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Spells-R-Us Stories: A Second Chance by Robyn
Posted by: Erin on Thursday, September 12, 2002 - 12:06 AM Printer Friendly
Just a little story I wrote in the memory of all those who deserved a second chance in life but never got it. Hope you like this one.
A Second Chance
by Robyn

This story may be posted on all free sites as long as credit is give to the author. Enjoy!


SRU: A Second Chance

Waiting room. What a name for a room! Especially a room in the most stressful office in the world. A doctor's office. The doctors office is the last place you sometimes want to be. In the most stressful times of your life, the waiting room can seem like hell on earth! The soothing music, the children running around, the same stupid magazines. It's enough to make you crazy!

All this would have been easy for Mark, though, if only the circumstances now were different. Just two days ago after a ten year hiatus from doctor's offices, Mark discovered he was HIV Positive. Even worse, he was informed that his condition had already worsened into something he shivered to even think about...AIDS!

"If we had known about this earlier," the doctor had said," we could have taken things slower. There are drugs that slow down your condition you know..."

If he had known about it earlier, he might have prevented all the pain that surrounded his condition. For one, he would have spared his wife the disease and turned the other way the moment they met. He would have spared his unborn son too. At least they would have had longer, decent lives. Now both his wife and his son faced the same fate he did. Now they faced the fear as he did. They didn't take the news well either. His wife, Brenda, had gone screamed a cried when she heard about her condition. Then she packed her bags and left for her mother's house vowing never to return. Oh how he wished things could be different! If only he had ignored that prostitute those many years ago. If only he had turned his wife away. If only she had not discovered his condition before her prenatal blood test. If only...

Mark sunk his head in his hands and wept. Everything seemed tainted by this horrible disease. Everything! He wept into his hands, hoping that too many didn't hear his sobs. An old hand grasped his shoulder. "Don't worry, Mark. I know it will be okay."

Mark looked up and saw an old man in the chair next to him. A sly smile crossed his wrinkled face. "Who are you," Mark said, still choked with tears. "And how do you know my name?"

"I run a small shop in the mall," the old man explained. "You ought to stop by sometime."

"I don't think I'll be going anywhere for awhile," Mark said, sinking down in his chair once more.

"And about the name thing," the old man continued, oblivious to Mark's comment. "Let's just say I have a trick or two up my sleeve."

Mark frowned. "Thanks for the encouragement."

"Young man, I do believe though that I can help."

"What are you, a doctor or something. No thanks. Besides, you can't help me. Not unless you can turn back the clock and reverse all this pain."

"I can't quite do that...not quite..." Fumbling in his pocket, the old man retrieved a bottle of pills. Shaking them once, he handed them to Mark. ", I think these may help you."

"Oh I get it," Mark growled. "You want me to overdose. Oh, you're real good!"

"Just take two of these and find me tomorrow. Take them after your evening shower and before you go to bed."

"Two, huh? What if I take more?"

"Take a look for yourself..." Mark looked down at the bottle and noticed that there were only two pills in the vial to begin with. The old man grinned. "I've dealt with people like you, Mark, before."

"Well, thanks..." The nurse walked in and summoned Mark to the back room. He shoved the pills in his pocket and headed back into the examination rooms. Before he did, though, he looked back at the man. Strange. The old geezer seemed to have disappeared in those few moments. With a shrug, Mark pulled himself into the examination room to await whatever news the doctor had in store for him.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Mark stood in the bathroom with the two pills in his hand. After a difficult visit with the doctor filled with too many questions and not enough answers, Mark had come home and fallen right to sleep. He had found himself sleeping a lot more lately, especially after his wife had left. Now he stood in the bathroom, staring at the two pink pills in his hand. Who was that man, he thought? How did he know so much? And what were these drugs he had passed him in the waiting room? Part of him told him to toss the pills. The cautious part perhaps. Another part, the desperate, hopeless, and shattered part, was holding the pills tightly. Here was hope. Here may be a cure. And even if they killed him, here may be escape. It was this part of him, the desperate part, that threw the pills in his mouth and swollowed them with a mouthful of water.

Mark looked at himself in the mirror. "Alright, old man, did you kill me? Or what?" Nothing happened. Mark felt no different and he couldn't bring himself to believe that he was no different. He threw the bottle down into the garbage. "Stupid, old man!" Reaching for the door, Mark felt a stabbing pain pierce his stomach. He bent over to ease the pain and as he did, the pain disappeared. Mark stood up. Looking in the mirror, he watched the features on his face change. His facial hair disappeared before his eyes, replaced by a smooth, round contour. His prominent chin, a hallmark of most men, softened and his lips grew full and red. His brow lifted and the lines on his face disappeared. Mark blinked and rubbed his eyes. Even they had grown round and full and blue! His reflection was transforming into the face of a woman. The brush of hair on his shoulders signaled more changes.

Mark looked up and stood face to face with a pretty, young blonde woman. Her eyes were blue, her features soft and round. A look of horror flew to the face of the young woman in the mirror. What was happening? A tingling ran up and down Mark's arms as the hair on them disappeared, the fingers slendered, and the nails grew to a respectable length. Mark staggered back as the pain in his stomach returned. He shuttered to think what else was happening. Already the mirror was betraying his fate. Glancing down, Mark caught a glimpse of his smooth stomach and ever growing hip line. Walking would never be the same again. His ass ached too and he could only imagine what was happening there. Soon he didn't have to imagine. His pants were ripped as billows of fat grew on his ass. His legs began their journey too. First his skin began to tingle, not unlike they felt like when they were asleep. Then, before his eyes, Mark's legs began to smooth and soften. The hair on them disappeared and the flesh rounded itself out. His feet too shrunk and reshaped themselves as his toenails began to grow pink with polish.

Mark took stock of the situation. His body had transitioned into womanhood. Only two parts remained unchanged. Perhaps, he thought with hope, I can get someone to help me change back. There has to be a way! As he reached for the door, a sudden pain hit his crotch. Mark dropped to the floor holding his aching cock and balls. As he held them, he watched in horror as they began to pull themselves into his body and disappear. His testicles went first, moving slowly up out of their sack and popping into his body. His penis followed. It shrank down slowly growing thinner and smaller until only a small nubbin poked out of his sack. Then, suddenly, it too disappeared under a hood of flesh as the skin of his scrotum separated into two lips. Before he knew it, he was the proud owner of a vagina.

Mark slumped down and cried. There was nothing he could do now. His chest began to tingle and he knew he stood at the last step into womanhood. His nipples became erect and large before his eyes. The dark area around them turning darker and brown as the flesh beneath them became soft and puffy. Mark moved his hands over them, feeling their increased sensitivity. His budding breasts took no time at all growing into their new shape. Before long, Mark had a decent pair of breasts, large from his standpoint, but probably average from others'. With his transformation complete, Mark felt the energy in his body drain. He slumped in the corner and found sleep waiting for him at last.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Upon waking, Mark quickly discovered the nightmare was reality. The cold bathroom floor now pressed painfully into his new chest. The hard coldness of the floor had originally awaken him and he felt lost and hurt. What terrible alien sensation!

Mark carefully picked himself off the floor and peered into the mirror. The pills had changed him from a thirty-five year old man into a young, twenty-something year old woman. There were no sign of his previous masculinity and Mark had to think hard whether the years before had all been a dream.

Opening the door to the bathroom, Mark was stunned. His house had been completely replaced by another. Now he stood in a one-bedroom apartment. The apartment was obviously that of a young woman. Feminine things lay about, men plastered the wall. He even found a picture of himself and some girls on a table in the living room. Mark walked around and entered the bedroom. A pink canopy bed lay in one corner and a dresser in another. A pile of women's underthings lay thrown about the floor. The walls each had cute pictures Mark would imagine a woman liking.

Mark slumped on the bed and thought. This felt so much like a dream and yet it was so real. Could he be dreaming or had his previous life all been a dream? Mark thought back. He remembered the transformation, the pain and the feelings. He remembered taking some pills after his doctor's visit. He remembered the old man...old man! The old man had given him the pills in the waiting room. What had he said again?

"Take two of these and find me tomorrow..."

Where could he be? What did he say...the mall!

Mark jumped up and quickly ran to the dresser. In a blur, he threw on a sweatshirt over his breasts. He stumbled into a pair of panties and pulled on some sweatpants. A pair of thongs completed the outfit. Then in a rush he quickly grabbed his purse(purse, how weird!) and headed out the door.

Nothing moved Mark from his destination...nothing! Not even the men whistling at him downstairs as his breasts bounced up and down. Nothing! Once parked, Mark ran into the mall on a frantic search for this mystery. The mystery, though, found him. The old man walked into him as he walked the other way.

"You!" Mark yelled, his high feminine voice startling him. He had not spoken since this tragedy.

The old man looked carefully at him. "Is that you, Mark?"

"You do remember me! I need to talk to you! You did this to me!"

"Did what..." the old man pleaded innocently.

"This!" Mark yelled, holding his breasts up in his hands.

"Oh...that. Mark...follow me and I'll explain. I have to get back to my shop. You see...I gave you what many people never get. A second chance. You have a second chance on life."

"What about my wife and my son..."

"They are fine. Think of this as a time hiccup. A parallel dimension. Your wife and son are perfectly healthy here because they never contracted anything from you."


"Look...I'm giving you a second chance at life. Don't blow it! Don't make the same mistake twice. I have to go..." he said, stopping at a store with a large, neon sign on it. Mark could swear it said "Spells-R-Us". "Don't blow your chance for a new life," the old man said, moving quickly to the customer in his store. Mark sighed. That was going to be all the explanation he got. Downcast, Mark left.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

The journey home brought more worries than the journey to the mall had. The feeling of hopelessness only exaggerated the problem. Mark felt everything now. He felt the cotton brush his nipples from the sweatshirt he had on. The light touch made them stand tall and erect, and made them strangely hurt and ache for something. Mark tried to push them down, but this only exaggerated the problem. The men he had ignored before too irritated him beyond belief. Mark couldn't wait to get home if only to be away from people. Away from the despair.

The answering machine light flashed once indicating someone had tried calling. Mark pressed it and listened intently.

"Mary, it's me, Chad. I thought we were suppose to meet here at the club tonight. Come on down when you get this. I'll be waiting. Love ya!"

A tingle moved up and down Mark's body as the voice sounded from the speakers. Mark listened again. This time he couldn't sit still as an intense feeling of arousal ran up and down his body. Who did the voice say he was? Mark listened again as his nipples grew harder and sensitive. Mary! That's what he called me! And who was he? Mark listened for a fourth time, experiencing the same feeling of arousal and even letting out a moan at the end. Chad. That's who had called. Chad! The cute guy all the girls at work were after. That Chad had called her!

Mark rushed about the room in a daze. Some thing mysteriously feminine had taken over his body. A strong lust had clouded his mind. He stripped off his sweatshirt and opened his drawer. A low cut white blouse sat on top of a pile of shirts. Mark grabbed it and put it on, forgetting a bra once again. A tight pair of jeans in the bottom drawer completed this outfit.

Mark never liked girls with makeup and imagined Chat didn't either. A brush through the hair a few times was all that was needed for this very important night. Looking in the mirror, Mark paused. Even without makeup he was truly ravishing!

Mark took his time this time from his room to the car. Each step he tried to imitate the sexy strides he remembered other women had made. By the time he entered his car he had the feminine stride down thanks to his extreme burst of estrogen! He followed the smell of beer, parking on the street outside the clubs. He had no idea which one Chat was at, but something told him it would all be taken care of. His instincts led him to a fancy club "The Naked Truth" where a young man stood outside leaning against the wall. Mark strode up seductively as the young man smiled.

"You did get my message," he said, his hand moving around Mark's waist. A spark of arousal penetrated Mark's body at his touch.

Mark blushed. "You didn't have to wait out here for me," he found himself saying.

"I didn't come for anyone else..."

The doorman demanded their IDs and both of them readily produced them. Mark glanced down before putting it away.

Mary Ann Johnson

That was to be his name now, he guessed.

In the club, Chat went right to work on Mark. First, he bought an adequate amount of alcohol, enough to make Mark very dizzy. Then he led Mark by the hand to the dance floor. As he danced, Mark experienced a curious sensation. As Chat's hands moved up and down Mark's round ass, Mark began to think of himself as Mary. Once that thought had passed his mind, Mark's masculinity seemed to fade away. He began to see himself as a she. As Mary Ann Johnson to be exact. Mary Ann, a woman lucky enough to land a hunk of a man like Chad.

Chad's hands went under Mary's pants and gripped her naked ass. Chills of pleasure shot through her body. A nibble on her ear completed the arousal and Mary heard herself moan. She needed something. She needed Chad. And she needed him now.

"Let's go..." her partner whispered, seeing her arousal building. Mary spoke no protest as Chad led her away into the alley out back. The alcohol had now filtered through her brain, leaving everything in a haze. Before she knew it, Chad had her outside with her shirt up as he licked and nuzzled her breasts. Mary closed her eyes. Her crotch was wet with want and the feelings from her breasts only increased her desire. Chad pressed into her, the hardness in his pants apparent. Mary moaned, her body aching to be filled.

What a strange sensation, she thought, but what a wonderful one! Chad reached into her pants and gently touched her sex. A loud moan echoed through the alley. Mary pressed her hips forward, forcing his fingers further into her body. Chad's hand continued to move in her most intimate places. A feeling built in her body. Stronger...stronger...and stopped. Mary opened her eyes. Chad was unbuckling his pants now, revealing his hard cock. As he reached forward to pull Mary's pants down, a single image flashed through her mind. The image was of a man with a woman on his lap. The man was deep within her and both of them were at the height of orgasm. Something looked strangely familiar about the man. Something...strange....Then it hit her!

That man was her when she was Mark! And that woman was the prostitute that had given her AIDS as a man. That one mistake had destroyed her and her family. And suddenly it all made sense. The old man had given her a second chance and had warned her not to make the same mistake twice. If she gave herself to this man...this Chad...she would put herself in the same boat as she was in before. She would contract AIDS from this man. There was no doubt of that now.

Mustering all her strength, Mary pushed Chad off her and ran quickly to the door to the club. The door opened freely and she quickly made her way through the club and out. Without a backward glance, Mary ran quickly to her car and away.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Once safely parked, Mary breathed a sigh of relief. She had won. At last! She had won her second chance and had beaten the forces that had gone against her. Now, at last, she could live a full life. But even as she rejoiced, one question remained. How would she know she had won? Would she be forced into lifelong abstinence because of her fear? The fear that it could happen again? Could she ever trust anyone ever again?

A young man sat on the stairs of her apartment as she approached. His head was in his hands and his face twisted in anguish. Mary approached him cautiously. "What's wrong?"

The young man sniffed. Something about him was strangely familiar. "My girlfriend dumped me! Said I was a prude. Said I wouldn't give her any in bed! What kinda of a man am I? But I don't want to lose my virginity to just anyone..."

Mary smiled and looked closely. "What's your name?"

The young man looked up and over the gorgeous woman before him. "Brandon...My name's Brandon..."

"Well, Brandon. I've had a shitty day too. What do you say we exchange stories over a cup of coffee."

Brandon sniffed. "I'd like that....I would..."

The End.

Note: TG magic transformation deals

A Second Chance by Robyn | Login/Create an account | 1 Comment
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Re: A Second Chance by Robyn (Score: 1)
by pjladyfox on Sep 29, 2004 - 06:56 PM
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Not too long, not too short. Just right. ^_^

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