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Johnny wanted to be a doctor more than anything else. He was willing to do anything to stay in school even volunteering for medical testing. He experienced some very unusual side effects, which changed his life forever. Then there were the complications of the new life that followed


TG chemicals-or-drugs sci-fi

Side Effects and Complications

by Julie

Side Effects and Complications
By Julie

Johnny Harris was in his third semester of medical school.  He had 
worked hard to get where he was.  Coming from a low-income family, 
he had worked two and three jobs at a time to save up enough money to 
put himself through school.  Due to the death of his mother from cancer 
when he was twelve, he had decided to become a doctor.  He eventually 
wanted to go into research.  He had dreams of becoming the Jonas Salk 
of cancer research.  One of the best cancer research labs was located next 
to the campus and he hoped one day to work in that facility or one like it.

That future was looking somewhat dim right now, though.  He was going 
through his money faster than he had planned.  Where as his grades were 
good (thanks to long nights studying), he wasn't eligible for a 
scholarship.  Taking a second part-time job would seriously cut into his 
study time and he was afraid of what that would do to his grades.  It was 
beginning to look as if he might have to sit out a semester or two while 
he earned more money. He was in the campus cafeteria looking at the 
want ads when Stan Winters, a fellow student and friend, joined him.

"When you finish with the want ads, " Stan commented, "let me borrow 
them.  With the grade I just got on Johnson's anatomy final, I might as 
well be bussing tables."  

That statement was an attempt at humor because Stan's family had lots of 
money and was paying all his expenses, including a quarterly allowance.

"Hey, I offered to study with you," Johnny stated, "but you were more 
interested in studying on how to get Sally Jenkins into bed."

"Well, at least I passed that test," Stan said smugly.

Johnny just rolled his eyes.  Someone should have warned Sally.  Stan 
was getting the reputation of a womanizer around campus.  He was 6'4" 
and had an athletic build that the women loved.  He did just enough 
studying to get passing grades and the rest of the time was spent in the 
pursuit of pleasure.

"I'm going to have to take next semester off to placate my family when 
they see my grades," Stan complained.  "I'm heading home tomorrow 
and if I'm lucky, a few months of kissing ass will have me back here the 
semester after next."

"Oh, if only that was all I had to do," Johnny muttered under his breath.

"What's the matter, Johnny?" Stan asked.  "Need some extra spending 

"I don't suppose you have a semester's worth of tuition and book money 
laying around?" Johnny joked.

"If I did, I wouldn't have to go home for a semester," Stan replied.  "Are 
you that tapped?"

"According to my last bank statement," Johnny said morosely, "I don't 
have enough for the next semester's tuition, let alone books and living 

"Well, if you don't mind being a lab rat," Stan said, "I heard the research 
center is looking for students who fit certain parameters to participate in 
some studies of some sort.  They will pick up the tuition and other 
expenses so it must be real heavy-duty stuff.  I could never be a lab rat," 
he continued.  "I hate cheese."  Laughing at his own joke, Stan walked 

'Stan can be such a jerk sometimes,' Johnny thought as he resumed 
looking through the want ads.  Finding nothing, he thought about what 
Stan had said.  He had heard of the research center paying for test 
subjects but never that much.  Usually it was $50 to $100 a test and that 
was nowhere near enough to cover his expenses.  He thought about 
going over to the center to see if they had any job openings.  He doubted 
they would advertise in the paper.

In the lobby of the research center, he approached the receptionist.  The 
nameplate on her desk said her name was Donna.

"Do you by any chance have any job openings at this time?" Johnny 

"No I'm sorry we don't," Donna answered.

"I heard you might be looking for students to participate in a study in 
exchange for tuition and expenses," Johnny said while thinking he was 
being stupid for asking.

"Let me see," Donna said while pulling up some information on her 
computer.  "Dr. Coleman is running that experiment.  He is interviewing 
students on Tuesday.  He has an opening at 2:30 that afternoon.  Would 
you like me to make you an appointment at that time?"

"Yes, please," Johnny replied hardly able to believe his good fortune.  He 
owed Stan big time.

"Okay, 2:30 on Tuesday you have an interview with Dr. Coleman," 
Donna repeated as she typed the information into her computer.  "Please 
get here an hour early as there are quite a few forms you will need to fill 
out.  Now, let me warn you, the screening process is quite rigorous and 
most applicants do not fit the requirements," she added.

"If you never try, you never succeed," Johnny told her with a smile.  "I'll 
see you on Tuesday then."  Turning, he left the building.

Walking back to the dorms, he realized he didn't even ask what the tests 
were about.  Well, it didn't matter as long as he could continue going to 
school.  He wanted that more than anything.

Time dragged by as Johnny waited for Tuesday to come.  The four days 
seemed to take forever.  Finally, it was time for his appointment.  

When he returned to the center, Donna gave him a clipboard with what 
seemed like a dozen forms on it.  "Here's a number two pencil.  The 
forms will be read by a computer so if you have to erase, please be very 

Sitting down, he began to write everything about his life: family medical 
history, personal medical history, personal psychiatric history, what he 
ate, etc.  The forms covered every aspect of his life in one way or 
another.  It took him just over 50 minutes to finish. He returned the 
forms to Donna and then went back to his seat and waited.

He didn't wait long.  Fifteen minutes later, Dr. Coleman came out to get 
Johnny.  They went into his office and Johnny sat in the chair in front of 
the desk, while Dr. Coleman sat behind it.

"I have the results of your paperwork, Johnny," Dr. Coleman started.  
"I'm sorry but you don't qualify for our test.  We are testing DNA 
modifications as a means of curing illnesses.  The test subjects we are 
seeking will have some sort of illness.  For example: diabetes, muscular 
sclerosis, cancer, heart disease, genetic epilepsy and so on.  You don't 
have any medical problems, what so ever."

"Sir," Johnny started, desperate.  "Almost all my life I have wanted to be 
a doctor.  Ever since my mother died of cancer, I have wanted to 
specifically go into the type of research you are doing here.  My family 
makes too much money for me to receive financial aid, but no where 
near enough to pay for my schooling.  I have gone as far as I can on the 
money I had.  Is there nothing I can help you with?"

Dr Coleman sat quietly for a few moments with one hand drumming the 
desk.   "The next step of the testing is to see if this process would work 
on cosmetic changes; the color of hair and eyes, increase or decrease 
metabolism to change weight, nose and chin adjustments.  That type of 
thing," Dr. Coleman stated.  "If we were successful in that area, it would 
mean the end of invasive surgery for cosmetic purposes.  The question is 
whether the changes would take place on something of that drastic a 

 "I want to be a part of this," Johnny said, hope returning.  "You can 
change the color of my hair and eyes and even change my nose, I don't 
mind.  Heck, if you could make me taller, I would be ever so grateful." 
Johnny was short for a man at 5'5".

"Very well, but I want you to take some time and think very hard about 
this decision," Dr. Coleman warned.  "This is completely experimental.  
We have never done this before outside a controlled lab environment and 
never on humans. You would be the first human to undergo this process.  
The testing we have done so far has been somewhat successful, but that's 
the genetic correcting to get rid of illnesses, nothing that has anything to 
do with the physical looks of a person.  We have had some success on 
lab animals, however you are not a rat or a monkey.  There are no 
guarantees.  I could not even promise the process would not disfigure 
you.  Since the lab animals can't talk, we don't even know if there are any 
side effects.  If you agree to go ahead with this, you will, of course, be 
expected to sign a release absolving the Center of any obligations in the 
event something goes wrong."

"Well, if I didn't like the way I looked afterwards, couldn't you just 
readjust my DNA back again?" Johnny asked.

"In all our experiments so far," Dr. Coleman explained, "the changes 
have been permanent.  Apparently once a DNA has been changed, it 
builds a resistance to additional changes.  If we were going to do several 
changes, they would have to all be done at once."

"Take a week.  Think about it.  If you want to continue, I will have an 
appointment open for you, one week from today at this same time.  Keep 
in mind, we will be monitoring 'everything' about you.  That's one of the 
reasons we are paying tuition for doing this test.  We want someone who 
can give us details about their changes and we have found med. students 
give the best information about what is going on in their bodies.  Also, if 
you are going to school here, we know where to find you at almost any 
time of the day.  For the first month, you will have your entire life under 
a microscope," Dr. Coleman warned.  "We have found that all the 
changes are completed within a month's time.  After that, we will 
continue with periodic checkups.  Any questions?"

"Not at the moment," Johnny answered.  "If I come up with any, can I 
call you?"

"Sure, if I'm not in, leave a message with my secretary and I'll get the 
answers to you as quickly as I can," Dr. Coleman replied.  "Please, give 
this serious thought about what it 'could' do to you.  I'll see you in a week 

Johnny spent the next week thinking about what Dr. Coleman had said.  
Whatever the results, they would be permanent.  If he can barely afford 
school, there is no way he would be able to afford any reconstructive 
surgery.  Still, since what he wanted to do was go into research, it didn't 
matter what he looked like did it?  He would be stuck in a lab 
somewhere and the microscope didn't care what the user looked like.  
Besides, didn't doctors always tell you the bad things that 'might' 
happen?  He remembered when he had he tonsils out three years ago.  
The release he signed said he could possibly die from complications.  
Needless to say he didn't.

On Tuesday, Johnny was back at the research center.

"I have given it a lot of thought and I am willing to go forward with the 
testing," Johnny stated.

"Very well, Johnny, let's begin," Dr. Coleman said.  "The first thing we 
are going to do is get you to sign this release form.  Then we will give 
you a very thorough examination.  We will take blood, urine and semen 
samples as well as x-rays of your entire body.  Then we will measure 
every part of your body that can be possibly be measured.  This is to help 
us recognize even the most minuet changes in your body."

Johnny carefully read the release form.  It stated in exchange for two 
semester's tuition and expenses that he would undergo experimental 
testing.  It was the standard medical release form stating everything that 
could possibly go wrong.  One thing did make Johnny hesitate slightly.

"It says here, that in the event of my death as a result of these 
procedures, that you will have complete and total possession of my body 
for scientific studies," Johnny read out loud.

"Yes, that is so we can determine what caused your death and make 
corrections in future tests," Dr. Coleman explained.  "I don't know if you 
were aware or not, the early test subjects of chemotherapy died as a 
result of an overdose of the chemo.  If they had stopped there, countless 
numbers would have died from cancer that could have been saved."

"Your right, of course," Johnny said as he signed the stack of forms.  "It 
just took me by surprise, that's all."

The rest of the day was spent being poked and prodded and measured as 
a database was compiled of his statistics.  They took pictures of him 
from every angle.  The most embarrassing part was when they measured 
his penis, both flaccid and erect.  That last part was more difficult.  He 
was almost too embarrassed to get an erection.  'Well the Doc. did say 
they would measure everything it was possible to measure,' Johnny 

After four hours of this, Johnny was told to return tomorrow morning to 
begin the treatments.  Also he was to fast after 9:00 p.m.

The next morning, Johnny arrived back at the Center at 7:30 a.m. to 
begin the test.

"Okay, Johnny," Dr. Coleman began, "we are going to attempt to change 
your brown eyes to blue, your brown hair to blonde, add 6 inches to your 
height and soften the angles around your nose and chin.  Do you have 
any problems with that?"

"Hey, if you can make me 5'11", you can make my hair and eyes purple 
for all I care," Johnny joked.

Laughing, Dr. Coleman said, "Then let's begin.  On a more serious note, 
you will be given an IV that contain the new DNA in a solution that we 
have discovered that carries the new genes through out your body.  Then 
you will undergo mild radiation therapy.  It will be even milder than a 
normal x-ray.  We found the radiation helps the new genes to adhere to 
the old genes so the transformation process may begin.  We won't notice 
any changes for possibly the first three days, but you will be expected to 
report daily for measurements anyway.  Also keep close track of what 
and how much you eat and drink and how often you go to the bathroom. 
Please take note of any feelings or reactions different from your 
everyday feelings and reactions.  Keep a log of what time you go to bed 
and what time you awake.  Every detail will go into the database we are 
compiling on you.  Now if you are ready…"

Johnny changed into the customary gown that all hospitals give their 
patients, and holding the back closed, got onto the gurney that was 
indicated.  As a nurse affixed the IV, Johnny felt a momentary qualm, 
but he quickly shook it off.  After two bags of liquid had been dripped 
into his arm, he was wheeled into the x-ray room for his radiation 
treatment.  Considering the possible changes he would incur, it was 
rather anticlimactic.

The first couple of days were just as the doctor had said.  There were no 
visible changes.  On the third day, however, Johnny awoke feeling achy 
all over.  He hoped he wasn't getting sick.

When Johnny reported to the center that morning, he was told he was a 
half-inch taller.  The rapid growth was what was causing the aches.  He 
was having 'growing pains'.  This thrilled Johnny.  Deep inside, he hadn't 
really thought they could make him taller.  Things were getting exciting!

By the end of one week, Johnny was 5'6" and had gained 7 lbs.  His body 
fat had increased .4 %.  His eyes were a dark grayish color and his brown 
hair looked as if he had streaked it with dark blonde streaks.  Not only 
was the color changing, but also where it had been thinning on top it was 
growing back in.  There was also a noticeable wave in his normally 
straight hair.  His face looked slightly softer.  He noticed his lips were 
getting fuller.  His Adam's apple was no longer visible.   

Johnny had noticed his beard was getting lighter and finer.  On the eighth 
day, he shaved for the last time.  The hair on his arms, legs, back and 
chest fell out.  He was afraid for a while that the hair on his head would 
follow, yet it kept growing in fuller than ever before.  Once the body hair 
was gone his skin became smoother and a very pale and very fine hair 
grew back in on his forearms and lower legs.  It was so fine, if the 
doctors and nurses hadn't spotted it in their daily exams he would not 
have noticed it.

By the end of two weeks, Johnny was 5'7.5" and gained a total of 18 lbs.  
His eyes had paled to a light gray and his hair was an brown-blonde mix. 
The wave he had noticed earlier was becoming curly.  He had been 
wearing shorts to accommodate for his increasing height, yet he was 
having problems pulling them up over his hips.  His hips were not only 
getting wider, but his backside was becoming rounder and fuller.  He 
started wearing larger sized sweat pants with drawstrings at the waist to 
help keep his pants up. He was even walking differently.  There was a 
sway in his gait now.

His shirts were pulling tight over his chest.  There were two fatty 
deposits starting to form under his nipples, which were getting larger and 
becoming more sensitive. Everybody knew what they were yet no one 
would say the words.  Johnny was growing breasts.

And if that wasn't enough, Johnny hadn't awakened with an erection in 
three days and try as he would, he couldn't get an erection for them to 
measure.  Even worse was the fact that even flaccid, his penis had shrunk 
half an inch.

By the end of three weeks, it was obvious Johnny was turning into a 
woman.  He had developed breasts and his hips flared out noticeably 
from his waist.  His eyes were a muddy blue and his hair was blonde 
with dark streaks.  He was now 5'10" and weighed 145 lbs.  His male 
genitalia had almost completely drawn up inside his body and a vagina 
was forming.  His voice had gone up from his normal baritone to a 
pleasing alto.

"Why is this happening?" Johnny cried.  "You never said anything about 
changing my gender."

"We are just as surprised as you, Johnny," Dr. Coleman stated.  "We 
have been going over all our data and studying the DNA we used on you.  
The closest we can determine is this: the genes for the blue eyes came 
from a woman.  We did not include any of the chromosomes for gender 
in the mix we gave you.  There must be some underlying male/female 
code in even the color of your eyes or in your hair that we are unaware 
of.  I know this must be hard for you, but you are making scientific 
history.  Just think of the possibilities.  No longer will men and women 
who seek gender reassignment have to undergo painful and expensive 

"That's great for you, Doc," Johnny said.  "But I was happy as a man.  
Now I cry at the drop of a hat and everybody on campus is laughing at 
me.  They think I'm a freak or something.  How far is this going to go?"

"We don't know for sure," Dr. Coleman said honestly.  "We should know 
at the end of next week.  Every test we have previously run, the changes 
have only taken one month.  Just as I could not have foretold you what 
has happened thus far, I cannot tell you how it will end.  There is 
someone I want you to talk with.  His name is Dr. Rabinowitz.  He is a 
psychiatrist.  You need to talk about what's going on and he's one of the 
best in the area."

"Okay, Doc," Johnny sniffled as he reached for a tissue.  "If I am truly 
becoming a woman, what am I going to do about my identity.  My 
driver's license already looks like a different person and no one is going 
to believe I'm a guy."

"When all is said and done, we will help you with all your identity 
papers.  It is possible to have everything changed to reflect the new you."

That night, before Johnny went to bed, he went to the bathroom.  It was 
getting very difficult to pee standing up, but he wasn't about to sit down 
until he absolutely had to.  On this occasion, since his penis had gotten 
so short, he could barely direct the stream and ended up making a mess.  
After cleaning himself and the floor, he went to bed and cried himself to 

The next morning all trace of his manhood was gone.  Sitting down on 
the toilet, Johnny placed his head in his hands and cried.  He had thought 
he had cried all his tears last night, yet this morning found him sobbing 
as if his heart were breaking.  Maybe in a way it was.  After fifteen 
minutes, he pulled himself together.  He felt better after the crying jag 
and after he patted dry his female equipment for the first time, he took a 
quick shower and dressed for the day. 

When Johnny came in on the last day of the month of testing, his pure 
blue eyes looked troubled.  When Gayle, one of the assistants who had 
been there for the whole process, came over, she realized Johnny was 
fighting tears. 

"Johnny, what's wrong?" Gayle asked with concern.

Johnny flushed beet red with embarrassment.  Pulling Gayle over to the 
side, he stammered, "I started bleeding and I don't know what to do."

Gayle nodded when she realized what Johnny was talking about.  "Come 
with me," she said.  

She took Johnny into one of the examination rooms and dug through a 
cabinet until she found what she was looking for.  Holding out a 
feminine hygiene pad, she told Johnny to pull down his shorts.  Even 
though Gayle had been part of his examinations since day one, on this 
particular day he was hesitant.

"I can't believe the insensitivity of the doctors around here!" Gayle said 
angrily.  "I've heard them discussing whether or not this would happen, 
but apparently no one thought to warn you.  You poor dear.  They never 
really thought about what this was doing to you.  They only thought of 
the scientific breakthrough that would make them a name."

Gayle showed Johnny how to take care of his 'female' problems.

"Will you let me help you learn all the things you need to know about 
being a woman?" Gayle offered.  "I would like to be your friend if you 
will let me."

"Thank you," Johnny said, relieved.  "I could sure use a friend who 
understands what I am going through."

They hugged and then went to the room where Johnny's final 
examination would take place.  Unfortunately, this included a pelvic 
exam.  Johnny squeezed Gayle's hand throughout the procedure.  He 
didn't understand how women tolerated what the doctors did to them.  
Afterwards he went to Dr. Coleman's office, where this had all begun.

"Well Johnny," Dr. Coleman began, "the changes have slowed to a stop.  
The final results are this: You are 5'10.5" tall.  You have pale blonde hair 
and bright blue eyes.  You are quite lovely with soft features.  The hard 
lines of your nose and chin are gone. You are now a fully functioning 
female.  This means you will be able to bear children.  In short, you are a 
scientific miracle."

"So now what happens to me?' Johnny asked.  

"Because we had no idea this was going to happen," Dr. Coleman 
explained, "we decided to extend the payment of your schooling an 
additional semester.  We are also giving you $1000.00 to use to replace 
your wardrobe, buy makeup, that kind of thing."

"We are leasing a garage apartment that belongs to one of our research 
scientists.  That way you will have privacy and be close to someone here 
in case of an emergency.  I know it's not much considering what changes 
occurred, but that and the replacing of your identity is all we can do at 
this time.  Maybe in the future after you get your degree, if you still want 
to go into research, we may have a position for you.  Now have you 
thought about a new name?"

"Thank you for your offer and I will consider it," Johnny said.  "As for 
my name, I thought Joanie Harrison would be a good choice.  It's close 
enough to my old name that I won't have any trouble adapting to it."

"Well then, Joanie, we will get your new identity papers to you in two 
weeks.  We will inform the university so there will be no problems 
transferring your grades from one name to another," Dr. Coleman said, 
rising from his chair.  "I hope you will accept who and what you are and 
realize what a benefit you have been to mankind."

They shook hands and Johnny, now Joanie left.  Joanie felt somewhat 
abandoned at this point.  It seemed as if Dr. Coleman was no longer 
interested in him, er…her since the experiment was now over.

Over the next few weeks, Gayle and Joanie spent a lot of time together.  
There were lessons in applying make-up and styling hair.  A trip to the 
beauty shop left Joanie with a fluffy hairstyle that framed and 
accentuated her face.  There were shopping trips, with Gayle showing 
Joanie the best way to stretch her wardrobe dollars and what colors 
looked best on her.  Make-up lessons and just how to behave like a 
woman were the lessons she studied now. 

Gradually, with Gayle and Dr. Rabinowitz's help, Joanie accepted who 
she now was.  Everyday was a little easier than the one before it.  She 
still didn't think she would ever be able to have sex with guy, but Gayle 
and Dr. Rabinowitz both told her to give it time.

With everything that was going on during the semester, her grades had 
suffered.  Her instructors understood and worked with her and by the end 
of the semester, she had here grades back up to passing.

Slowly, she stopped being the talk of the school.  A scandal in the girl's 
dorm soon took her place in everyone's minds.  Finally things settled 
down into a fairly normal routine.

On the first day of the next semester, Joanie saw Stan striding into the 
cafeteria.  Apparently he was able to get his parents to continue paying 
for his schooling.

"Hi Stan," Joanie said as she walked past Stan.

All the lessons Gayle had given her had paid off.  Joanie was quite 
lovely and was now comfortable in her new clothes.  She was wearing 
tight jeans with a sweater.

"Well, hi there!" Stan said as Joanie started by.  "Have we met?  Forgive 
me, but I don't recall and I'm sure I would have remembered you!"

Joanie recognized the beginnings of Stan's 'come on'.  Apparently no one 
had told him about the changes she had undergone.  She decided to play 
along for a while.

"Have you eaten yet?" he continued.  "Please join me and you can tell 
me where you know me from."

Getting in line and grabbing a tray, Joanie started selecting her lunch.  

"Well, we haven't met, yet," she said.  "I saw you and asked someone 
who you were.  You looked familiar and I thought you might have been 
someone from my hometown.  By the way, I'm Joanie Harrison."

"I'm very pleased to meet you, Joanie," Stan replied as he followed her 
through the line.  "Is this your first semester here?  I know my way 
around pretty well, maybe I could show you around."

"No, last semester was.  I didn't recall seeing you though," Joanie added.

"No, I had to go home and help my parents out for a semester.  They 
didn't want to pull me away from school, but my family means more to 
me than I can say."

'Yea right,' Joanie thought as she smiled sweetly at him.  'Their money is 
what matters.'

"How rare in this day and age," she answered.  "They must be so very 
proud of you."

"Yes, well," Stan hung his head as if embarrassed, "you do what you feel 
you must.  By the way, would you like to go out with me on Saturday?"

"Gee, I don't know…I barely passed my classes last semester and I made 
a promise to myself I would stay away from relationships and just 
study." Joanie replied, thinking it wasn't very far from the truth.

"Hey, no problem!  This is even better.  I was looking for someone to 
study with since my old study partner had to drop out because of 
financial problems.  Would you like to study together?"

"Yes, I would," Joanie answered truthfully.  She had always enjoyed 
talking with Stan because they used to have so much in common.  "How 
about meeting in front of the library in the evenings and them we can 
choose where we will study that evening?"

"Great! That sounds perfect.  I need to get going though.  I want to get to 
class early so I can ask my professor some questions.  I'll see you tonight 
at 7:30, okay?" 

"Sure, 7:30 it is.  See you then."  Joanie wondered what Stan was going 
to tell his professor when he showed up early, which was not his normal 

She also wondered how long he would keep up the studying when he 
didn't score with her.  She hoped that they would become friends because 
she had been lonely since the change.  Gayle had found a boyfriend and 
therefore they didn't get together as much as they used to.  With a sigh, 
she got up and headed to her next class.

Over the next three weeks, Joanie and Stan had gotten together every 
weeknight to study.  As a result, Stan was doing better than usual.  On 
the weekends, they went to the movies or bowling or on a picnic.  Joanie 
had so missed the camaraderie the two of them had before. Stan really 
was a nice guy.  

They had started walking around campus together and although a lot of 
the students knew who she was, no one said anything to Stan.  They must 
have thought he knew.

On Wednesday evening, the two of them were having pizza in Joanie's 
apartment. They were celebrating because Stan had gotten a 100 on a 
quiz he had taken earlier that day.

"To Stan, the smartest man I know," Joanie said, laughing as she held up 
her soda for a toast.

As they bumped their cans together, Joanie's slipped spilling half the 
contents on the carpet.  Laughing, they both scrambled for napkins to 
clean up the mess.  As Stan hovered over her, helping her wipe the 
carpet, they both froze.  Slowly, giving her time to move away, Stan 
lowered his lips to hers.

This was the first time 'Joanie' had had been kissed.  When she didn't pull 
back after the first brush of their lips, Stan deepened the kiss. Joanie 
reached up and pulled Stan's head back down when he started to move 
away.  For a full two minutes, their tongues flicked back and forth as 
they explored each other. Stan then picked Joanie up and headed towards 
the bedroom.  

"No…wait, we can't do this," Joanie gasped out.  "We have to talk first."

Stan paused outside the bedroom.  "Can you honestly tell me you don't 
want to do this?"

"No, I can't, but I have to tell you something first," she said, breathing 

Stan stood there, holding her and waited.

"I…" Her gaze dropped down to his lips.  "Oh, how I want you, but…"

Stan turned and continued into the bedroom.  He set Joanie on the bed 
and then lowered his head to kiss her again.  Joanie returned his kiss with 
all the pent up desires that she had suppressed since the change.  
Reaching up, she began to unbutton Stan's shirt.  Slipping it over his 
head, she caressed his wide shoulders.  She nibbled his neck and ran her 
tongue around his ear.  Since she had personal knowledge of what men 
liked, she began working her way down his chest.  Her hands lowered to 
his belt and after fumbling a bit, she opened his pants.  Standing with his 
eyes closed, Stan ran his hands through her hair.  

Joanie didn't even stop to think of what she was doing as she lowered his 
slacks and jockeys to the floor.  All she knew was the torrent of 
unfamiliar feelings pouring through her.  Dropping to her knees, she 
reached for his swollen manhood.  Lowering her lips, she tasted his 

"No," Stan said, pulling her up.  "I want you too much right now and that 
would end it too quickly."  

He helped her out of her blouse and bra.  He let out a sigh as he palmed 
her breasts.  "I have wanted you for so long," he said as he released her 
taut mounds so that he could unzip her pants.  She sat down on the bed 
as he lowered her jeans and panties and then pulled them off.  Stepping 
out of his own pants, he knelt on the bed over Joanie and began kissing 
first one tender nipple then the other.  His hand slipped down to the core 
of her femininity and felt her desire wash over his fingers.  She was just 
as ready as he was.  Almost out of control, he positioned himself 
between her legs.

Joanie felt his thick shaft as he began to enter her.  Never had she 
imagined it would feel this way.  She lifted her hips in order to take him 
in deeper.  Soon he was thrusting, deeper and faster into her.  As a man, 
all her sexual feelings had been of a more external nature, but now she 
was feeling things throughout her entire body.

The tension started building in her center and seemed to be pulling 
everything tighter and tighter.  Her head thrashed back and forth on the 
bed as she strained towards that final moment of bliss.  Finally, the 
tension burst free and she screamed her release at the same time that he 
pumped his seed into her.  

Dropping to the bed beside her, he gathered her close and placed a kiss 
atop her head.  Holding her, they fell asleep.

The next morning, Joanie awoke while snuggling against Stan's side.  
His hand was slowly caressing her buttocks.

"Good morning, sleepyhead," Stan murmured.

"Morning, Stan," she replied, sitting up.  "There's something we need to 
talk about."

"Is this about what happened last night?" he asked.

"No, this is something I should have told you before last night."

"You're not married, are you" he asked jokingly as he sat up.

"No, that would be easy, this is hard.  Please just listen while I try to 
explain, okay?"

"Okay," Stan replied as he shifted the pillows to allow him to recline 
against the headboard.  He couldn't think of anything that Joanie could 
tell him that would matter at this point.

"Oh God, how to begin.  You're not going to believe this but I swear 
every word is true.  You can ask anyone that was on campus last 
semester and they will tell you that's when I became Joanie Harrison," 
she said, pausing.  Taking a deep breath, she continued.  "Before that I 
was Johnny Harris.  You know I needed money for tuition.  You were 
the one that suggested I go to the research center and be a lab rat.  They 
were doing DNA experiments and they accidentally changed me into a 
girl. All they planned on doing was making me taller and changing my 
coloring.  They were just as surprised as I was when I started to change 
into a female."

Stan just sat there, staring hard at Joanie as if to see beneath the changes 
to Johnny.  First he looked incredulous, then stunned and now his face 
was closing off any visible clues of what he was feeling.  Joanie knew 
that meant he was getting very angry.

"I didn't tell you at first," she continued, "because I wanted to see if you 
would recognize me.  Later, I realized how lonely I had been since the 
change.  I lost all my friends because they were uncomfortable around 
me.  I was afraid if I told you, I would loose your friendship as well.  I 
never thought that the friendship would become sexual!  Stan?"

Stan had gotten out of the bed and started dressing.  She could see the 
rage in every move he made.

"Stan…talk to me, please!  I know I should have told you last night, but I 
tried.  It just wouldn't come out.  Stan!"

The door slammed behind Stan as he left the apartment.  Joanie fell back 
on the bed and started sobbing.  Everything had gone so very wrong.  
Too late, she realized she had fallen in love with Stan and now he 
wouldn't even talk to her to say goodbye.  Fortunately, the doctors at the 
center had put her on birth control pills in order to regulate her periods so 
she didn't have to worry about becoming pregnant.  But she felt worse 
than ever before…even the morning she realized she was no longer a 
man didn't hurt this bad.  It took her about 30 minutes to regain control 
of her emotions.  She knew that she and Stan need to talk this through.  
Picking up the phone, she dialed Stan's dorm room.

"Hello," answered Chris, Stan's roommate.

"Hi, Chris, this is Joanie.  Can I talk to Stan?"

"Sorry, Joanie, he's gone," came the reply.

"What do you mean 'gone'?" Joanie asked hesitantly. 

"He came in about 25 minutes ago and started throwing some things in a 
suitcase.  He wasn't in the mood to talk.  What happened?"

"I told him about me," Joanie confessed.

"So?  Wait a minute, he was out all night.  When did you tell him?"

"This morning…afterwards."

"Ah jeez, Joanie, no wonder the guy was pissed off.  I would be too.  
Why did you wait till afterwards? Why not before?" Chris asked.

"I was afraid.  Besides, why didn't you tell him?"

"Hey, it's not my place to tell him the girl he's dating used to be a guy."

"We weren't dating!"

"Come on, Joanie!  What do you call the times you went to the movies or 
bowling or out to eat?"

"We were just two guys out having fun."

"But you're not a guy anymore!"

After a pause while she realized just what she had said, Joanie asked, 
"Did he say where he was going or when he would be back?"

"I asked him what I should tell anyone that called and he said that no one 
that mattered would be calling.  I'm sorry, Joanie.  My guess is he went 

"Th…thanks, Chris.  Goodbye."  Joanie barely hung the phone up before 
the tears came again.

There was no way she was going to make any of her classes today.  She 
didn't even think she was going to make it out of bed.  She had 
absolutely no desire to do anything except curl up in a ball and cry.  
Eventually, she fell asleep.  When she awoke, it was about 9:00 p.m.  
She began worrying that Stan might have had an accident driving while 
so upset.  She dug around till she found her address book that had Stan's 
parents phone number.  She had the number from when she was Johnny.  
She had to know if he was safe.  The phone was answered on the third 

"Hello?" a woman's voice answered.

"Mrs. Winters?"

"Yes," she replied.

"This is Joanie Harrison.  I was wondering if Stan was there."

"Joanie!  How lovely of you to call.  Yes, he is here, however he went up 
to bed about 30 minutes ago.  He said the drive home exhausted him.  I 
would be happy to see if he's still up, if you like."

"No…no, thank you.  I just wanted to be sure he made the trip safely.  I'll 
let you go.  I realize it's late," Joanie answered, preparing to hang up.

"Joanie, wait," Stan's mom cut in.  "May we talk a moment, please?"

"I guess so.  What did you want?"

"When Stan was very little, just learning to walk, he would fall often and 
bang his knees.  The only way he would stop crying would be if I kissed 
it and made it better.  As he got older, he would get into fights and even 
though he was too old for me to 'kiss it and make it better'; he would 
come to me to bandage his cuts and scrapes.  The first time he thought he 
was in love and the girl didn't love him back, he came to me to talk about 
what was going on.  I don't think Stan realizes it yet, but he has come 
home for me to kiss a hurt and make it better."  

"Talking to you, I can hear pain in your voice and I can tell that you care 
about my son.  Would you care to tell me what happened?  I know Stan 
cares for you.  You're all he has talked about the last few times he has 
called home.  I'm not just being nosey.  How can a mother 'kiss it and 
make it better' if she doesn't know where it hurts?  Besides, it might 
make you feel better to get it off your chest."

"Okay, I'll tell you, but only so you'll know that none of this was Stan's 
fault.  In the past, did he ever mention a friend named Johnny Harris?"

"Yes, I know of Johnny.  I believe he had to take some time off because 
of finances."

Yes, well, he went to the research center here to try to get tuition money 
by participating in an experiment.  Unfortunately, it went awry.   Over 
the period of a month, unbelievable changes occurred.  He became me.  I 
am now a fully functional female.  This is at the DNA level.  Genetically 
I am a woman, and I have had to accept that."

"Oh, my dear!" 

"I was so lonely.  I became a bit of an outcast since no one knew what to 
do or say around me.  Then Stan came back to school.  He didn't know 
anything of what had happened and we became friends.  I didn't tell him 
in the beginning because I had been so lonely and I didn't want Stan to 
back out of our friendship like everyone else had.  Unfortunately, I let 
things go too far before I finally told him," Joanie confessed.

"Forgive a mother for asking, dear, but how far is too far?"

"I told him this morning…after we had spent the night together," Joanie 
replied quietly.

"And what did he say when you told him?"

"He didn't say anything.  He just got dressed and left.  When I called his 
dorm, his roommate told me he had left and he thought he was going 

"Do you mean to tell me that my son spent the night with you and then 
walked away without a single word?" Mrs. Winters said, ire raising her 
voice.  "I raised him better than to pull a stunt like that!"

"I told you, he had every right to be angry with me.  I should have told 
him before hand," Joanie added quickly.

"Yes, you should have told him.  However that does not relieve him of 
common courtesy.  You two had been intimate and the very least he 
owed you was a goodbye.  I ought to box his ears!"

"No, please!  I don't even want him to know I called.  I just wanted to 
make sure he hadn't gotten in an accident because he was so upset."

"Joanie dear, I have no idea how this is going to work itself out.  I do 
know that the two of you care for each other.  That in itself is reason 
enough for the two of you to talk this thing through.  That is why I am 
going to send the helicopter for you in the morning.  I know you don't 
have a lot of money, so I will have a car pick you up to take you to the 

"Oh, no, please Mrs. Winters.  That's not necessary.  Stan doesn't want to 
see me and I don't want to force the issue.  It will only make things 
worse.  Please?"

"Now, Joanie, I know my son and if he doesn't talk about this, he will 
bury it so deep that he might never speak to you again.  The only chance 
you have of keeping at least a friendship with Stan is to come out here 
and get him to talk about it.  Now I know that if I send the car and the 
helicopter and you don't use them, you will feel guilty about the wasted 
expense.  So you might as well get a good night's sleep and I'll see you in 
the morning."

"Yes ma'am.  I hope you know what you're doing," Joanie said quietly.

"Women's intuition, Joanie…hopefully, you'll develop it over time.  Now 
go get some sleep."

After Joanie hung up the phone, she packed a few things for the 
weekend.  Sleep was the last thing on her mind as she lay down on the 
bed.  The pillow Stan had slept on the night before still smelled faintly of 
his after-shave.  Curling up with the pillow, Joanie fell asleep.

The next morning, there was a knock at the door at promptly 9:30.  As 
Joanie opened the door, she noticed a black stretch limo parked in the 
street.  Surprised, she looked at the man standing on the porch.  He was 
dressed in a black suit with dark sunglasses and the typical chauffeur's 
hat.  With a grin, he handed her a business card.

"Hi, I'm Henry with A-1 Limo Service.  I understand someone at this 
address needs a ride to the airport."

"Yes, that would be me."

"If you show me where your luggage is, I'll be happy to load it for you."

Gesturing at the suitcase next to the door, she said, "This is all the 
luggage I have."

"Let me take it for you while you lock up," Henry offered.

Handing him the bag, Joanie turned and locked the door.  She then 
followed him to the limo. As she got comfortable, the car pulled away 
from the curb.  

The drive to the airport only took fifteen minutes.  Because she was 
going to a private helicopter, they were able to circumvent the terminal 
with all its security.  Henry pulled up adjacent to the heli-pad.  

Joanie had never flown before and even though she was dreading seeing 
Stan, she was excited about her first helicopter trip.  Ten minutes later, 
they were airborne.

Stan hadn't slept very well.  As he walked down the stairs on his way to 
the dinning room, he was thinking he wasn't hungry.  However, his 
mother had always insisted that if you were home, you sat at the table at 
mealtimes with everyone else.  You didn't have to eat to enjoy 
conversations with the family. He fixed himself a plate from the buffet, 
and walked towards his place at the table.

"Good morning dear," his mother said as he sat down.  "It's so nice to 
have you home for a visit.  Did you sleep well?"

"Yes, Mother," he lied.  "Where's Dad?"

"Your father had an emergency meeting this morning, but he will be 
home in time for lunch.  Actually, I'm glad we have this time alone 
because I wanted to talk to you.  We will be having a guest for the 
weekend.  I invited Joanie Harrison to join us.  She should be arriving in 
time for lunch."

Stan jumped up and threw his linen napkin to the table.

"Mother, you shouldn't have.  It's a big mistake!"

"Sit Down!  I swear your manners are deplorable!  I know I taught you 
better than that."

"Mother, you don't understand!" he said as he dropped back into his seat.  
Picking up his napkin, he continued, "You couldn't possibly understand.  
You wouldn't believe it anyway.  Hell, I barely believe it."

"Stan!  You will watch your language!"

"I'm sorry, Mother.  It's just that there is more going on than you realize.  
I just wish you had asked me first so that you wouldn't be embarrassed 
by the fact that I won't be here when she arrives."

"Stan, I do understand.  I spoke with Joanie last night after you went to 
bed and she told me everything."

"Did she call and tell you that I mistreated her?" Stan asked, angrily.

"Of course not!  She told me the entire incident was her fault and that 
you were in no way to blame for anything."

"Then why did she call?" Stan asked, only slightly mollified.  

"She was worried about you.  She was afraid that in your state of mind 
you might have gotten into an accident.  It took some coaxing on my 
part, but I finally got her to tell me the whole story."

"Well it doesn't change anything.  You'll still be here to greet her alone.  
I'm heading back right after we finish this discussion.  I came here to get 
away from her.  I can't believe she would come running after me like 

Mrs. Winters leaned back in her chair with a deep sigh.  Her poor boy 
was hurting so badly, yet she had to remain firm.  No one ever said it 
was easy being a mother.  She had lain awake long into the night 
thinking about what she was about to say.

"She didn't want to come.  I didn't give her a choice in the matter, either.  
What I want to know is whether or not what she told me was true.  Did 
you walk out on her, after being intimate, without a word or so much as a 
backwards glance?"

Stan looked down at his plate and fiddled with the napkin.  This was not 
the type of conversation a guy had with his mother!  "What was I 
suppose to say?  She had just told me she was a guy!  A guy, for crying 
out loud!  I had just made love to a man and I didn't know it."

"No dear, you made love to a woman.  She just happened to have started 
life out as a guy.  Tell me, if Johnny had been in an accident and had to 
have both legs amputated, would you have stopped being his friend?"

"No, of course not!" Stan answered indignantly.

"Well, Joanie didn't have a choice about becoming a woman.  Do you 
think she would have gone through with the experiment if she had 
known what the final outcome was to be?"

"No, Johnny liked being a guy." Stan answered reluctantly.

"I admire Joanie for carrying on with her life and making the best of a 
bad situation.  You are going to be here when she arrives and you are 
going to be civil.  You will stay all weekend, in fact."

"But why?"

"Because nobody ever has enough friends that they can afford to throw 
one away.  You were friends with Johnny and then later with Joanie.  
Don't let this ruin that.  Even if you two are never intimate again, at least 
hold onto the friendship.  I have a feeling Joanie doesn't have many 
friends.  Now when she gets here, I expect you to treat her the same way 
you would treat the daughter of any guest of mine.  That means showing 
her around the place and keeping up pleasant conversation.  Maybe you 
could take her horseback riding."

"You are one of the most understanding people I know," Stan said.  "I 
just don't think that I can forgive her."

"Then think of this weekend as a fitting punishment for your boorish 
behavior in the bedroom.  I want you to think twice before you ever pull 
a stunt like that again!  Now, if you are finished playing with your food, 
you may be excused."

Stan got up and started to leave.


He looked towards his mother and she angled a cheek towards him.  
Walking over to her chair, he leaned down and kissed her upturned face.  

"Mom, you are something else!"

As he left the dinning room it was with a lighter heart, however, he still 
dreaded seeing Joanie again.

After the helicopter set down, Joanie walked towards the waiting 
limousine.  This one was white.  The chauffeur opened the door for her.

"Welcome, Miss Harrison.  I hope your trip was pleasurable," he said as 
he assisted her into the seat.

"It was nice, thank you."

On the drive towards Stan's home, Joanie began to worry.  She was a 
fool to have come.  Why open herself up to more pain?  She didn't know 
if she could stand two days of the silent treatment from Stan.  Also, she 
worried what his mother was going to think.  His mom was probably 
expecting a guy in a dress.  As a matter of fact, she was wearing a dress.  
It was of modest cut, a light floral print.  The length was just below her 
knees.  Her nails were clean and buffed to a slight sheen.  Their tips 
barely reached the ends of her fingers.  She normally didn't wear much 
makeup even though Gayle showed her how to apply it.  However today, 
she wore slightly more to hopefully hide the dark circles under her eyes.  
She hoped her appearance was suitable for meeting Stan's mother.  
Taking a deep breath, she rang the bell.

Stan just happened to be in the hallway when the bell rang.  He didn't 
realize it, but he had made several more trips through the front of the 
house than was usual.  His mother noticed, of course.  Taking a deep 
breath, he opened the door.

Joanie didn't expect Stan to open the door.  Judging by the house, she 
thought there would be a butler and she would have a little more time to 
prepare.  Seeing him again sent a shaft of renewed pain to her heart.  
'This was a mistake' she thought.

Seeing her standing in the doorway made Stan hesitate.  She looked 
awfully pale and he thought her eyes looked a little puffy.  He wasn't 
sure because she was wearing more makeup than usual.  Even though he 
was still mad at her for not telling him the truth in the beginning, the 
thought that she might be hurting dismayed him.

"Hi Stan.  I hope you don't mind my being here.  Your mother was rather 
persuasive about my visiting.  I told her I thought it was a bad idea," 
Joanie said.

Opening the door wider and stepping back to allow Joanie to enter, Stan 
replied, "Well sometimes Mom can put a steamroller to shame.  When 
ever I'm the one getting rolled over, I have to keep in mind that she has 
the best of intentions."

Mrs. Winters had come up behind Stan and had heard what he had said.

"Why Stan, that's one of the nicest things I've ever heard you say."  She 
then extended her hand to Joanie.  "And you must be Joanie.  My dear, 
you are lovely, but then Stan always did have good taste."

As Joanie stepped into the house, she looked around at her surroundings.  
She knew Stan came from money, but she never realized just how much 

"Thank you.  It's a pleasure to meet you Mrs. Winters."

"Oh, please, call me Gloria," she insisted.  Stan shot his mom a look out 
of the corner of his eyes.

"Okay, Gloria."

"How was your flight?" Gloria asked as she led the way to the dining 

"Well, I've never flown at all, let alone in a helicopter, so I don't really 
have any way of judging.  There was some turbulence just outside of 
town, but as you can see, I made it safe and sound," Joanie explained.

"You're here and that's all that matters," Gloria said, patting Joanie's 
hand.  "I hope you're hungry.  Bob, Stan's father, was detained in a 
meeting so he won't be joining us for lunch."

Stan pulled out a chair for Joanie and when she was seated he assisted 
his mother with her chair.  Gloria was seated at the head of the table with 
Joanie at her right and Stan on her left.

As soon as everyone was seated, a young lady in a black dress with a 
white apron began serving the meal.

Stan was concerned about Joanie.  She was still pale and she wasn't 
eating much.  She was just pushing her food about on her plate.  He 
hoped she wasn't ill.

The food was delicious, yet Joanie didn't have much of an appetite.  
Most of the conversation was between Gloria and herself.  Stan would 
join in on occasion, but only when his mother would ask him a question.  
She felt the tension between her and Stan, but his mother talked on as if 
there was nothing wrong.  After the dessert, Joanie felt she could escape 
for a short while without insulting her hostess.

"Gloria, the meal was delicious.  Would you mind if I went up to my 
room to rest for a while?  I seem to have developed a bit of a headache."

"Why of course!  I will show you to your room.  Is there anything I can 
get for you?"

As Joanie and his mother left the room, Stan began to wonder if Joanie 
was coming down with something.

Joanie's room was almost as large as her entire apartment.  Its beauty was 
lost to her as she threw herself down on the bed and began sobbing.

Stan waited a few minutes for his mother to leave and then he went to 
knock on Joanie's door.  Before he could knock, he heard her muffled 
sobbing.  It was only at that moment that he realized just how much she 
was hurting.  Resting his head against the door jam he began silently 
berating himself.  Never once had he stopped and thought what she must 
be going through.

His pride was also taking a beating.  He had never hurt a woman like this 
before.  Yes, he had slept around a bit on campus, but he made sure all 
the girls knew it was just fun and games.  He always thought Joanie was 
different, he just hadn't known 'how' different.  He had always thought 
she was special.  The hardest thing for him to do was turn was to walk 
away from the door.  He had to think about these tumultuous feelings 
that were sweeping over him.

By the time dinner was served, Joanie was more herself.  The crying jag 
had left her more relaxed and she felt able to face Stan again.  A long 
relaxing bath, scented with some luxurious crystals that were next to the 
tub, went a long way to restoring her balance.  While she was soaking, a 
cold rag across her eyes reduced the swelling caused by the crying.  
Once she reapplied her makeup, all traces of the jag were gone.

'Now he can't tell I was crying,' Joanie thought with confidence.

She went downstairs and joined Gloria in the study.  

"You look like you feel much better!"

"Yes ma'am, I do.  Am I interrupting you?" Joanie asked hesitantly.

"Oh heavens, no!  I was compiling an invitation list for the annual fund 
raising dinner for the civic center.  I'm on the planning committee this 
year.  Actually, I'm glad for the break."

Gloria left the desk and joined Joanie on the couch.

"I want to thank you for coming.  I know it wasn't easy.  Stan went out to 
work in the stables.  Ever since he was a teen, when he was trying to 
work something out in his mind, he would go shovel hay for the horses.  
He said the physical labor kept his body busy so his mind could 
concentrate on the problem."

About that time they heard footsteps pounding down the hall.

"Mom!" Stan shouted to the house at large.

"That boy!  It looks like he's got it straightened out," Gloria whispered.  
"In here, Stan," she said louder.

Stan came skidding to a stop as he rounded the corner and saw Joanie 
with his mother.

"Joanie!  I'm glad you're here.  How are you feeling?"  He walked into 
the study and sat on a nearby chair.

"Better, thank you.  I guess I just needed a nap."

Stan looked at his mom and said, "Would you mind if I had a moment 
with Joanie…alone."

"Well, I guess I know when I'm in the way."  Standing, Gloria patted 
Joanie on the shoulder and added, "I'll be back in about 10 minutes.  I 
need to check on dinner."

After his mom's footsteps faded away, Stan looked down at his hands.  "I 
owe you an apology."

"No you don't."

"Yes, I do."  Looking Joanie straight in the eyes, he continued.  "I was 
surprised and then angered by what you told me, but I never should have 
treated you the way I did.  I never gave you a chance to explain.  I didn't 
want to hear any reasons why I couldn't make love to you.  I rushed you 
and I am sorry.  I never meant to hurt you.  I would like to stay friends.  I 
missed Johnny until I met you."

Joanie was disappointed that Stan wanted to just be friends, but it was 
more than she expected.  "I would like very much to remain your friend.  
I enjoyed our study times.  Besides," she said with a slight smile, "if we 
stopped studying, you would fail your classes and then have to sit out 
another semester."

"Heaven forbid!  We can't have that.  Listen, would you like to go out to 
dinner with me tonight?  There is a dinner cruise on the lake and the food 
is fabulous."

"But what about the meal your mother is planning?"

"Mom is flexible.  If I know her, she's already told the cook it will be just 
her and Dad for dinner."

"If you're sure it won't upset you mother, I would be glad to have dinner 
with you."

"Great!" Stan said, jumping up.  "I need to shower and change and then 
we'll go."

Stan passed his mother as he left the room.  They could hear his 
footsteps as he ran up the stairs.

"Gloria, do you mind if I go out to dinner with Stan," Joanie asked.

"Of course not!  Where is he taking you?"

"A dinner cruise is what he said.  What should I wear?" Joanie asked.

"Oh, nothing fancy, a dress will do.  Oh, I am so pleased!  I knew he 
would come around after I met you."

"All he wants is to be friends, Gloria," Joanie said quietly.

"And that hurt didn't it."  At Joanie's nod, she continued.  "We just have 
to take it one step at a time.  Did you expect this much this morning?"

Joanie smiled.  "No, this morning, I thought he would never speak to me 
again.  You're right, one step at a time.  I think I'll go upstairs and get 

Gloria relaxed on the couch as Joanie skipped out of the room.  'Such a 
lovely girl.   I hope everything works out okay.' she thought.

Up in her room, Joanie went to the wardrobe where her freshly pressed 
clothes hung.  She had packed a little black evening dress just in case the 
family 'dressed' for dinner.  Gayle had insisted she buy the dress and said 
that black goes everywhere and it paid to be prepared.  'Black pantyhose 
with a black dress' was a rule Gayle gave her, telling her it made her legs 
look longer.  She put a simple gold chain around her neck and clipped a 
pair of gold studs on her ears.  She tried to remember everything Gayle 
had taught her about makeup and how to enhance her appearance.  
Finally she was ready.  When she looked at the finished product in the 
mirror, she was stunned.  She was beautiful!

She had never viewed herself the way a man would a woman.  The dress 
came a few inches above her knees and the black hose gave her a sexy 
look without appearing forward.  The dress was closely tailored to her 
form and made it obvious the wearer was all woman.  It was simply cut, 
yet elegant.

When she went downstairs, Stan was talking to his mother.  Stan was 
dressed in dress slacks and a button up shirt that was open at the collar.  
They both looked up as Joanie approached.  Stan looked momentarily 
stunned then excused himself and ran back upstairs.

"What was that all about?" Joanie asked.

"I imagine he felt under dressed."

"Is this too much?  Am I over dressed?"

"Oh no!  You look absolutely perfect.  I wouldn't change a thing.  
Remember now, just one step at a time.  Tonight, just relax and have 

At that moment, Stan came back downstairs.  He had put on a tie and 
was slipping a matching jacket on.  

"There, that's better.  Are you ready?" he asked.

Gloria winked at Joanie, then said, "You kids have a good time."

The dinner was exquisite.  The moon reflecting off the water was the 
perfect backdrop.  The sky was clear and full of stars.  At the end of the 
deck a small orchestra was playing waltzes.  The conversation flowed 
between the couple.  There was no stress; the past was forgiven, the 
future had yet to be written.  The here and now was all that mattered. 

The discussions were general in nature and of safe topics.  It was as if 
they were getting to know each other allover again.  Stan was relieved to 
see the color returning to her cheeks and the sparkle to her eyes. 

When the meal was finished, Stan asked, "Would you like to dance?"

"Maybe someday, but not today."

"Why not today?"

"I haven't tried to dance since the change.  I'm afraid I might try to take 
the lead.  That would be awfully awkward and tonight has been perfect 
so far," Joanie explained.

"I keep forgetting that you used to be a guy.  It's getting late, why don't 
we head back."

They left the boat and walked towards Stan's red Viper.

"You know this car makes you the envy of the entire campus, don't you? 
Joanie asked.

"Yes, I do.  I normally don't flaunt the fact that my family has money, 
but I love this car.  I couldn't leave it here and only drive it on school 

After helping her into the car, they drove back to Stan's home.

"I so enjoyed tonight, Stan.  Thank you."

"Oh, but it's not over yet," he said with a gleam in his eyes.

He led her to the ballroom.  In one corner was a state-of-the-art stereo 
system.  He fiddled with the tuner until he found a station that played 
slow music.

"I still want that dance, if you don't mind," he said, holding out his 

"Alright, but I warn you, I wasn't the best of dancers before the change, 
so if I step on your toes…"

Laughing he answered, "My toes have been fairly warned.  Let's give it a 

The first few minutes were filled with muffled exclamations and giggles 
as toes were trod upon.  Slowly they found each other's rhythm and 
began to dance with fewer injuries.  After fifteen minutes, they were 
dancing as if the had been each other partner for years.  

At first, Joanie found Stan's arms around her comforting and she was 
able to completely relax.  Slowly her body began to react to the closeness 
of his.  Her breasts were pressed against his chest and her arms were 
wrapped around his shoulders.  Their hips moved in sync with the music.  
His hand slowly stroked her back.  Reluctantly, she pushed him away, 
her hand lingering against his chest.

"Stan, tonight has been perfect.  I don't want to do anything to ruin it so I 
think I'll turn in now."

"I want you, Joanie.  I know all about you and I still want you.  I don't 
understand it.  That's one of the reasons I was so angry.  I thought it was 
wrong of me to desire someone who used to be a man.  Even when you 
were telling me about your change, I was thinking how beautiful your 
naked body was.  When I walked out on you, I was walking out on my 
feelings as well.  If you hadn't come here, I might have been able to 
convince myself to never see you again.  And when I open the door and 
saw you standing there, pale and shaken, I was surprised by the desire to 
take you into my arms and tell you everything was going to be all right.  
Then after lunch, I went up to your room and I heard you crying.  It felt 
as if someone had punched me in the stomach.  I never meant to make 
you cry!  If you can't forgive me for hurting you, I understand."

"Oh Stan."  She rested her head against his chest.  "There is nothing to 
forgive.  I was so afraid I would loose you if I told you who I really 

The two of them stood silently in a gentle embrace.  Stan lifted her chin 
and looked into her eyes.

"I know who you are and what you were.  Will you allow me to make 
love to you tonight?"

"Oh yes," she said as his lips joined hers.

After the kiss they walked together to her room upstairs.  They continued 
to touch and caress each other as they walked down the hall to her room.  
They were so absorbed in each other they didn't notice the door to Stan's 
parents' room opening.

Gloria observed the embrace of the young couple, and with a woman's 
smile, closed the door.

What followed was every bit as perfect as the early part of the evening.  
They were both so very careful of the needs of the other and they found 
fulfillment several times before falling asleep in each other's arms.

Shortly before dawn, Stan slipped back into his own room, after kissing 
the sleeping Joanie.

At breakfast the next morning, Joanie met Stan's father for the first time.  
When she entered the dining room, he was already seated.  Standing, he 
pulled her chair out for her after she had selected her breakfast.

"Good morning, you must be Joanie.  I'm Stan's father, Robert, but 
please call me Bob.  Gloria tells me you are the one we have to thank for 
Stan's improving grades."

"No sir…Bob, he earned those grades himself.  All I did was structure 
his study time.  The grades are all his own doing."

"I think you're being entirely too modest.  You had a great deal to do 
with his grades."

Just then Stan entered the room, whistling.  "Morning Dad.  I see you've 
met Joanie." He selected his breakfast and sat down.

"Good morning all," Gloria said entering the room.

After a few minutes, everyone was seated and eating.

"Stan, why don't you show Joanie around the place today," Gloria 

"Actually, Mom, we thought we would head back right after breakfast."

"So soon?" Bob asked.  "Joanie just got here."

"I know, Dad, but we left in a hurry.  Besides, I have another test on 
Monday and I need to study," Stan replied with a wink to Joanie."

"Of course!  I don't want to interfere with your studies now that you 
finally 'are' studying."  This time it was Bob that winked at Joanie. 

"Dad!  Anyway, Joanie and I have a lot to talk about and the four-hour 
drive back is perfect for that."

"We understand, dear," Gloria interjected.  "You go ahead and take 
plenty of time getting back.  That way I won't have to worry about your 
speeding in that little red car of yours."

Joanie had a feeling Gloria understood everything only too well.

After breakfast, Stan put their luggage into the trunk of his Viper.  Joanie 
turned to Gloria.

"Thank you for everything!  I will always be thankful that you know 
your son so well."

"Just be happy.  That's all the thanks I need." The two women hugged.

Stan came over and kissed his mom and gave his dad a brisk hug and 
with a wave, they headed for the car.

As the couple sped down the driveway, Bob and Gloria watched from 
the porch. 

"She seems like a nice girl," Bob said.  "Do you thing it's serious?"

"Yes I do," Gloria replied.  "And she is a very special girl.  Come inside 
and I'll tell you all about it."

Arm in arm the two of them reentered the house.

Copyright © 1999, 2000 by Julie. All rights reserved.
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