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Copyright © Bashful by Bashful. All rights reserved.

SRU Wine

by Bashful

SRU Wine

Darrell Singleton was lonely and depressed. He always got this way 
around the beginning of December. The start of the holiday party season.

He was a nice enough looking guy and his friends and co-workers liked 
Him, but he didn't get out much. He was shy, especially in large groups 
and around women. It had always been that way. 

This year, he was determined to do things differently. He was going to 
learn to mix with people and maybe find himself a girlfriend. His 
destination this morning was the B. Dalton in the local mall. 

He has read about this new self-improvement book that would help shy 
people come out of their shells. His mission was to buy the book and 
read it today. There was a party tonight and he would put the lessons he 
learned into practice. 

Turning the corner, Darrell found a different shop where the bookstore 
used to be. It wasn't new, at least nothing about it looked new. It looked 
very old and out of place for the clean and shiny mall. The sign above 
the store read Spells R Us.

Darrell looked around and found a mall information kiosk with a mall 
map. It listed the B. Dalton as being in space A-233 but this strange little 
shop occupied that space. 

"Hell,' he thought, 'they never update the damn maps anyway.' Darrell 
started to walk away but then something made him stop and look at the 
shop. He was drawn to enter the store for some reason.

Once inside, he wondered what the owner did for a living, surely no one 
paid money for this stuff. Most of it looked like just junk.

"Hello Darrell, how are you today?" a voice asked.

Darrell turned to see an old man wearing an old blue bathrobe with the 
most striking blue eyes he could recall. 

"How did you…" before he could finish the question the old man raised 
his hand and suddenly a swirl of blue smoke formed his full name in 

"I'm a magician, a sorcerer, most commonly, I am called a Wizard," The 
old man said.

"Okay, why not, what kind of magic do you deal in, black, white, 
purple?" Darrell asked with a chuckle. He knew he was being tricked, it 
had to be some stunt. 

"Magic does not come in colors young man, the purpose to which it is 
put determines its real worth. Like any power, it can be corrupted or 
abused. I deal in magic that is not in and of itself harmful. If those I sell 
my wares to choose to misuse it or fail to follow the simplest of 
instructions, they may be dissatisfied with the results, but that does not 
make the magic evil or harmful. Do you see?" the old man said.

Strangely enough, Darrell did see. He understood perfectly. 

"The responsibility is with the user, not the seller," Darrell said.

"Exactly," the Wizard exclaimed, his wrinkled face lit up and he beamed 
a smile at Darrell. "You are a very intelligent young man, I would like to 
make you a gir… I mean…I want to give you a gift. This is will help you 
with your problem much better than any book ever could," the Wizard 
said. He handed Darrell a very small bottle of wine.

"Thank you very much, but I don't think drinking is a solution to any 
problem. I just want to get over being so shy around women." 

"I agree with you. This is not alcohol though, it's a non-alcoholic wine 
with a very special potion that will make your problem meaningless," the 
old man assured him.

Darrell was raised to be courteous so he accepted the bottle and thanked 
the Wizard. 

"Darrell, I know you don’t believe in magic but it will not hurt you to try 
my special SRU wine. One sip is all it will take to make this evening one 
you will remember for a long time. The instructions on the label are very 
important, follow them carefully," the old man said.

Darrell left the mall and headed home. He had been in the store much 
longer than he had thought apparently, he just barely had time to get 
ready for the party. 

Darrell put on a pair of soft slacks and a comfortable sweater. He 
splashed a little cologne on his face and checked the time. He picked up 
the bottle of SRU wine and read the instructions.

"Warning, read all instructions before opening this bottle. Not 
responsible for failing to read and follow all instructions."

'Okay, we talked about being responsible for what happens if you're not 
careful but he brought that up. This is some kind of a joke but what the 
hell,' Darrell thought and read the instructions.

"One small sip will cause nearly instant effects that will last until sunrise 
the next morning. Your results may vary. Do not exceed recommended 

There was more but it was very small print.

'Probably no deposit, no return, yadda, yadda, yadda. Time is a wasting, I 
need to get to the party.'

Darrell opened the bottle and poured out about half a glass. He took a 
small sip as the Wizard told him and waited. Nothing happened. He 
counted to ten and still nothing. He felt the same. He wasn't more any 
confident and the thought of starting a conversation with a woman scared 
him just as much as ever. Feeling foolish, he drank down the rest of the 
wine in the glass. He then felt himself get warm. Suddenly he felt the 
room spin for a second and then he looked down. 

He was now dressed in a dark purple velour top and pants set with a pair 
of black leather high heels on his feet. He could taste lipstick on his lips 
and smell perfume. He felt long hair move on his shoulders, a necklace 
laying on his chest and earrings dangling from his earlobes. The front of 
the soft, stretchy top was pushed out by what he assumed to be breasts, 
respectable sized breasts as well. He could see his hair hanging down the 
front on one of his shoulders. It was blonde. His hands were smaller, the 
fingers long and slender, tipped by tastefully sculpted nails painted a 
pale pink.

Darrell turned around and looked it the mirror. He was now a woman, 
young, attractive, maybe even beautiful. Her name was Darlene and she 
was looking forward to the party tonight. 

The room she was standing in had shifted to a neater, more feminine 
décor. A long fur coat lay across the couch near the door with a black 
shoulder bag lying on top of it. She checked her slim ladies watch and 
saw it was time to go. She primped her hair once more and slipped the 
fur on, picked up her purse and left. Walking comfortably and easily in 
the three-inch heels.

At the party, Darlene discovered she was relaxed and confident. She 
spoke to everyone with ease, male and female. One man in particular 
caught her eye and she his. 

They sat and talked, danced and even took a stroll in the moonlight until 
the cold drove them inside. But not before they shared a few passionate 
kisses. Why do you think they went outside when it was so cold?

Darlene wished the night would never end. She had never felt so free. It 
was glorious. When Jack asked to drive her home, her heart skipped a 

'Why not?' she thought. 

Jack proved to be gentle, kind and generous. Darrell had never had sex 
before, he was just too shy. He never would guess his first experience 
would be with a man and as a woman. 

Words could not describe the feelings he experienced. There was never 
any fear or second-guessing. Knowing the magic would last for only one 
night made Darlene do things she might never have done. She enjoyed 
herself immensely. As did Jack. 

The evening ended when Jack kissed her goodnight before dressing and 
going home. 

Darlene lay in bed, basking in the afterglow of her first sexual encounter 
as man or woman. As the old man had promised, it was a night she 
would never forget. She drifted off to sleep with the taste and feel of 
Jack's lips on her own.

The sun woke Darlene as it usually woke Darrell on Sunday morning. 
She lay awake, enjoying the feeling of well being. She was relaxed and 
well rested, her evening exercise having worked out all the kinks that 
had built up over the years. 

Darlene lost her warm fuzzy feeling when she realized that the sun was 
up. She should be Darrell again.

She jumped out of bed and discovered moving too fast with unrestrained 
'D' cup breasts was a bad idea. She put on the pink robe lying on the end 
of the bed and slipped on the fuzzy pink slippers she found on the floor. 
She raced downstairs and found the bottle of wine. She had replaced the 
cork in it last night. She quickly read the instructions, at least she tried. 
The instructions were now in Arabic or some similar tongue. 

'The instructions said read all instructions before opening the bottle and I 
didn't, I glossed over them like everyone else does. Now what?' Darlene 
thought to herself.

She sat down and automatically crossed her legs, just as she did last 
night whenever she sat down. All her movements and mannerisms were 
female and graceful. She remembered her entire life as a little girl as well 
as her life as Darrell. But Darrell's life was not as clear or detailed, more 
like a book she had read once, long ago.

'I spoke to that old Wizard about the power of magic being neither good 
nor evil but based on the use it was put to. He promised me an evening I 
would never forget and now I won't be able to.  I am now in this position 
because I laughed at the concept of magic despite his best efforts to 
prove to me that he was genuine. Who do I have to blame but myself?' 
Darlene thought. 

She stood up and looked in the mirror on the wall at the lovely woman 
she now was, apparently forever. The gentle blue eyes, the soft skin and 
delicate features, the long blonde hair that needed a good brushing but 
still complimented her face. 

How did she feel about the situation she was in? She considered her 
options: find the store and demand a reversal? Or… the phone rang, 
breaking her train of thought.

"Hello Darlene? It's Jack, I was wondering if you would be interested in 

Darlene considered her answer carefully, it would be very important. 
Last night with Jack had been magic, literally. Was it real or just smoke 
and mirrors? Before last night, when had she really enjoyed herself or 
himself for that matter?

"Jack, how do you feel about breakfast in bed?" she said. The holiday 
season was looking brighter all the time.


"Okay Dannie, let's pack it in, we move to another mall tomorrow. As 
the Lone Ranger used to say, 'our work here is done'. Well maybe not the 
Lone Ranger but someone like that used to say that," the old man told his 

"Who's the Lone Ranger?" the extremely cute young girl asked with a 
look of pure innocence. 

The old man sighed, 'one of the problems with apprentices is they are too 
damn young,' he thought

"Never mind Dannie, it's time to shift to another reality for some practice 
where you can't do any real damage, like what happened last week in 
New Jersey," the Wizard said.

"I feel really bad about that. Do you think anyone will notice?" Dannie 

"Notice that Newark now has a totally female population now? Naaa, 
why would they?" the Wizard said with a straight face. 

Dannie looked at him and wondered if he was kidding. It was so hard to 
tell if he was. 

He had secretly reversed the mass feminizing spell she had accidentally 
released but not before about thirty new women found men across the 
river and got pregnant. Oh well, they wanted to try out being women, 
they got their wishes filled, along with something else. 

"I thought we were going to wait for Miss Singleton to come back in? 
You said the argument would be a good one and if she held her ground 
long enough you might…" 

"She made other plans for today Dannie, not everyone finds themselves 
unhappy with their new lot in life. You seem to be adapting rather well. 
Is that young man from the multiplex coming down to take you to dinner 
tonight?" he asked her.

Dannie blushed, as a former young man, dating a boy was still a new and 
somewhat scary prospect.

"Yes, will we be back in time…oops sorry, of course we will," she said, 
slightly embarrassed. Shifting reality allowed them to return anytime that 
they wished. That was why Darrell thought a ten-minute visit lasted four 

"Uh…your not going to turn him into a girl too are you? I kind of like 
him and…well after the last boy that came by and all…" she paused, 
hoping she hadn't said anything to make him angry. 

He'd never gotten angry with her before but he did lose his temper. Like 
he did with the other boy, Nick. Nikki was now a good girlfriend to 
Dannie but that wasn't the point. 

"People who steal from me feel my wrath," The old man said. "Will this 
Frank try and steal my stock?"

"I'll make sure he doesn't. Any chance your going to change Nikki back? 
She keeps asking." Dannie inquired.

"Maybe, when she has learned to respect other peoples property, maybe 
then," the Wizard said and under his breath added, " and when pigs can 

"Enough small talk, lets go." The little shop disappeared from view.

The End.

Copyright © 1999 by Bashful. All rights reserved.
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