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Mitchell was probably the best bowler in town until Josie moved in. When they were up against each other for the city championship, Mitchell made the wrong wish at the wrong time.


TG magic transformation

The Bowler

by Julie

The Bowler
By Julie

Mitchell's passion was bowling.  There was something exhilarating about 
throwing a 16-lb. ball and knocking down 10 pins that were down a long 
highly polished lane.  It took skill and lots of practice to be one of the 
better bowlers.  He eventually wanted to go pro.  That was his dream, but 
in order to achieve that dream, he had to win this tournament.

The tournament was to find the best amateur in the nation.  It was held 
annually and the first part was citywide.  The winner then went to the 
capitol to compete for the state title.  The winner of state was sent to Las 
Vegas for the national portion of the tournament.  If he made it to Vegas, 
he would be bowling along side of the pros.  The amateurs would be 
competing for a different prize than the pros, but it would gain the 
winner national notoriety.   

The money prize for 1st place in the amateurs was a million dollars.  
That would give him the capitol he needed to quit his job and spend all 
his time and energy going pro.  This wasn't the only way to go pro, but it 
was the fastest way into the big leagues.

Mitchell wasn't worried about the citywide part of the tournament.  For 
the last six months he had taken first in every event he had entered.  He 
was confident when he walked into the bowling center.  After registering 
and paying his entry fee, he went over to the lanes he had been assigned 
to and began to put on his bowling shoes.  One of the other bowlers came 
over and sat down.

"Hey, Mitchell," Dale began.  "What are the chances of you dropping out 
so I have a chance at this thing?"

"Half the people signed up would have to drop out before you have a 
chance," Mitchell teased good-naturedly.  "Seriously though, what's the 
competition like?"

"Oh you know everyone, I think," Dale answered.  "It's the same old 
group.  What a minute…who's that?"  Dale was looking at a young lady 
who was at the registration table.

"I've never met her," Mitchell answered.  "She was talking to Ruthie, 
let's go ask her."

Ruthie was a fixture at any bowling event.  When she was younger, she 
was one of the best in the area.  Now she only bowled for pleasure, but 
she was active in the administration part of the tournaments.

"Hiya, Ruthie," Mitchell said walking over to the sign up area.

"Hi Mitchell, planning on winning today?" Ruthie asked.

"Today and everyday!  You know me.  Tell me, who was that redhead 
you were talking to a few minutes ago?" Mitchell asked.  "I don't think I 
recognize her from around here."

"Actually, that's my granddaughter, Josie" Ruthie replied.  "She moved 
into town last week.  This is her first tournament here.  She's going to 
give you a run for your money.  She's every bit as good as I was if not 

"You think so?  What's her average?" Mitchell asked, curious.

"She has a 214 book average," Ruthie replied.

Mitchell whistled.  "That's just 4 pins below me.  Has she bowled any 

"She has two rings, a 300 and a 298," Ruthie bragged.  If a bowler had a 
perfect 300 game, or even a 298 or 299, while bowling a sanctioned 
match, the bowler was awarded a ring to commemorate the event.  There 
weren't very many around because it's not an easy thing to accomplish.

"Wow, I only have one 300 and one 299 ring," Mitchell said, impressed.  
He headed back over to his lanes where Dale was waiting.

"Well, what did you find out?" Dale asked.

"She's Ruthie's granddaughter and she is good," Mitchell complained.  
"I'm going to have to keep on my toes today."

"Maybe she'll have an off day.  You know bowling," Dale consoled.  
"Actually, I'm hoping a lot of you have an off day.  It's the only way I'll 
win."  Laughing, Dale headed over to his lanes.

As luck would have it, Josie was bowling on the same lanes Mitchell 
was.  The tournament was a four game series, with the winner having the 
highest total pin count with their handicap. Due to the number of 
entrants, there would be four people to each pair of lanes.

"Hi, I'm Josie.  Looks like we will be bowling together today," she said 
as she extended her hand.

Shaking her hand, Mitchell replied, "I'm Mitchell.  I hear you're new to 
the area."

"Yes, I'm staying with my grandmother until I can find a place of my 
own," Josie answered.  

She was tall, 6', and had lovely green eyes.  The shorts she was wearing 
showed off her shapely long legs.  Her blouse, while not skin tight, still 
showed off her perky breasts.  She could be a serious distraction if 
Mitchell didn't focus and keep his mind on the game.

After 10 minutes of practice, the games began.  By the end of the sixth 
frame, Mitchell was beginning to worry.  Every ball was almost perfect.  
Her style and delivery were almost textbook perfect. At the end of the 
game, she had beaten him by 12 pins.

Taking a couple of minutes between the games, while the scores were 
being tallied, he went to the restroom.  While in there, he gave himself a 
pep talk.

"Okay, she's good, but you're better.  You know these lanes; you have 
the home lane advantage.  Twelve pins isn't that much, you can make it 
up in one game.  Focus! You have to focus!"  With his new mind set, he 
went back to the lanes.

Josie won the game by just two pins.  At one time, Mitchell thought he 
had her when she got a 7-10 split.  Then, with her next ball, she picked it 
up!  The 7-10 split is the hardest spare to make and she got it!

Mitchell took the third game by 5 pins, but he was still 9 pins down.  His 
sugar was dropping so he went over to the candy machine.  After 
searching his pockets, he realized he didn't have enough change.  Pulling 
a dollar out of his wallet, he walked over to the change machine.  The 
'out-of-service' light was on when he looked down.  As he looked, it 
blinked off.  Over the next few seconds, the light blinked on and off 
several times, intermittently.  

"Well, is it broken or not?" he wondered.  "All I want is to get some 
change so I can get some candy."  He decided to give it a try.  While he 
was inserting his dollar bill he was thinking, "I wish I had her form.  I 
could win if I had her form."

Mitchell felt lightheaded suddenly.  "I really need to get some sugar in 
me," he thought.

As he walked back towards his lanes, he felt as if he were two different 
people in two parallel universes that were slowly merging into one, 
changing each person until only one existed.  The merge was complete 
by the time Michelle got back to her lanes.

Michelle picked up her 14 lb. ball and threw a picture perfect strike.  Her 
shorts framed her rounded backside as she had released the ball.

"Great shot, Michelle," Josie said as she put up her hand for a 'high five'.

The two girls good-naturedly ribbed each other as the game progressed.  
While the other two bowlers on their lanes were bowling, they talked 
about various things of interest to women.

In the 10th frame, Michelle had a perfect game going.  She was throwing 
her last ball and...strike!  Michelle and Josie jumped up and down 
hugging each other.  Then Josie bowled her last frame and her final score 
was 291.  

When everything was added up, Michelle had won by 1 pin.  

"God, I had a great time today," Michelle said.  "I don't know what I 
enjoyed more, the bowling or talking to you."

"I know what you mean," Josie replied.  It's like you're the sister I never 
had.  We are even built the same.  I bet we could wear the same clothes."

"You know," Michelle started, "I have an unused bedroom and I sure 
could use a roommate.  Do you think you would like to move in?"

"Great! You can introduce me to some of the guys around here," Josie said.

"I prefer bowlers," Michelle said.

"Why is that?" Josie asked.

"Because bowlers have bigger balls," Michelle said with a sly grin.

The two girls walked away, arm in arm, laughing.  From behind you couldn't tell 
which was which.

Copyright © 1999, 2000 by Julie. All rights reserved.
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