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Transplanetary by Cleo Kraft: Story: Driftwood Spirit
Posted by: Cleo Kraft on Saturday, August 30, 2003 - 11:21 PM Printer Friendly
Transformations and insanities, what else could go wrong?

Story also available on my site at Short enough to duplicate on other archives though so here it goes.

Driftwood Spirit

by Cleo Kraft


There it was again. Another gunshot out in the street.

I turned to look at my companion beside me. She shot me a frightened glance with those pretty brown eyes of hers. Her hands trembled as she lifted apart the window shades for a quick peek.

"Don't do it Judy," I warned touching the back of her hand with my fingertips. She had really smooth tan skin. If she wasn't my best friend and fifteen I'd ask her to marry me, but I'm thirty-one and that's the breaks and it's been that sort of bad luck with me ever since she and I became marooned on this crazy backworld planet three years ago.

She glanced up at me and parted her reddish-brown hair from her eyes with the back of her hand and nervously bit her ruby red lips. I pictured how easily our situation could have been reversed. That could be me sitting there in that white summer dress had things gone just a little bit differently than they did, but it's too late to contemplate the past. It's too late to do anything about it. My friend Neil is a girl now. A fact we've both come to accept as best we can considering the difficulties we've been through along the way.

She was a real pal about it. A real sport. She didn't let the sex change get in the way of our friendship.

She smiled at me, almost reading my thoughts.

She took my hand in hers and gave it an innocent little kiss. Something I as the man should be doing. She was funny like that. Hinting at how things should be.

Though we both realized by the sound of gunshots drawing nearer and nearer that our time together might be drawing to a close, she seemed braver than I about it right now. "I'm not even going to say goodbye to you," she said. Good old Judy. That was the girl I knew.

I glanced down at my own hands now and realized they were shaking worse than hers. I felt my heart pounding with fear as someone downstairs in the parlor kicked down the front door.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

"I don't want to die, Judy," I said, tears streaming down my eyes. My gut wrenched up in painful knots and I doubled over, ready to pass out at any moment. Beads of sweat trickled down my forehead. I could feel each drop of salty perspiration make its journey down the ridge of my long Roman nose.

The bookcase downstairs came toppling down as the madman after us frantically searched for what he was after. He was clearly not just here to kill me and my best friend, Judy. He was here to find the scrap of driftwood Judy had fetched out of the desert but it was already too late. Judy had already hid it good long before our intruder's arrival.

Judy grabbed me by the arm and stood up, leading me over to the open balcony across the bedroom.

She glanced outside and saw that it was safe enough to try and get away, though I was at this point hesitant to trust her decision. She'd already taken us back to the very place which our enemy knew to look for and find us.

"I'm not going out there," I said in a voice just barely above a terrified whisper. "They've got guns. They'll see us and shoot us."

"Come on," she urged despite my reluctance and dragged me out there.

I found myself clinging to the rail and climbing over it with her at my side. I looked down and saw the drop was at least a good twenty feet to the garden below.

I glanced over at her and saw her confident smile as she let go of the marble railing with both hands.

She did not fall, for if she did I'd have surely fainted and fallen with her. Instead she pointed downward and brought my gaze to look upon the slightly extended stone ledge which we both stood upon. The ledge was only two feet wide, if that, but it was wide enough to allow us easy access to a loose panel of wood which my friend easily slid aside revealing a small crawlway level between the first and second floor.

"How did you know about this?" I asked realizing she'd obviously been here before. "And why didn't you bring us here in the first place?"

She smiled and shook her head no at me, like now was not the time for such questions.

We entered through the passage on hands and knees and she spun around and closed up the secret door again so no one outside in the backyard would see it.

The crawlspace was lit only by a few air vents on each side of the house. A few copper pipes ran along the ceiling above us and over to where I pictured the upstairs bathroom to be. Some heating and air conditioning ducts ran in funny patterns above and before us as well.

A small mattress with some pink bed sheets on it lay here beside us, and beside it sat a small table lamp on the oakwood floor, and several women's magazines, including some dirty ones of naked men. I frowned at my friend. "Your secret stash eh?"

She blushed but nodded in admittance anyway. "My parents would kill me if they ever found out," she said.

Her parents.

That was a bit of a stretch. They were her essentially her adopted parents, or rather they adopted my friend after he became a girl. Well, they adopted her but they didn't know they did. It's a long story.

She flicked on the small lamp and crawled up on the bed. There was only enough room for a four foot, nine inch tall teenage girl on it and only one of us here qualified in that department.

I dared not ask how she managed to get the mattress down here. She seemed mad enough at having revealed to anyone, even her best friend, her little hideaway.

She nervously gathered up her magazines and shoved them under the mattress out of my view. Perhaps she was too embarrassed to admit she actually came to prefer men over women now.

I laid down on my back on the hardwood floor beside her and we both waited and listened.

Downstairs breaking every vase in the front room of the house was a man named Charlie Gray. A former member of the same ship and crew my friend Judy and I came from. The same ship which crash-landed on this world some three years ago in the desert five hundred miles west of the nearest civilization.

Charlie went west with some others from the crash site, and Judy and I went north, and some others went south and east, for none of us knew exactly where we were or where we were going. We only knew that by going in separate directions that if one group was found, then help could be sent back for the others. That was the plan anyway.

Charlie wasn't always a madman like this. He was in fact the Lieutenant on our ship, and aside from the Captain who died in the crash, he outranked everyone aboard. Charlie was a good man and a great officer. He was of medium build and had the good looks of his father, Admiral Pierson of the Seventh Fleet. He had the rugged face and body of an outdoorsman proficient in the rigorous ways of survival training which had helped save us after the crash. The crash, though, had done something to the man and I think it was partially because of the loss of his good friend and superior, Captain Halbet, and some others of the crew he knew since early boyhood. He was shook up bad from all that, and from his ordeal in the desert afterward with the savages who killed and tortured those with him before he somehow managed to escape.

Charlie had hair and a beard too, now, as long and black and telling as three years of madness can tell. It was in his looks. In his face. Gone the wry and confident smile of a young wealthy officer - replaced by the scars and scratches of shipwreck and horrors endured since. His left eye was all but completely swollen and shut - blinded from the horrible wreck.

He'd heard of how my friend had become a girl and wanted a new body for himself as well. It was only fair, he thought, that he have at least a chance to see out of both his eyes once more, but in his anger and selfish and hasteful way that only madness can be truly to blame, he came after me and my friend demanding we help.

We were going to, but Judy didn't want to. She saw how crazed he was and knew that such a thing as powerful as this in the wrong hands would mean trouble. So now here he is, in this house and tearing the place apart trying to find the one clue Judy and I had brought back with us.

The piece of driftwood with the map carved on it.

The map that led back to the buried tomb somewhere out there in the vast stretches of sand and rock which held the secret to a new life.

I listened to the madman below us throwing chairs now in the kitchen and smashing up all the plates in the cupboards.


Another gunshot.

"Where is it?!!!" he yelled.

The police on this world didn't care about gunshots going off even in broad daylight in the middle of the city like this. As far as the law was concerned each murder would be tended to... just as soon as there was a brave enough sucker to go after these gunmen.

It was like how the old west was back on Earth, only in a more modernized environment. Guns for all, and plenty of chances to use them too.

I lay there on my back wondering if one of these stray bullets was going to come up through the floor and kill me.

Judy didn't seem too phased by it in comparison to how I was still trembling from this frightening ordeal, though she did seem worried and glanced at me and frowned as yet another gunshot went off.

It seemed like forever that old Charlie was in the house smashing things and shooting off his revolver, but finally he left and everything was quiet once more.

Judy grabbed my hand in hers and finally dozed off to sleep, as did I, relieved at least for now of my doom.


The following morning Judy shook me awake.

"Come on," she said pointing to a spot of floor several yards away where now sat propped open a trap door. "I've got the car warmed up in the garage. Let's get going."

We climbed down through and into a loft above the silvery blue V-B7 cab and I quickly found myself behind the steering wheel and driving us both rapidly out of town and towards the mountains.

Judy's parents were luckily away on a trip to some islands some thousand miles from here but I knew they'd both have the shock of their lives when they came home to see what that madman did to all their things.

Luckily the windshield only suffered a few small scrapes and abrasions from the vengeful lashing Charlie dealt this vehicle. The hood was completely dented up as was most of the rest of the hova-car. Thankfully he left the engine and steering controls alone.

As far as Judy or I knew, the thing that sex changed her was something far out of reach of this world's available technology. Instead it seemed we had stumbled across a device which came from somewhere else, or some time other than the present. I guessed that it must have come from a civilization at least a few centuries or more in the past, but then again, I didn't actually see the device or witness my friend turning into a pretty teenage girl.

We were on the edge of the desert, right at the base of a great forested mountain, when we found the trail that led us up to the main highway back then. It was in the same mountains as the ones I was now driving in.

The device was several miles away from a summer camp for girls and it had promptly inserted my friend right away across this distance into her body and completely into her life, and as far as Judy or I knew, there was no way back really, and no way of knowing exactly where in this wilderness the device existed.

She'd stumbled upon it early one morning while I was still sound asleep at our makeshift camp in the woods. Our survival gear wasn't much, really, but we did have a small tent and some blankets, food, and some water.

My friend had gone off and fell through a hole in the forest floor and stumbled in upon a chamber filled with things Judy has been unable to accurately describe. Neither of us is sure if what made her a girl is by some strange and lost technology or if it was by way of an ancient and long forgotten magic. She became a girl, and was even granted many of the girl's memories so she right away was easily able to fit into her new existence.

After my friend vanished I feared I would never find him again, and went searching for him for many hours in the woods before finally giving up and becoming rescued by some kind strangers on the main highway.

Were we now going back to find this artifact?

Judy sat there glancing out the passenger window and I saw by the reflection in the glass her content smile upon her pretty face. It was as if she planned all this, but had she really? No. The Lieutenant had gone legitimately mad. That much was for sure. He would have definitely killed either or both of us for information leading to that device.

"Turn here," she instructed, as if she knew exactly where we were headed.

Somehow I had all along suspected that piece of driftwood wasn't really necessary to find our way back to this place. She knew all along exactly where it was.

We drove down a dirt road and pulled off to the side and parked.

Judy reached in her small red leather purse and tossed me a black slip of cloth.

"What's this for?" I asked picking up the thing.

"It's a blindfold," she said reaching over to help me put it on. "You wear it."

"Huh? But I... You don't trust me?"

"It's not that," she said. "I just don't think it's wise for both of us to know. That's all."

She was right.

What if Charlie or someone else caught and tortured us? Judy might not crack but I, with my low threshold for pain, certainly might.

"What are you going to do?" I asked as she tightened up the blindfold and helped me out of the car.

"We need new identities. We need to get away from Charlie once and for all, and this way we'll both be safe," she explained leading me into the woods on foot.

"But how will we know afterwards who's who? How will I find you?" I asked.

"You know the fountain in town square? We'll just meet there anyway we can."


"Saturday - any Saturday, at noon. Every Saturday if you have to. Just do it until we both find one another - and wear a black scarf."

We hiked for a bit and I thought my legs were going to collapse. It was such a long walk.

We stopped and she yanked off my blindfold and gave me a shove.

I stumbled down into a moss covered pit. The fall didn't hurt at all as the ground was so soft and cushioned the impact.

She came jumping down after me and we both stood there now in a big round chamber with strange writing on the yellow stone walls.

She took my hand and smiled up at me, like she was leading me through the turnstile of a roller coaster ride. "Come on," she said grinning. "This'll be fun."

She led me out of the room and along a narrow passageway which came up to a pair of doors and beside each stood a nude stone statue. One of a man, the other of a woman.

"It's a trick," she explained pointing to the male statue. "You see, I figured it out awhile after I changed into a girl. You see, in my primitive thinking I was guessing that the door by the male statue was for men, like for the men's bathroom, and the door by the female statue was for women, like the lady’s room, but that's not it at all. You see, the statues are nude - if you pick the man, then that means basically you're a girl - that you love men. See? Pick the woman, then you're a man and you love women."

"But you can't prove that," I said. "You were transported to the girl's camp and that's the nearest place where there's any people around here, right? So it just put you in the most convenient body around."

"Why didn't it put me in yours then?" she queried.

She had a point there. My body technically was the nearest around back then.

"Well," she said stepping over to the door where the woman's statue stood. "Although this has been fun being a girl and all, I think this time I'll be a guy again."

I glanced at both statues and shook my head in indecision.

"What?" she asked. "Don't you know which one you want?"

"No - Well, yeah. I'll be a guy too," I said stepping over to the door she was at.

She nodded and smiled. "Thought so."

We walked in and she led me down another corridor and into a small circular room. In the center stood a large diamond shaped green crystallized chamber with a small opening in the side. The opening was circular and just barely large enough to squeeze through. Judy helped me in it first and would go after this thing had worked its powers on me.

Through the glasslike walls the room seemed all distorted and splintered out in a million pieces. I saw Judy's shadowy figure standing there clapping gleefully at me and waving.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"I have a confession to make," she said. "I lied. I chose the same door last time."

I tried squirming around to make my way back out of the chamber but it was already too late. Somehow the hole in the side had sealed up seamlessly and I now pressed my hands and face up against the cold smooth glass and then pounded my fists against the wall in desperation.

How could my good friend trick me like this?

My body went numb and I felt a sharp blow to the head, as though someone had hit me over the head with a two by four.

Everything went black and for a brief instant I saw a flash of light through my now closed eyelids. A single spark which shot through my brain as the blow was dealt.

The deepest and most dream free sleep ever overcame me and I woke up what seemed like days later but what was in reality probably only the passage of a few moments time.

I woke up in strange surroundings flat on my back in bed in a room dimly lit.

My eyes shut almost immediately after opening, for the shock of where I was and what I was doing and who I was with was far too much for me to handle in such a quick instant.

I was definitely no longer a man, but neither was I a teenage girl. I was instead a grown woman, or at least that is what my senses had discovered.

My body was encased in silk garments - no, one silk garment. A teddie of some sort from my best guess and it had no shoulder straps, or if it did they had been removed.

There was a man in bed with me beside me and his face was close to mine which is mainly why I shut my eyes so quickly upon opening them.

One of his hands was on my right breast, cupping it over the thin, breathy fabric. His other hand was busily twiddling my left nipple at random, and both my nipples felt puffed up and stimulated strange sensations in my crotch.

My left nipple felt warm and comfortable from the unwanted attention granted it this moment.

I realized suddenly that my left breast was fully exposed and that somehow the garment which I wore had been partially removed not just from my shoulders but off my left breast as well.

"W-what," I stammered. "W-what are you d-doing?"

He paused and after a moment's hesitation I opened my eyes up to look.

He was a young man probably in his early twenties from my best guess. He didn't look especially handsome or anything. Just a plain guy. Blond hair, blue eyes. Kind of skinny too. No real muscles or anything. Why would a girl sleep with someone like this, I wondered?

"I thought you wanted to, Julie," he said climbing off me and rolling over and sitting up. He flicked on the lamp on the bedside table and looked at me and frowned like I'd hurt his feelings somehow. "What?"

"Nothing... I..."

"I told you before this is my first time," he revealed. "You having second thoughts?"

"Well....," I started and thought about it a moment when suddenly like a flood of thought, the words just came rolling out of my pretty little mouth. "Yes. I don't feel it's right to ruin your... virginity - over lust if it's not true love. Look, I'm not saying let's stop what we have between us, but let's be honest about this thing. I'm twenty-eight and you're what, twenty?"

"Twenty-one," he said.

"Fine, but don't you see how wrong it is? When I was thirteen I could have been your baby sitter."

Somehow, somewhere I'd heard all this before, only it was coming to me as though scripted out for me to say.

My eyes glanced at my dark pink left nipple and exposed breast and I quickly covered it up with a hand and drew up my teddie over it. I sat up and pulled my arms through the stringy shoulder straps and leaned over and felt myself hugging this stranger - this man.

It felt weird, like I was peeping into someone else's life and experiencing someone else's moment.

"Goodbye, Bob," I said kissing him gently under the ear.

He angrily shrugged off the kiss and got up out of bed and began putting his clothes back on.

"What's the matter?" I asked wondering if I had hurt his feelings. Wasn't he man enough to accept it that this relationship wasn't going to work?

"I'm leaving," he said, almost in tears he was so upset.

"Why? Won't you just stay a little while? Cuddle..."

"No," he snapped, putting on his shoes now in a hurry to get away from here and go screaming mad into the streets or something. "No. I've got to go."

He was out the door before I could say anything else about it and there was no longer any script being handed to me mentally to read off to the kid.

Wow. That was crazy. I not only became a woman, I was immersed right into the moment where this girl broke up with her boyfriend.


I sat fully upright now in bed and glanced curiously down past my cleavage and at my bulgeless crotch. Oh there was a bulge of sorts down there, but only a slight one, only one in which a girl has. Nothing at all noticeable in comparison to what I had before as a guy though.

I gazed at the purple and aquamarine outfit I wore and the thin fibers which barely covered my breasts.

I held my hands out before my eyes and gazed at them front and back in wonderment.

I was really a girl now. A woman in fact.

The device had worked!

I explored my body, feeling every curve I could, and after much of this I lay back in bed exhausted and filled with wonderful feelings.

I wondered why it was I wasn't opposed to any of this, because before I had considered myself definitely a man and would have never thought being a woman would ever be so much fun. Did the machine make me like being this way or was there really no choice in the matter for me now? Had I been truly inserted into someone's life and had no choice but to accept that individual's likes and dislikes?

That same strange script came rolling into my thoughts again now and gave me a resounding "yes" in reply.

What would happen to me next? What would I do? Where would I go? What was to become of me?

For the moment, none of that really mattered. All this was normal. All this was fun. I'd find out all in good time.

Tomorrow I'd put on a pretty dress and a black scarf, and go out to the fountain to meet my friend. If she was there, fine. If not, I was in no real rush to undo this thing.

All in good time my friend, and good night moon, and pleasant dreams my good, dear madman.

I reached over to the bedside table and picked up the picture frame which this girl had turned face down to hide from her most recent boyfriend. I brought the picture up to my lips and kissed it, for here was the face of my old and new again, and one and only true love, Charlie Gray.


Note: TG scifi/magic transformation mind-altering Rated-R

Story: Driftwood Spirit | Login/Create an account | 5 Comments
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Re: Story: Driftwood Spirit (Score: 1)
by aardvark on Sep 05, 2003 - 03:19 AM
(User info | Send a message)
Hi Cleo,

Whoa, this story brought forth all sorts of interesting reactions. First, I love the concept. The storyline was fascinating. I even like the point where you entered the story. You made it work with minimal flashback. The vast majority of us would have started at the beginning.

But there were some flaws to it that spoiled it from becoming an A number 1 tale.

There was way too much abreviated background. This story could have been about novel length with all the gists and compressed explanations. I think it would have made a hell of a novel, frankly; the storyline is that good.

There were a lot of unanswered questions in the story that really need to be fleshed out to make it smooth. I had no idea who the guy speaking was. What's his name, background, position on the ship, original relationship with Neil?

There were certain writing issues that annoyed me. Calling Judy 'my friend' all the time bugged me as an unnatural thing to say. The narator's name (what is his name, anyway?) was never said, he seemed to be weak and wimpish (never good in a lead character - unless he/she can overcome it), the wild-west scenario was a little weak, or needed to be explained more - the old west didn't just wait until someone had the guts to shoot someone.

This story begs to be continued. It could go two logical ways, IMHO. You could create Driftwood Part II and wrap up all those unanswered questions, like why Julie's boyfriend is a crazed madman. Why she doesn't seem to have the control that Judy (Ack! danger! similar names!) has over her thoughts. (i.e. why did she kiss Charlie's picture?)

Or, you could go the route of re-writing the whole thing into a series or a novel from the beginning.

The second choice would be my preferred route. This storyline is simply too delicious to pass up. A wreck, social dynamics, torture, mayhem, madness, TG shock, new relationships and choices, a whole new world to explore, tension, characterization, conflict, etc. Like I said before, this could be a great novel or series.


Re: Story: Driftwood Spirit (Score: 1)
by CleoK on Sep 22, 2003 - 05:25 AM
(User info | Send a message)
Thanks for the review. As for why she kissed Charlie's picture, Charlie is the madman referred to earlier in the story. The man with the gun. It's a twist ending. The main character's superior turned mad after his ordeal in the desert and became like his worst enemy, and in the twist ending the main character becomes the madman's girlfriend. So she kisses the picture. i.e. the "love thy enemy" twist. I probably didn't make that too clear though. The new girl's new identity (i.e. as Chalker would say "mindset") is based strongly after the original inhabitant of that body. Since she broke up with a more or less in-between boyfriend, she was compelled to kiss the photo of her Ex - the former enemy turned lover.

- Cleo

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Re: Story: Driftwood Spirit (Score: 1)
by victoriaks01 on Sep 15, 2003 - 12:33 PM
(User info | Send a message)
nice writing style but too short a story. . I would love to see more !

Re: Story: Driftwood Spirit (Score: 1)
by CleoK on Sep 22, 2003 - 05:36 AM
(User info | Send a message)
Thank you for the comments. I probably could have elaborated more on some of the story to flesh it out into a novel (as suggested). Sometimes I get sidetracked with other ideas though if I get too far along into a story, and there is the question of what could I possibly write in the desert scene to keep the readers hooked, and so I thought I'd try and shorten this one up.

An offtopic comment I'd like to make is how the editor posted my website link. I always thought of it as "Cromexx Ate Ross" not "Cromexx AT Eross." This is a great sigh of relief to me because now I don't have to worry about who this poor Ross fellow is. ;)

- Cleo

Re: Story: Driftwood Spirit (Score: 1)
by CleoK on Oct 01, 2003 - 10:53 AM
(User info | Send a message)
Also I have the story available now on a fancy macromedia flash page:
See this story in Flash!

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