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Hank's Secret

by Bashful

SRU:  Hank's Secret
By Bashful

Author's note: Many thanks, once again, 
to Janice Dreamer who improved this 
story immensely with her skillful editing 
and nit picking. I am deeply grateful Jan.

Hank Wilson was the kind of son any parent would be proud of. He was 
the starting center for the Gus Grissom High School basketball team, the 
Astronauts. He had a solid 'B' average and he was popular with most of 
the kids in his senior class.  

Carla Knox was Hank's steady girl friend. Athletic like Hank, Carla was 
very attractive as well. Her long brown hair and bright blue eyes set off a 
feminine face. Carla was raised by good parents with strong beliefs that 
they passed on to their daughter about life, love, sex and marriage. 

Carla reached her eighteenth birthday with her virginity intact. It wasn't 
something she bragged about but it was a meaningful accomplishment to 
her. So many of her friends were having sex with their boyfriends, all 
except Carla.  She wanted to save herself for marriage and the right man. 
Hank just might be that right man.

Hank and Carla dated through Jr. High and into High School where they 
were both seniors. In the last year, the pressure to take their relationship 
to a deeper level had increased on both of them

"Carla, I respect your decision and I love you. I want to be with you in 
every way possible." Hank told her. Carla believed she loved Hank as 
well and she understood his feelings and desires, she had them too.

After much soul searching and a few sleepless nights, Carla had given 
herself to Hank. On a cool and clear day in mid October, just two weeks 
ago. It seemed a lifetime now. Carla had carefully planned the event to 
make it as special as she could. She arranged for a private place for Hank 
and her to meet and consummate their relationship. 

She chose to use the lake cabin her parents owned. She had offered to go 
close down the cabin for the winter, in early October. Her father had 
been putting off doing it because it was a long drive and he was a busy 
man. When Carla offered, he took her up on it. Carla's parents trusted her 
so she was allowed to make the trip alone. 

It seemed like just another Sunday morning to everyone else. Carla's 
brother was home from college doing laundry and hinting about getting 
money from Dad. Her mother and father were reading the paper. Carla 
packed a lunch quickly so no one saw how much food she was taking, 
enough for two.  The day was bright, crisp and clean. Fitting somehow 
for the day that she chose to end the first part of her life, the part where 
she was just a girl. It was the dawn of her life as a woman. Carla was 
happy and scared at the same time. The perfect day seemed to validate 
her decision. How could anything that happened on such a day as this be 

Carla headed north to the small lake that the cabin sat next to. Hank met 
her there. They did all the things needed to winter proof the cabin and 
then they ate the picnic lunch Carla had packed. After eating, Carla 
changed into a teddy she had bought just for the occasion. It was white 
with sheer panels that accented her loveliness. 

Carla spent nearly a week looking for the teddy. It was very important to 
her to look alluring but not slutty. She searched every lingerie shop and 
department store in the mall and several of the popular catalogs. She 
wasn't sure what she was looking for exactly, but she would know it 
when she found it. Finally she did find it, in a small boutique.  She was 
with a couple of girl friends when she saw it. She didn't dare buy it with 
them along. She had no intention of letting anyone know what she was 
planning on doing with Hank. She returned later that day and purchased 
it. It fit like a dream.

Hank nearly embarrassed himself when he saw her but he managed not 
to rush things.

When they finished and lay in each other's arms, Hank told Carla how 
much he loved her. He told her he never wanted to be with another 
woman and how much the gift of her virginity meant to him. 

Carla snuggled up next to her man and hugged him tight. Carla knew in 
her heart, her trust had not been misplaced. Hank would never betray her. 
She sighed and dozed off, secure in the knowledge that he was the right 
man for her.   

Carla strolled through the mall with no particular destination in mind. 
She was struggling with a dilemma. What could she do to show Hank 
how she really felt about him? How could she reward him for the way he 
showed his love for her?

She knew about the little secret he kept from everyone. The dark little 
place he liked to go and do.things. Hank would be very embarrassed if 
his secret place was revealed. If there was just some way she could help 
Hank overcome his shyness and share his secret with another. 

Carla turned the corner and looked around. There was supposed to be an 
ice cream counter here. She had a craving for a chocolate cone, even if it 
was cold outside. Instead there was a quaint looking little shop with a 
strange name. 'Spells R Us'.

Carla pushed open the door and stepped inside. She had been wrong, it 
wasn't quaint, it was old and dirty. The shelves looked like they hadn't 
been dusted in years and the bottles, jars and boxes held some really 
disgusting looking things. The worst was the stuffed wolf standing in front 
of the cash register. The eyes were so fake looking. 

Carla turned to go and nearly jumped out of her skin when she saw this 
incredibly old looking man standing in her way. 

Carla made a little frightened sound and stepped backwards, bumping 
into the wolf. When the stuffed wolf licked her hand she screamed.  

"Hello Carla, how are you today? That's a very lovely dress."

Carla regained her composure and examined the old man. He had 
extremely bright eyes for one so old. She relaxed a little. The old man in 
the ridiculous bathrobe smiled. 

"How did you know my name?" Carla asked

"I used to get upset by that question but so few people believe in magic 
anymore, I guess I should expect it. I am a Wizard, my dear girl. I cast 
spells and sell potions, thus the name of my little store, Spells R Us." 
The Wizard explained.

"Magic? Really? Am I supposed to believe that?" Carla said with a 
distrustful tone. She looked around again. It was just as dirty and just as 
gross looking but suddenly it made sense. Magic, of course. Potions, 
spells, strange objects and substances. Maybe she was where she needed 
to be to help Hank. "Maybe you are a Wizard. I need a very special gift 
for my boyfriend. I want." 

Carla stopped when the old man held up his hand. He moved to a display 
case and opened it up.

"This is what you are looking for Carla." The Wizard said, taking a small 
package from the case and handing it to her. "Just follow the instructions 
and everything will be fine. Don't vary from the instructions or you will 
not be happy with the outcome. Do I make myself clear?" the Wizard 
told her in a very serious tone.

"Yes, very clear, follow the instructions exactly or I won't be happy. I 
have it, how much?" Carla opened her purse.

"Hmm, that item is $23.98, including tax." He told her.

Carla discovered she had exactly $24.00 in her purse. The Wizard made 
two pennies appear out of thin air and handed them to Carla. She placed 
the small package in her purse and left, smiling.

Hank showed up early on Halloween at Carla's, as arranged. They still 
had some work left to do on their costumes. Hank wanted to go as the 
young Obi Wan Kenobi and he wanted Carla to go as Queen Amidala, 
from the latest Star Wars movie. She had agreed as long as she didn't 
have to wear one of those ridiculous wigs.

"Hank, I've got an idea for a different disguise this year. I'll bet there will 
be a lot of Star Wars costumes, lets go as something else." Carla said.

"But we're almost done with the costumes!" Hank threw up his hands in 
disgust. His voice, while not angry, was full of irritation. "All that time 
and money for nothing? You already talked me out of going as Darth 
Maul. What now?" 

"Oh Hank, we just have to win the contest for the best costumed couple, 
it will make our senior year complete. Please, at least hear what I have to 
say." Carla locked her bright blue eyes with Hank's. She smiled, cocked 
her head to one side and winked. The wink got him; he loved it when she 
winked at him.

"Okay honey. What's your idea?"

"Cheerleader and Team Captain!" she said with a grin.

"Carla, that's been done to death. Why would that be different?"

"How about with you as the cheerleader?" Carla said. She was tempted 
to wink but didn't want to over-excite him.

"Me? I'd never pass as a girl. I'd look silly. It won't work," Hank said 
with an air of finality.

"If I can make you look just like a pretty cheerleader, would you go 
through with it?" Carla asked.

"I don't see how you can, but sure. If you can make me look good, I'll do 
it." It seemed the safest way to make Carla happy. Hank would just point 
out that his 6' 5, 210 pound frame, looked nothing like a cheerleader. 
Then he would get to be Obi Wan.

"Okay, drink this," Carla said.

"What is it?"

Something to make you look pretty." Carla told him, she clinched the 
deal with a wink.

Hank grinned back at her and drank the bottle of clear fluid in one swig.

"Tastes good," Hank said. " Now what?"

"Just wait. Sit down over there and let me get out your costume for you." 
Carla went to her bedroom while Hank sat in the living room.

Hank began to feel strange. He felt lightheaded and then sleepy. He 
dozed off and awoke when Carla shook him.

"Oh wow, Hank, it worked! Just look at you, Sugar."

"Huh, what worked? Wait, what's wrong with my voice?" Hank felt very 
different, all of the sudden.

"Come on, let's go to my room." Carla grabbed Hank's hand and yanked 
him off the couch. To Hank's surprise, she was able to jerk him up easily.

When he was standing, the feeling of being different intensified. Hank 
was much shorter! He was just about the same height as Carla and she 
was only 5' 6!

"Carla, what's happened to me? Why am I so short? Carla, what did you 
do to me?"  Hank protested as Carla pulled him up the stairs and down 
the hall.  When he saw they were about to enter her bedroom he grabbed 
the doorframe and whined, "I can't go in your bedroom! What if your 
parents came home? They'd ground you for a year!"

"No they wouldn't, not for having a GIRL, in my room. Come on, Sugar,  
I'll show you." Carla dragged the now much shorter Hank into her 
bedroom and stood him in front of her mirror.

Hank stared open mouthed at the short, cute, red head with deep green 
eyes and what looked to be massive hooters.

"Carla! I'm a girl! You turned me into a girl!"

"Yes, I did, is that cool or what?" Carla giggled.

"I never believed you could do it. Carla, can you change me back?"
Hank said in panic.

"Of course I can change you back, Sugar. But a deal is a deal, I made 
you look like a girl, you have to go to the party as a cheerleader."

"But, but, but." Hank stammered.

"No buts, well, other than the really cute one you now have. We need to 
hurry. I have to get you dressed and then I have to change myself as 
well, " Carla said.

"You're changing too? Into what?" Hank asked. He started to touch parts 
of his body, to confirm that what he saw in the mirror was real. It was.

"I said the best costumed couple would be Cheerleader and Team 
Captain, didn't I?" Carla winked again. 

To Hank's surprise, the sight of Carla winking had a different but equally 
intense effect on him. Now, instead of an erection, he felt his new 
'equipment' getting wet!

"Okay, let's go.  I think this will be fun like you said, Carla."

Carla told Hank to undress and they both stood looking at his naked, 
sexy body for a while. Hank's breasts were firm, high and true 36D's!

"Wow, Sugar, I'm a little jealous, you have a better set of breasts than 
me," Carla said.

"No I don't! Take your sweater and bra off and I'll prove it," Hank said 
with a grin.

Carla grinned back. "No way, Hank, that won't work. Although. since 
you're a girl now, it couldn't hurt." She pulled her sweater off and then 
unfastened her bra. 

Hank stared wide-eyed at the sight of Carla's perfectly formed, but 
smaller, breasts. He reached out to touch them. Carla slapped his hand.

"I said peek, not touch. Now, wait here, I'm going to have to go borrow 
one of my mother's bras. Mine will never fit you." Carla dressed again 
and went down the hall to her mother's room while Hank remained in her 
room, looking at his new body in the mirror. Hank ran his fingers over 
the nipples of his new breasts and then across the new set of lips he now 
possessed in his crotch. He shivered in response to both of his caresses. 

Just then Carla spoke to him from the door to the room, making Hank 

"Having fun?" she said.

Hank blushed deeply, the effect more pronounced by his new, paler, 
complexion.  A trait of true redheads.   

Carla helped Hank put on the bra she borrowed from her mother's room. 
It was a Victoria's Secret, Miracle Bra and was designed to maximize 
cleavage. It worked too.

"Wow, Carla, look at them! I've never seen anything like them outside of 
a magazine," Hank exclaimed. 

"Yes, they are rather spectacular. Okay, here, put on this garter belt and 
panties." She handed him the rest of the matching set.

"But I've never seen Cheerleaders wear a garter belt. I thought they 
always wore pantyhose and those big panties?" Hank objected.

"Hank, this is a special costume. Like I said, I'm changing too, when 
we're done with you. You want to look special for your Captain, don't 
you? You do trust me, don't you Hank?" Carla cooed in a voice dripping 
with unspoken promises.  She winked once more. 

"Are you suggesting that you and I can." Hank was shocked by the 
suggestion. But not as shocked as he would have thought. The idea of 
him, in this body and Carla as the "Team Captain" really rang his bell, 
big time!

"Now Hank, I'm not making any promises but the night is young, Sugar. 
We can have lots of fun with your new body later. Let's get you dressed 
and made up, okay?" Carla said.

"Okay, sweetheart, I'm yours to do with as you wish," Hank said, hoping 
she would remember he said that later on. " Why are you calling me 
Sugar now?"

"Oh honey, you just look so sweet, Sugar is the name that fits you best. 
You need a girl's name for tonight, do you want to call yourself Sugar?" 
Carla asked.

"No, too cute. Why do I have to change my name? I'll never learn to 
answer to it in one night anyway?" Hank said.

"Look, if we want to win, and you want me to be very happy, then we 
need to go all the way with this, Okay?" 

"Okay, but not Sugar, if you want to call me that, okay, but I need a real 

"How about Henrietta?"

"I hate the name 'Henry', why would I like that better? How about 
Hanna, that's close to my real name, I might actually answer to it," Hank 

"Cool, okay, now you are Hanna. Here, put on these stockings and then 
the panties."

"Carla, that's not panties, it's a thong. I've never seen a cheerleader dress 
like this," 'Hanna' complained.

"Now Hank, I mean Hanna, this is a very special cheerleader, she wants 
to make her Team Captain very happy and she dresses to do just that. 
Isn't that what you want to do?" Carla leaned over and kissed Hanna on 
the lips, very lightly. "Tonight Sugar, you're a girl, remember that."

"Anything you say Carla, what's next," Hanna said, panting heavily .At 
that moment, Carla could have gotten Hanna do anything she wished.

Carla handed Hanna a very short pleated skirt in the school colors of red 
and black. Hanna slipped it up over her new wider hips and practiced 
twirling the pleats in the mirror for a minute. Then Carla handed her a 
deep V-neck sweater that displayed all of her fantastic cleavage. 

Carla sat Hanna down and did her makeup. She used more restraint here 
than with the clothes. Soon, Hanna was a real beauty. Before she could 
object, Carla sprayed a little Obsession on Hanna's neck. 

"Was that necessary?" asked Hanna. She admitted to herself, she smelled 
good, though.

"Yes it was. Now here, put on this necklace and here are your shoes."

"High heels, Carla? What cheerleader wears high heels?" Hanna said.

"Come on Sugar, what's the problem? Don't you want to make your 
Team Captain happy?" Carla said.

"Okay, if I can walk in these things. A deal is a deal." In truth Hanna was 
enjoying herself, more than she would have ever imagined. She was even 
thinking of herself as a girl! If Carla came through, as she was 
promising, it would all be worth it. For some reason, Hanna was not in 
the least bothered by the fact that she was looking forward to having sex 
as a girl, with a guy!

Carla brushed out Hanna's red hair until it shone. She left it lying loose 
on Hanna's shoulders, framing the new girl's face perfectly.  She looked 
at Hanna with a twinge of jealousy. Hanna was truly more attractive than 
Carla was! 

"Okay, now you run along to the school and I'll meet you there," Carla 
said, pushing Hanna toward the door.

"Wait, why don't we go together? You're my date, I want to ride down 
there with you," Hanna protested as she was being forced toward the 
door. Hanna was nowhere near as strong as Hank and even appeared to 
be weaker than Carla. She began to wonder if this being a girl for 
Halloween was really worth it.

"Oh Sugar, look. I have to get some clothes from my brother's room and 
then I have to change and you are just too hot looking, I'm not sure that I 
would be able to keep my hands off you. Once I change, that is, " Carla 

"Well, would that be so bad?" Hanna said with a smile and a wink of her 

"Maybe not Sugar, but it would spoil our chance to win the prize. Now 
you run along and I'll see you at the party. Oh, Hanna, one more thing. 
This is very important, whatever you do, be a good girl until I find you at 
the party. Don't do anything I wouldn't do. Okay, promise me that? Wait 
for me to find you," Carla said.

"Okay, my Captain, I will do as ordered." Hanna executed a mock salute 
and leaned over for a goodbye kiss, which Carla gave her. On the cheek 
though, so as not to muss Hanna's lipstick.

Hanna went out to her pickup and had to struggle to move the seat 
forward. She was so weak now! It would be a relief to get her strong 
male body back but she was really looking forward to the evening's 
activities and the party too!

Hanna arrived at the high school gym where the party was being held. 
She paid the $2.00 admission fee, giggling over the fact that if she were 
still Hank it would have cost him $3.00. Hanna circulated around the 
floor, looking at the different costumes. Carla had been right, there were 
a lot of Star Wars costumes, several better looking than what he and 
Carla had come up with. 

The gym was great looking. They had set up a haunted house in the 
hallway leading to the main building. Screams of happily frightened girls 
echoed from the dark, mock caverns within. Hanna took a trip through it 
and nearly wet herself several times. She came out flushed, heart 
pounding and her new little sweet spot tingling. 

Being a girl was so different! She couldn't believe how much stronger 
her emotions were. She got a soda and sat down to catch her breath and 
wait for Carla. Surely she would be here soon. Or should Hanna say 'he'? 

The thought of what Carla had hinted at was so strange and yet so 
exciting. Hanna had to cross her legs tightly to try and quell the feeling 
she was experiencing. 

Hanna was asked to dance several times. At first she declined but after 
the fourth or fifth time she figured, what the heck. She felt like dancing 
for some reason. 

Hanna accepted the invitation from one of Hank's teammates, Keith 
Fowler. Keith was dressed as a Mad Scientist. It was a lame costume but 
Hank and Keith were friends, so Hanna didn't say anything. 

They danced through a loud rendition of a Sheryl Crow tune and then a 
slow song came on. Before she could escape off the floor, Keith had 
wrapped his arms around her curvy little body and began swaying with 
the music. Trapped, she decided to go ahead and dance. 

Hanna found the close contact and movement was arousing her already 
excited female parts. Involuntarily, she pulled Keith tighter to her body. 
She felt his strong flat chest push against her large, sensitive breasts. Her 
breathing speeded up. Her heart was pounding and she was so wet, she 
was afraid she would start dripping! What was happening to her?

The song ended and Hanna bolted for the restroom where she had to wait 
in line for a stall. As she closed and locked the door, she sighed in relief. 
She came close to kissing Keith! Hanna pulled down her thong and used 
toilet paper to dry herself off. The odor was so strong, she was afraid 
someone would notice. 

When she thought she could stand up without her knees shaking, Hanna 
went back to the party. She avoided Keith and found another seat to wait 
for Carla to get there. 

"Hello, Sugar, can I have a dance?" The voice was deep and friendly.
Hanna looked up at the tall jock standing over her.

He was well over 6' 5 and had the broad shoulders of a football player. 
Hanna knew all the jocks in school and this was someone new. He wore 
a football jersey that read Team Captain on the left shoulder. The 
number was 28, Carla's older brother's number when he had played ball 
for Gus Grissom High. 

"Carla, is that you?" Hanna asked.

"My name is Carl, Sugar, and I've been looking for you," he said. 
Hanna's heart jumped. This was it! 

The couple danced for half an hour, getting more and more familiar with 
each other's bodies. Carl's hands were just as busy groping as Hanna's 
were. Finally, Hanna could take no more. She needed relief, now!

"Carl, is there someplace we can go? To be alone?" Hanna breathed into 
his ear.  

"I heard there's a storage room just off the gym floor, let's try that," Carl 

The gym had a layer of carpet, protecting the hardwood floor. When not 
in use, the carpet was stored in a room just behind the bleachers. Carl 
and Hanna made their way to this quiet little room.

The room felt cool. A single dim light bulb cast dark shadows over the 
room. A stack of exercise mats formed a bed for the two lovers-to-be. 
Carl lay Hanna down and removed her thong. Then he slowly lowered 
his jeans. That's when Hanna got a glimpse of the weapon Carl was 
about to use on her.

"Oh my Gawd, Carl, it's HUGE, I don't think I can go through with this 
after all. I'm afraid it will hurt," Hanna said fearfully.

"Don't worry Sugar, Carl will take care of you, you trust me don't you?" 
Carl said and then he winked. 

Hanna's fear melted away as she lay back, spreading her legs. Once again 
the wink had stayed her resistance.

Hanna discovered it did hurt the first time, it hurt a lot. But following the 
pain, came pleasure. And when the pleasure came, the guilt evaporated. 
Hanna was no longer concerned that she was really a man having sex 
with another man. 

'Besides,' she thought, 'Carl was as much a man, as Hanna was a woman.'

"Sugar, what's your name? You're fun to be with, I want to look you up 
again," Carl said.

Hanna giggled at the joke and snuggled up close to Carl. Carl however 
stood up and pulled his pants back on. He tossed Hanna a towel he found 
laying on another stack of mats.

"I'm going to go back to the dance, see you out there. What was your 
name Sugar?" Carl asked again.

"Hanna! Carla, that's not funny. Why are you talking to me like that?" 
Hanna said.

Carl shrugged his shoulders and left, grinning, tucking his jersey in.

Hanna stood up and immediately felt Carl's seed run down the inside of 
her thighs. That was what the towel was for. Hanna wiped herself clean 
as much as possible and put her thong back on. She tried to straighten 
her sweater and skirt back up and ran her fingers through her long hair, 
getting out most of the tangles.

Hanna was furious at Carl for the way he had treated her. Hank had been 
a gentleman when they made love two weeks ago and she just got treated 
like a tramp.

Hanna went back out on the floor and felt like every eye was on her. 
Several people looked at her and smirked or grinned idiotically. As if 
they all knew something she didn't.

Hanna was looking for Carl. She spotted him dancing with Mary Lou 
Peterson! That son of a bitch! 

Before Hanna could storm over and confront Carl, she heard her name 

"Oh, Hanna, over here, Sugar." 

Hanna spun and saw Carla standing there, wearing her volleyball 
uniform, the one with the words 'Team Captain' on the front! 

A chill spread through Hanna, she turned around and looked again, there 
was Carl over there and here was Carla standing next to Hanna! The 
music in the gym seemed to get louder, Hanna felt her head spinning and 
then blackness folded in on her.

"Hanna! Hanna, can you hear me? Hanna, wake up, Sugar," Carla said as 
she patted Hanna's hand. 

Hanna opened her eyes. She was lying on the floor of the gym. Several 
people were standing around looking down at her. Carla was kneeling 
next to her, a bemused smile on her face. A girl wearing a Spice Girl's 
costume pointed at Hanna's legs and giggled. Carla flipped the hem of 
Hanna's skirt down.

"Carla, what happened?" Hanna said, feeling very confused.

"You just fainted, Sugar, it's okay though. She's fine, I'll take care of 
her," Carla told the others gathered around. They dispersed since it 
appeared the girl on the floor wasn't going to be a source of 
entertainment after all.

Carla helped Hanna up and they moved to some chairs. Hanna felt 
slightly dizzy and Carla got her some punch. The two girls sat there 
while Hanna's head cleared. 

"Carla, I thought that guy over there was you. He and I.well, we uh. 
Carla I umm. oh hell, I screwed him, Carla! I thought he was you," 
Hanna said.

"Why did you do that Hanna, don't you remember me saying not to do 
anything I wouldn't do until we got together? To be a good girl? I was 
very specific about that. Did you think I would have screwed that guy?" 
Carla asked.

"No! But I thought he was you! You said you had to borrow some 
clothes from your brother and he is wearing your brother's jersey. 
You said you had to change. You told me that we would." Hanna 
stopped. Carla had never actually said they would do anything specific, it 
was just hinted at.

"Now Hanna, are you assuming that I meant I was going to change into a 
BOY? Why would I want to do that? I enjoy being a girl."

"But you changed me into a girl! You made it sound like when you got 
here, we would." Hanna trailed off. She was becoming very afraid. 
There was a gleam in Carla's eyes that she had never seen before.

"Hanna, did you enjoy yourself with Carl over there? Come on, just 
between you and me, just us girls. Was it good?" Carla asked.

Hanna looked at her and recalled the coupling. Carl's massive size, the 
feeling of being split open, the pain and then the overwhelming pleasure.

"Honestly, yes, I did enjoy it. It was awesome. Carl is almost too big. I 
think I actually came twice. It felt so different and yet it also felt.I 
guess natural," Hanna whispered to Carla, as she blushed bright red.

"Carl is a football player at JFK High. He came to the party tonight 
because I asked him to. He's a friend of my brother. I loaned him the 
jersey and I told him a girlfriend of mine would be here tonight. I said 
she would be dressed like a slutty Cheerleader and that she would be 
looking for a fun night. Carl said he would try to give her one. Carl calls 
girls 'Sugar" if he doesn't know their names. I told him my friend liked 
men to wink at her. Carl's a good guy, if you hadn't made the suggestion 
to go to your secret little storage room, he wouldn't have taken you 
there," Carla explained. 

"The mistake you made Hanna, was you trusted me. Just like I trusted 
you. I gave you my virginity. I offered you a gift. One that you told me 
was very special to you. I lay in your arms and heard you tell me that 
you loved me, you didn't want to be with any other girls. I assumed you 
were telling me the truth. I felt no guilt for my actions."
Carla's voice dropped low, it became a harsh and edgy. She leaned 
forward until she was just an inch from Hanna's nose. The hatred burned 
in her eyes and Hanna could hear it in her words. "Just 6 days later, you 
screwed Mary Lou Peterson in that same 'secret' storage room, 
remember? She is not only the biggest slut in school, she has the biggest 
mouth. I didn't believe it at first. I told her she was lying. Then she told 
me about that birthmark on your butt. She also told me what you told her 
about the lake cabin. No one else knew that Hanna, no one." Carla was in 
tears now.

"Carla I'm sorry, I don't know why I did that to you. I do love you, 
honey. Please, forgive me?" Hanna said, fear making her voice hoarse 
and deep.

"I forgive you Hanna, I would be a very small person if I couldn't forgive 
someone who is so obviously repentant," Carla said, wiping her eyes.

"Oh, thank god, can you change me back now?" Hanna said.

"What, Hanna? Change you back? Back to what? You're Hanna and you 
always have been," Carla said with a smile.

"Carla, stop, it's not funny. Please, you said you forgave me, now change 
me back into Hank," Hanna pleaded.

"Hanna, I told you to be a good girl but you weren't. The potion I gave 
you to drink was part of a magic spell. There are very specific 
instructions for the spell to work right. The parties who drink the potion 
must not have sex with anyone while they are changed. You violated 
those instructions. Sorry, but you're Hanna for life now."

"Carla, you can't be serious, why did you do this to me? You just said 
you forgave me, I don't understand." Hanna was weeping. She was very 
scared now.

"That's the problem Hanna, you don't understand. My virginity was very 
important to me. It was something I could only give up once and I 
wanted to give it to the one man in my life who I wanted to be with 
forever. That's a silly, old-fashioned idea, I know. I didn't give it up just 
for the sake of having fun. 

"I wasn't having sex with Hank, I was making love. Hank was just 
screwing around. That's apparently all that concerned you so I have made 
it possible for you to have sex whenever you like. I am sure in that sexy 
little body and with those spectacular tits, you should have no problem 
enticing any number of young, willing men into that dark, dreary, little 
room. Mary Lou Peterson is no longer the biggest slut in school Sugar, 
you are!" Carla rose to leave the sobbing girl. She turned and held out 
her hand. "Hanna, here, take these," Carla said.

Hanna looked up, her eyes streaming tears and put out her hand. Carla 
dropped several pieces of wrapped candy into it.

"What's this for?" Hanna asked.

"It's your Halloween treat, Sugar, you already got your trick!" Carla 
turned and walked off.

Hanna left the party and went out to her truck, her beloved red and black 
truck with the Astronaut's logo painted on the tailgate. But Hank's truck 
was gone. In its place sat Hanna's 3 year old green Neon. The color 
matched her eyes. She slid into the car, and drove home. 

Her mother asked if she had a nice time at the party. Hanna told her it 
was very different and went to her room. All the sports trophies were 
gone. It was a typical teenage girl's room. She threw herself on the bed 
and cried herself to sleep.

Several blocks away, Carla went to her room and locked the door. She 
poured the reversal potion down the drain. It really was useless now 
anyway. Carla looked at the empty spot next to her bed where Hank's 
picture used to sit and shed a single tear. Hank never existed. Carla had 
never had sex with him. She was a virgin again. Kind of a bonus thrown 
in with the spell you might say.

At the Spells R Us store, the Wizard was closing for the night. He always 
stayed open late on Halloween. It was his favorite holiday. He got a little 
depressed when it was over. 

A young man, maybe twenty years old walked in. His face wore a 
perpetual sneer. He wore no costume, just a pair of baggy jeans and a 
sweat shirt. He looked around at the shelves and snorted.

"Hey old man, what the hell do you sell here anyway?"

"How did you know my name?" the Wizard asked and then chuckled at 
his little private joke.

"What the f." the man started to say and he stopped, frozen in place.

The Wizard waved his hands and chanted a few phrases no earth born 
human ever heard before.  The Wizard had intended to run the young 
man off. His boorish behavior had caused a change in the old man's plans 
and the young man's life.

"Excuse me sir, I seem to be lost, could you point me toward the bus 
stop?" The young woman asked. She was casually dressed in a denim 
skirt and pull over sweater that covered large firm breasts. Her face wore 
a perpetual sweet smile. She was the sweetest thing the Wizard had seen 
in years. 

"Yes, dear, it's just out the doors to the left there. Hurry, there's one 
about to leave now."

"Oh, thank you sir, you have a lovely store," she said somewhat 
unconvincingly, but with her sweet smile in place. She walked quickly 
out the door, her heels making clicking sounds as she left.

The Wizard thought ahead to tomorrow morning. He would have more 
than a few customers in. Trying to get the various spells reversed and the 
costumes off. Of course, most of them will have made some error in the 
application of the spell or in following the directions. In almost every 
case, he would be unable to help them out of the predicaments they 
would find themselves in. 

One man pestered him for a "Jar Jar Binks" costume, the hapless, clumsy 
creature from the latest Star Wars movie. That former human would be 
decidedly unhappy. The Wizard had tried to convince the man to try one 
of the nice bimbo body suits he had on stock or some of the lovely 
actress costumes, but he insisted. The Wizard had whipped up the suit 
for him and the man went away happy. The morning sun would probably 
bring a new reaction.

The men who were now becoming women would have identities and 
lives. They could walk down the street looking normal, if somewhat top 
heavy, at least. The old man thought he would make an exception and 
offer the man a choice of new costumes to replace the alien creature he 
had become. 

'Let's face it, being stuck as an alien being with a severe accent is too 
perverse even for me.' The Wizard thought.

"Okay, I have the Roseanne Barr outfit that no one took and I have the 
Hillary Clinton costume.  Ah! And the one that's really too scary, the 
Janet Reno suit.  I'll let him choose from those three, I'll just put 
everything else away and tell him that's all the choices he has. Maybe 
next year, SHE'LL listen to me," the old man mused aloud. The wolf 
whined at the sound of the old man's voice. 

"Yes, I know, time to feed you and then go home."

The End

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