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This is not a true story. Duh! But it might have been. No sex but Adults Only, anyway.
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After School Job

by BoyChiq and Lainie Lee

I got home from school and like every Friday night, I started for my room to change clothes right away.

My mother called from the kitchen. "That you, Jerry?"

"Yeah, Ma, it's me." I dumped my books on the bed and pulled the rubber band from around the ponytail that I wore tied close to my collar. My nearly black hair fell around my shoulders as I shook it out.

"You had a call, son," she said. Still yelling from the kitchen while she chopped things for the family dinner.

"I gotta get ready for work, Ma," I yelled back, a little irritated, she knew what a hurry things go in on Fridays. I dropped my baggy Levis on the floor and toed off my Nike trainers and left them inside the pants legs.

"It was about work," she yelled.

I sighed. Everytime someone left a message for me, it was like pulling teeth to find out what it was about. "Who? What?

When?" I yelled. I pulled my shirt off over my head without unbuttoning it and threw it at the floor.

"Don't you take that tone with me, Jerry," she warned.

"Ma! I'm yelling cause I'm at the other end of the house and I'm in a hurry, I gotta shower before work, y'know." With a grimace I un-did the ace bandage around my chest and jerked the sticky tape off my ribs. "Ow!" My little boobies bounced perkily free of the restraint.

"I'm your mother and you're not to talk to me like that, young man," she went on. I took her advice and said nothing, rubbing my breasts just because it felt good and not because of the itching.

"Your father and I have been talking," she went on, still yelling. I wondered if the neighbors could hear. If I yelled like that sooner or later she would tell me to keep my voice down so the neighbors wouldn't "know our business."

"We think you should quit this job." She was still yelling. I stripped off my boy briefs and dropped them in the hamper. I bent to check out my legs, still smooth, I wouldn't need to shave, good. I tucked mister back between my legs and stood up and looked at myself in the mirror, turning this way and that and holding my titties up a bit to show them off to the mirror. The hormones had made me lose an inch or so in the waist and my ass was getting rounder, too.

"Well, what was the phone call about," I yelled, trying to derail her from that.

"Oh, Jerry, it was that awful Leon you work with," She finally admitted. Work with? Yeah, I guess you could say I worked *with* Leon. I took my peach-colored robe off the hook in my closet, shrugged it on and traipsed down the short hall to the bathroom.

"Wha'd he want?" I yelled, not as loud, the Kitchen is at the end of the hall, she could hear me.

"Wants you to be ready early. Dear, I don't like what he calls you, especially when he's talking to me!"

I went into the bathroom, since my sisters went to college it is all mine. Nobody home but Mom and me so I left the door open a crack. "Shannen is my professional name, Ma." I said loudly. I sat down to pee and wiped myself afterwards.

"That's not what I meant!" She was a bit upset, I grinned. No telling what Leon had called me. My nipples crinkled a bit just thinking about it. I turned on the water to let it get hot and I probably missed whatever else she said for awhile.

Everything in the bathroom was mine, now. The shampoo, the bath oils, the blowdryer, the makeup on the sink, the hose hanging from the shower rail. I stepped into the tub and shampooed and rinsed my hair then soaped up all over. I liked the feel of my soft skin since Leon made me start taking hormones. I liked using the nice scented soaps he bought for me.

The shower wand was adjustable and I stopped the spray while I checked my pits and used the disposable to give me a bit of a touch up. I hated stubbly pits myself and couldn't believe it when someone said they were actually a turn on.

I shampooed my hair and rinsed again, rinsing off all the soap with the wand on a stinging spray this time. Then I put the creme rinse in my hair and used the Avon stuff Ma bought for me when she was feeling good about having another daughter. Another quick rinse, cold this time and get all the stuff out of your hair, Shannen.

I giggled as I turned off the water and took the big fluffy pink towel to pat myself dry. A towel wrapped around my head to soak up some of the water and I slipped the robe back on. The open bathroom door had kept the mirror from steaming up and I looked at myself in the mirror.

I had almost no beard, electrolysis plus the hormones, but what I did have was black so I looked carefully for any stray whiskers. Nothing, maybe this time Janet with the nasty little machine had got them all. I loosened the towel around my hair and rewrapped it the other way out.

I used some oil on my skin, since the hormones it tended to get dry on the cheeks and forehead. When the bathroom door jerked open I almost jumped right out of my robe.

"Jeez! Ma!"

"Have you heard a word I've been saying?" She seemed angry. "Ma, I was in the shower!"

"Don't leave that towel on your head, your hair won't dry."

"Huh! Like I don't know how to do this? Gimme a break, how long have I had this job?" I unwrapped the towel and began combing out with the big wide toothed comb that wont make wet hair get split ends.

She just glared, a dishcloth in one hand and the other on her hip. "Too long. Now I suppose you're going to use the blowdryer so you can't hear me again?"

"Not." I sighed. 'Ma, I have to get ready! When did Leon say he wanted me ready?"

She blew through her nose. "Four thirty," she admitted.

I glared at her then picked up the blowdryer and turned it on. She started yelling again but I pointed the dryer at my ears and I couldn't hear her at all. I didn't have time for this, if Leon wanted me ready at 4:30 then something was up.

She finally gave up and stormed back to the kitchen. My stomach growled a little, I had skipped lunch and I was hungry. But Leon had told me that every week I didn't lose weight, he'd take money out of my pay. He wanted me down to 110 and I still weighed 117 in my clothes. I'd told him I weighed 112 without clothes but he said, "Girl, you go round on the streets nekkid you'll just get arrested and put us out of business." I giggled to remember his amused expression. I really think he likes me better than the others.

I got my hair dry, bent over with it hanging down in front of me then I brushed it that way and did a quick rough styling with the hot comb and brush and just a little spray. More styling later after I was dressed.

I dashed back to my room and as soon as she heard me leave the bathroom, Ma started again.

"He doesn't pay you enough for doing this," she yelled.

Yeah, well. I shrugged, no use replying to that. I sat at my vanity and started applying foundation.

"You have to maintain two sets of clothes and buy jewelry and..."

"I could get by with one set if they'd let me wear my working clothes to school," I grinned at the thought. Wonder what Coach Trent would say if I showed up in fifth period wearing what I was going to have on tonight?

"Right! Like that'll happen!" Ma seemed disgusted more than amused but she laughed. "And doctor's bills!" she yelled, back to her theme.

"Ma, you know perfectly well Leon pays for me to go to the doctor every Wednesday and he payed the emergency room bill when I got hurt, too." I didn't want her to think I wasn't listening now.

I started on my eyes, I got nice eyes even if they are "green mud" color as Leon says.

She snorted not willing to concede anything. Then she sighed and changed tack. "Jerry, we're just worried about you. This is no career you're planning, there's no future in it."

I did the eyeliner carefully, hardest thing as usual. I loved having a job where I got to wear this much makeup. I did my lipline next. Leon had almost made me cum in my panties last week when he told me that when school is out he'll have my eyeline and lipline tattooed on.

"I'd have to be Shannen all the time then." I said. No choice about it with my makeup tattoed on. I squirmed a little on the vanity stool.

"What dear?" Ma yelled.

"Nothing, Ma." I slipped on my bra and panties, purple tonight, really purple. I think it is tacky but Leon specifically asked for this outfit tonight. I put the Curves inside my bra and voila! Cleavage. A little dust of powder on my shoulders and bust and arms. Then I put my top on, lacy white, so the tacky purple shows through. I shivered thinking about how I'd look.

I tucked mister back again while Ma continued to complain about how Leon treated me. The little piece of meat that had caused me so much trouble for eighteen years was shrinking since the hormones and I hadn't had to deal with a real hard-on in months. Well, not one of my own.

Black net hose, and a hot red Lycra-and-lace skirt that was supposed to be a slip-smoother but I wore it on the outside. Platform red heels that made me look seven-inches taller.

Ma kept it up. "Leon called you white trash! Now I ask you! I think the man is a bigot!"

I grinned. "Ma, he's black, how can *he* be a bigot?" 'White Trash' was sort of one of Leon's pet names for me. I'm American Indian and Italian and mixed, I'm not exactly white. Most people around here think I am Mexican.

"Black people can be bigoted!" Ma said loudly.

I did my lips with the little brushes, four different colors of red made them look bigger and softer. I did my mascara. "He's just teasing you, Ma. He knows it'll make you mad. He wants to see if he can get you to curse."

"He does it on purpose!" This really offended her. "He's not a very nice man."

I had to stifle giggles about that one. I did my hair again, with a little fall to add more length. I pinned it on and put the purple ribbon in my hair. I did my blush and removed the little studs to put big plastic purple hoops in my ears.

Necklace, bangles, bracelet, anklet. Now I needed Ma's help.

"Ma! Come do my nails?"

She came into the room and glared at me, sitting there at my vanity that had been one of my sisters'. "You look cheap!"

I grinned, glanced in the mirror and had to agree. "I'll look cheaper if you help me with these goddam nails." I held up the package of bright purple press-on nails.

"Don't curse in front of your mother," she warned. Then she sat next to me and used the temporary glue to fix the nails in place. You're not supposed to do that but I always do, once I lost damn near my whole nail when one of the press-ons got torn off. It hurt like a bitch for a week.

The long purple nails, an inch past the end of my fingers, made it impossible for me to do anything else. Leon says he's gonna get me into two-inch long acrylics this summer but how would I get ready for work? The permanent make-up would take care of the hardest parts but I'd sure have to practice. The thought excited me.

Ma fussed a bit over me, fiddled with my hair and griped about how much make-up I was wearing. "They gotta be able to see my face when they drive by in the dark." I reminded her.

Four thirty. Leon knocked and came on into the house. "Bitch!"

He yelled. "You'd better have yo' white trash face out here! We gots yo' a party to go to." He talks like that around Mom to try to really set her off.

I made a kissy face at Ma, grabbed my purse and ran. A working girl shouldn't keep her pimp waiting.

Copyright 1999 by Shannen Greggs and Elaine Blankenship. All rights reserved.
Email comments to Lainie & Shannen.

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