David wiped his face 
and told Brad he was going to bed. Brad stood where he was. Not 
blocking David but not letting him pass either. David looked into Brad's 
face and their eyes met.

David instinctively put his arms around Brad's waist and hugged him, 
Brad's arms wrapped around David's back and they pulled each other 
closer for just a moment. 

David felt the warmth and strength of Brad flow into him and some of 
his fear left him. He also felt the touch of a man's chest against his 
breasts. He felt Brad's strong male heart beating. He had felt this same 
thing many times before when Tina was with Brad, now however, David 
was in control. The sensations were different. 

David felt his nipples stiffen and poke against Brad's hard chest. David's 
body reacted to the stimulation and David broke the hug. Brad let go as 
soon as David did.

"Thank you Brad, I'm…uh, goodnight," David said. He walked swiftly to 
his bedroom. 

Brad stood there a moment longer. Remembering the feeling of David in 
his arms. Similar to Tina, yet so very different. He also noticed David's 
body reacting as well. 

Brad was aroused now and he would have to wait until the morning to 
satisfy that need. He would be with Tina then but he would long for 
David. How strange to wish to make love to a woman who was a man 
half the time.  

David closed the door to his bedroom and crawled into the bed. He was 
lonely, depressed and heartbroken. He had just hugged Brad and found 
himself wanting more. He wanted to touch Brad, to be held by him, to 
get comfort from his arms. But that wasn't right, he was a man, no matter 
what he looked like now. 

David curled up into a fetal position and fell asleep. Tina didn't have to 
speak to him, they both knew what he was feeling.

Tina came to Brad's room earlier than usual for a Saturday. She seemed 
more anxious and tense. 

"Tina, can we talk first?" Brad asked.

"Why, what is there to talk about?"

"David, I'm worried about him. Can you tell me what he's thinking?" 
Brad asked.

"I could but I won't, that's private. You need to ask him. You do know he 
can hear and remember everything that we say to each other? I want you 
to talk to David, I just can't talk for him," Tina said

"You're right, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have asked," Brad said. He leaned 
over to her and kissed her lips. She returned the kiss. 

Later, Brad went into the bathroom after making sure David's robe was 
on the bed so he could leave the room. When Brad returned, David was 
sitting on the bed, wearing the robe.

"Good morning David. I guess I owe you an apology for trying to get 
Tina to talk about you," Brad said.

"What did you want to know?" David said.

"David, I'm concerned about you. This thing last night with your wife, I 
had no idea you wanted to get back together with her. Are you sure she 
really meant it? Maybe you misunderstood her?" 

"She was very clear about the whole thing. She had nothing but contempt 
for me Brad. I would be upset with you for interfering but you have 
really been a friend and I know it's just concern on your part. I 'm afraid 
that you are doing all that you can do, right now. Please let me handle 
it." David stood up to leave.

Brad stepped in front of him. "What would you like to do today? 
Movies? I know you need to shop, I could help with that. Maybe rent a 
couple of movies and just laze around the house?"

David looked up at Brad. He was at least 6 inches taller than David was 
right now. He saw the compassion in Brad's eyes and he felt his resolve 
weaken. It was so tempting to just reach out and touch him and see what 
happened. Maybe Tina was right, 'what could it hurt?'

Brad saw David's eyes soften. David was wavering, he could feel it. Brad 
wanted to take David in his arms as he had last night, ever so briefly, but 
he waited for a signal from David. If he rushed this, it would spoil 

David took a deep breath and stepped backwards then walked around 
Brad. David went to his room and ignored Tina's attempt at questions. 
He was too conflicted to discuss it right now. He needed some distance 
between him and Brad to think. 

David dressed in jeans and a sweater and went shopping. He told Brad he 
wanted the time alone. Brad didn't object but he was disappointed.

David shopped for groceries and rented several movies. He suspected he 
would not want to leave the house this weekend.

While shopping and driving to and from the store, David and Tina talked 
about Brad, Lisa and David's future.

"Tina, I know you want me to make love to Brad. I'm beginning to think 
I want to as well. But what happens then. I find myself in love with a 
man?" David said.

"Would that be so bad? Without the female body around to distract you, 
the feelings would be gone, probably."

"Then what about Brad. He's falling in love with the person of David in 
Tina's body. That's a woman that doesn't really exist. She'll be gone in 
another nine days, hopefully. What does he do if we make love and he 
really falls in love with a woman he can't have? I know how bad I feel 
about losing Lisa. I lost her through my own stupidity. He'll lose Tina 
through no fault of his own."

"David, what about staying a woman, have you considered that?" Tina 

"How could I? I made $328,000.00 last year. What would I do for a 
living? How would I support myself? What if I did get pregnant and we 
discover that Brad wasn't really in love with us. What if we're pregnant, 
single and unemployed, what then? I don't want to take that kind of a 
chance with my life or the life of a child for that matter," David said

"Sometimes you take chances because that's the only way you get what 
you really want. I can't believe that Brad would leave a woman, pregnant 
with his child, to fend for herself. Besides, you're going to have to get his 
cooperation. He really pisses me off with stopping to put on a condom 
sometimes. David, if you're going to do it, you need to hurry. The closer 
you get to the start of your period, the less likely you are to conceive."

"Wait a minute. We're just talking here. I haven't made any decision 
about remaining a woman. I suspect that Valerie's spell makes me just as 
fertile all month long anyway. I would be giving up so much to stay Tina 
though," David thought.

"You would be gaining Brad as a partner, that's a trade I'd make 
anytime," Tina said.

"Let me think about it Tina, it's a huge step. It would mean giving up so 
much and not having a guarantee, I don't know if I can do it," David said.

David returned to his house to find Brad working on some papers at the 
dining room table. David went to the living room and watched TV most 
of the day. He was quiet and lost in thought. Finally he fixed dinner for 
both of them and then they cleared the table. Brad went back to work on 
his papers.

David went into the bedroom and came out in a bathing suit. It had a 
modest top but a thong bottom. David paused when he passed Brad. He 
looked over his left shoulder.

"I'm going to soak in the hot tub. Care to join me?" David said.

Brad was open-mouthed. This was the sexiest look he had ever seen 
David in. 

"Uh…sure,  can I borrow a suit? I didn't bring a pair of trunks with me."

"Tell you what, I'll get us each a towel and you just strip down and get in 
before I get back. You won't need a suit for the tub, the backyard is well 
hidden. Considering all the times me and Lisa did it in the hot tub, it had 
to be."

"Are you sure about this David. I don't want to make you 
uncomfortable," Brad said.

"Join me or not Brad, it's up to you. I'll get you a towel if you change 
your mind."

David went into the kitchen and got a bottle of white wine on an ice 
bucket and took it out on the patio. Then he went into the back of the 
house. When he came back with two towels, Brad was in the tub, 
opening the bottle of wine. Brad's shirt, pants and jockey shorts were on 
the chaise lounge next to the hot tub.

David and Brad soaked for an hour, sharing the wine and talking about 
work and sports, just like a couple of guys. Then David took off his top.

"What are you doing, David?" Brad asked.

"I just took off my top," he said.

"I saw that, why?"

"Because it seemed silly to wear it if I was going to take off my bottom," 
he said.

"Are you drunk, David?"

"I think I am a little but I made up my mind about this before I had a 
drop of wine. Please, for tonight, call me Tina. It would seem very 
wrong for you to make love to me and call me David."

Tina drifted close to Brad. Her breasts floating in the water. She lightly 
touched Brad's arm with her fingertips. 

"Tina, I should get something from my wallet before we get too 

involved," Brad said.

"Before you do, there's something I want you to know. I've made a 
decision. It wasn't easy or quick. It's the result of Lisa's visit here the 
other night. She is gone from my life for good. I have found that I am 
happy with you. I am going to give you a choice here, Brad, you have no 
obligation to say yes."

"If I become pregnant, I remain Tina Johnson for life. I am willing to do 
so if it means we would be together. If you are not ready for a family, I 
understand. It's a big responsibility. If you wish to just fulfill our original 
bargain, then get the condom and we will make love this once. If you are 
willing to be my lover and husband, should I get pregnant, then you need 
never wear a condom again. It is truly your choice."

Brad was silent for a long time. He was painfully aware of the effect a 
naked and aroused Tina, no David, was having on him. He wanted her so 
badly but was this the right choice for Tina, David and Brad? 

Tina was waiting patiently. She was tempted to push things a little with a 
caress but she couldn't get up the nerve to touch Brad there, yet. She was 
positive of her decision but she was nervous about taking the first step. 
She wanted Brad to take her in his arms and hold her, to be the dominant 
personality in their relationship. 

Finally Brad made a decision. He looked toward his pants and then at 
Tina. He took her in his arms and pulled her close. Their bodies melted 
together. Tina felt the familiar sensation of Brad entering her but it was 
different this time. She was in control but Brad was in charge. 

In the morning, Tina came to Brad's bed and they made love twice in the 
same morning, for the first time. 

Brad found keeping both Tina's satisfied a daunting task. David had to be 
satisfied with Tina getting her morning or evening session. They were 
required. Brad ceased using a condom and they hoped for the best. David 
found he was happier all the time now and he began to dread waking up 
in his male body. He looked forward to the day it failed to return to him.

On the Friday of the end of the last week, David told his staff he was 
taking the following week off. He placed the best salesperson he had in 
charge while he was gone. He had no doubt she would make a superb 
manager when the time came.

David had hoped he would get pregnant before the last weekend but he 
was still hopeful that a concerted effort over the next three days would 
prove successful. They intended to hump like bunnies, all weekend long.

David and Brad made love as often as Brad could manage. They slept 
between lovemaking and ate when they were hungry. Sunday night Tina 
looked at Brad asleep next to her. She would wake up Monday morning 
as Tina, that was sure. It remained to be seen if she would be pregnant or 
her period would start. She drifted off to sleep, thinking positive 

Tina was wearing a light blue dress that reached half way down her calf. 
She had bought the dress just for today. She didn't feel right wearing 
white and it wasn't a formal ceremony, just a Las Vegas wedding chapel. 
This was the first piece of woman's clothing she had bought. It was 
fitting to start off her new life in a new dress. They had come to Vegas 
for the marriage ceremony right after making sure she was pregnant. 

"Dearly beloved, we are…" the preacher began. Tina looked at Brad, he 
was so handsome and kind of scared looking. Tina smiled when he 
looked at her. She felt so right, so sure, this was the right thing to do. 

"Now, if there is anyone here who can show cause why these two should 
not be joined, let them speak now or forever hold their peace." The 
preacher smiled. There was no one in the chapel except the bride, groom 
and his own wife playing the organ. 

Suddenly, loud, obnoxious music began playing. Tina looked around to 
see where it was coming from. No one else seemed to notice the sound. 
How could she get married with that noise going on?

"Tina, Tina, Tina," someone was shaking her, "can you shut off the 
alarm honey. I can't reach it," Brad said.

Tina rolled over and hit the button on the clock radio next to her side of 
the bed. A dream, it was just a dream.  A dream she would make come 
true, in just a few days, she hoped.

Brad was already in the shower. She went to the bathroom and emptied 
her bladder. Now was the moment of truth. She was still Tina because 
today she would either start her period or she was pregnant. If there was 
blood on her toilet paper, she wasn't pregnant. 

Carefully Tina cleaned herself and looked at the toilet paper. 

It was damp but not with blood. She had not started her period. Tina's 
heart jumped to her throat. Pregnant! She was going to have a baby!

Brad looked a little pale when she gave him the news but he recovered 
and they hugged and kissed. 

Brad told Tina he would arrange to take off Friday and they would fly to 
Las Vegas and get married. Tina walked him to the door and kissed him 
goodbye for the first time. 

That evening, Brad rushed home to Tina's house. She would be packing 
up to move out soon.  Lisa had wanted the house empty as soon as the 
spell was over. Neither of them cared to stay there any more. 

Brad found Tina curled into a ball on the sofa, weeping.

"Tina, what's wrong?" Brad asked but he already knew. He had been so 
busy, he hadn't had time to call her all day. 

"I started my period about two hours ago. I'm not pregnant," Tina said. 
"In a few days I'll be David again, forever."

Brad sank into the chair, stunned. He had so looked forward to a child 
and having Tina as his wife. Now, it was all gone. Brad moved to the 
couch and wrapped his arms around Tina, together they cried.

The next few days were pure misery for Tina. She had to put up with the 
physical discomfort and the emotional razor's edge she was running on. 
Plus, she lived with the knowledge that she would cease being Tina soon.

The other Tina was quiet. She knew her days were numbered. It really 
wasn't death that awaited her but she was unsure what else to call it. This 
all added up to a very sorrowful household.

Thursday night, Brad came by after work as he did every night. They 
would eat dinner, talk and watch TV. They did not speak of the future. It 
held little they looked forward to. 

"I think my period is over. I've changed my tampon twice today and it 
was clean both times. I guess I'll wake up as David in the morning," Tina 
said. She fought back tears. She had cried too much lately. She needed to 
get used to the idea of being David again.

Brad was silent for a long moment as they continued to eat. 

"Will you make love to me once more?" he said finally.

"I was hoping you'd ask," she said. Her eyes were bright with tears.

"We have tonight, as Tina and Brad, let's spend it together, forgetting 
who we really are and will be. Tomorrow is the future, let's live in the 
now," Tina said.

Neither of them spoke again that night. They touched, caressed and 
kissed. They tried to live a lifetime in that one evening. The sunrise 
would bring harsh reality home to them. They wished it would not come.

The sun did rise however, as it must. There is no magic strong enough to 
stop that, not even love.

Brad had not slept well. He had made love to Tina most of the night and 
she fell asleep a few hours ago. Brad tossed and turned. He was 
exhausted but too worried to sleep.

Before sunrise, Brad woke and looked at the sleeping Tina, she was so 
beautiful! Time was almost up. Brad went to the living room and called 

"This is Brad, what do we do now? Something's wrong."

"What's wrong, dear?"

"I'm in love with Tina, I want to marry her. It would have been easy if 
she had gotten pregnant. I told myself if I made her pregnant, I would 
have to stay with her, but I didn't.  I still want to be with her though. 
What happened?"

"Oh dear, that is a problem. I could make you forget Tina of course," 
Valerie suggested.

"No! I don't want to forget her. Mother, I love her. I never intended to 
stay Brad but now…"

"The problem is getting David to remain Tina. You have to tell David 
you're Lisa. She may hate you for it, or she may love you all the more. 
But you have to hurry. There are only a few minutes before sunrise. If 
the sunrises, David will be back for good. The spell is too dangerous to 
use again. It would drive David insane. This is the last chance you will 
have to convince him to agree to be a woman voluntarily. I'm sorry dear, 
I should've seen this possibility but I missed it," Valerie said.

Brad steeled himself for the next few minutes. He was going to have to 
confess to David who he really was and that might make David 
reconsider. There was no time to argue with himself over the situation 

"Tina, Tina wake up, it's important," Brad said while shaking her.

"What's wrong, it's still dark out, what time is it?" She asked while 
struggling to wake up.

"Tina, if you really want to remain a woman, you have to tell Valerie that 
now, before sunrise. She can make it permanent but only if you tell her 
now," Brad said.

"Valerie, how did you call her? Why did you call her? If she knew I 
wanted to stay this way, she'd change me back into David to spite me. 
What's happening, there's something you haven't told me, Brad." 

"I'm really Lisa," Brad said. He looked Tina in the eyes when he said it. 

"You're Lisa? How can you be Lisa? What about that night, Lisa came 
here and told me…she said all those things to me. I wouldn't have made 
love to you if it weren't for that visit by Lisa."

"This is a trick! You didn't get me pregnant so you're trying to get me to 
agree to be a woman so I wind up stuck, that's it, isn't it? I tell your 
mother I want to be Tina for life and you leave and get your revenge, 
isn't that right? Tell me I'm wrong." Tina said.

"Tina, you're wrong. I love you as you are right now. I want to be your 
husband. I have never lied to you as Lisa or as Brad. I admit I didn't tell 
you who I was but that's not as bad as some of the things you didn't tell 
me. I only became Brad to save David."

"Everything I did, before the night in the hot tub, was meant to keep you 
from getting pregnant. The plan was to make you see that you really 
wanted to be a woman, so you would ask to be that way forever, 
voluntarily. I never expected you to want to actually have a child. When 
you asked me to help you, I almost didn't. It meant giving up being a 
woman to be your husband and the father of our child."

"To my surprise, I found that ## I ##  wanted to be both. I was 
heartbroken when I found out you weren't pregnant. I still want to marry 
you. Nothing I've ever wanted felt so right."

"You have to choose now David. In a few minutes, or less, the decision 
will be moot. Valerie can only make it permanent if you tell her to, 
before sunrise," Brad said. 

David sat on the bed looking at Brad and the cell phone he handed her. 
The room was starting to lighten, if she didn't hurry she would miss the 
opportunity. But what if it was a trap, what if he was being set up? He 
could find himself a woman and alone.

A wrong step here and David would pay for it the rest of his life. He saw 
his life flash before him. The first girl he kissed, his days as a high 
school jock, the first time with a girl, the first time with Lisa, his 
wedding to Lisa, their wedding night and the last time with Lisa. Patty, 
Jane, Marie and all the other he had cheated on Lisa w