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Lainie Lee: Spellbound in the Seventies 5 and 6
Posted by: Admin on Wednesday, July 31, 2002 - 02:17 AM Printer Friendly
in the Seventies
Chapters 5 and 6

by Lainie Lee and Brian Matthews

Disclaimer: This story contains scenes primarily of interest to adults, and is intended solely for adults. If you are underage, or reading adult-oriented literature offends you, or if doing so is illegal in your jurisdiction, please go read something else.


by Lainie Lee and Brian Matthews

Chapter V The Familiar Stranger

I'd forgotten about the stinky bedclothes as I burrowed for safety into them the smell of girl-girl sex hit me again and I lost it, whatever sanity I had left, that is. I broke into an uncontrollable fit of squeals and giggles and all I could do was try to muffle the sounds I was making by holding pillows over my head.

Embarrassment had practically boiled the cold shower water off of my body and I could still feel myself flushed and excited. I knew I was psychotic, I had tried to kill the poor guy! Good thing I was just a weak silly girl. More giggles.

He knocked on my door. "Uh, miss? Are you all right?"

Me? I hadn't hit myself on the head with an antique hair blower. I'd hit him. "Pooh!" I said under the covers. I guess I hadn't really hurt him at all. He was a lot bigger than me, I remembered, nearly a foot taller perhaps, with wide shoulders and dark hair cut in a sort of short shaggy, post-Beatles look. And he'd been young, half my original age probably. Which would make him much too old for Amy, me, that is.

I squirmed at the thought of considering the suitability of any male for any purpose vis-a-vis my new self.

"There wasn't supposed to be any one home. I'm sorry." His youthful baritone carryied well through the lightweight inner door. I burrowed out from under the stinky bedclothes and considered what to do.

"Go away!" I said softly, then more loudly. "Go away!" I flushed to hear my childish voice which sounded even younger right now. I was fifteen, no sixteen, wasn't I? I didn't have to sound like a little baby girl just because the guy who had scared me so was big and strong and had a deep voice and....

"Sorry, sorry!" He said again. "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to frighten you! Uh, my name is Rob. Rob Willingham? You're Amy Billings, aren't you?"

Oh shit! He knows me? Knows Amy? For one brief intense moment I conceived the notion that he knew I was really Brian Matthews, middle- level executive from the late 1990's here in 1974 as Amy because I had interfered with my boss's summoning of a demon. I made a squeaking noise and then stuffed my fingers in my mouth to stifle more noises.

He must have taken the squeak as an affirmative. "Uh, yeah, I work for my Dad part time while I'm going to college. You were a freshman at Empire when I was a senior, 'member me?"

I shook my head, Of course I didn't remember and of course he couldn't see me. But he remembered a freshman girl from when he was a senior two or three years ago? I must have made an impression and I blushed to wonder just what sort.

"You were awfully cute when we were working on that fund-raiser for the Jaycees. You giggled a lot but we had a nice talk once, 'member?"

Oh shit! I'm a congenital giggler! More embarrassment was just about to trip out my overload circuits and I heard myself giggle again.

"Well," he was still there! "I can't spray this stuff around if there is anyone home or any pets. That's what I was checking the house for, to see if there were any pets left inside. I didn't know you were taking a bath, honest."

He sounded like a really nice kid, the sort I would have wanted my own daughter to be dating, except she wasn't old enough to be dating yet. Heck, she wasn't even born yet, now!

"We'll just schedule this for some other day. You have to leave the house closed up for at least two hours and then air it out for four hours or is it the other way around?" He sounded distracted and I giggled into my hand again. "I've got brochures.... Anyway, I just wanted to be sure you were okay before I leave, and, say, why aren't you in school today?"

"I'm okay?" I finally tell him. "S-sorry for hitting you with my hair dryer?" Why, oh, why did both of those come out as questions?

"That's ok," he said. "I'm not hurt, you just surprised me and I fell trying to walk backward. You're even prettier now than you were back them, Amy." Pause. "What are you doing Saturday night?"

Huh? He's only seen me wet and naked in three years and he's asking me for a date? I glared at the door of my bedroom with all the snapshots of Amy's friends tacked up and the little cutesy looking notes. But, truth to tell, his request had started something inside me again.

"Uh," I tried to stall, "I'm not allowed to date college guys?" Was I? Who knew, for all I knew Amy already had a date for Saturday? And why, again, had I made it a question?

"Well, ask your folks. They know my folks, well your step-mom knows my mom. And -uh- I'll give you a call? You got your own number?"

I probably did but I had no idea what it was. But Amy was Daddy's princess and I felt sure I had my own phone. "Um, well, like, I don't really want to give it to you right now?" I stalled again. "Like I have to ask my folks?" Oh, God, could I say anything without sounding so BLONDE?

"Okay, Amy. I'd like to see more of you...." He let that one trail off.

I flushed again. Rob couldn't very well see more of me unless he used a speculum! Maybe he was blushing at his own verbal gaffe, I certainly hoped so. Or maybe he'd meant to say it just that way?

"Uh, Bye?" Now he was doing it. I heard his feet in their heavy work boots retreat down the hall.

"Bye?" I called. Would that make him stop? Did I want him to stop? Something inside me ached to make him stop and come back and.... I wanted him to come into the room where I still lay on my little girl bed in my nakedness. I wanted to be frightened of him again, to wonder what he would do with me and to know.

What the hell was I thinking? I opened my mouth to call out to him, to call him back, to do what?

My mind raced like a squirrel in a cage, not really getting anywhere. Obviously, he had a different agenda than I did. He looked at Amy as, well, as a girl. An attractive girl. One he would like to get to know better, which is "Guy Code" for doing the nasty.

I giggled in my confusion and embarrassment, again surprised at the girlishness of my voice. But why should I expect anything differently. I was a girl. In body, if not soul. Yes, but.... Even my thoughts and feelings were different than I would have expected, had come to expect after years of living as myself, as Brian Matthews.

Instead of being angry at the turn of events and my transformation, I was more curious and just a little bit scared. I felt oddly comfortable in my new body, despite the awkward sway of my boobs every time I moved, the different way my hips were jointed and other things. For some reason, it all felt normal. Even the blonde hair wetly cascading down my shoulders toward my ass and that oh-so-noticeable void between my legs.

I began to think what it would be like to hold him and kiss him, no, to be held and kissed. Hell, I wondered what it would feel like to have him deep inside me.

I squirmed and blushed and giggled to be thinking such things. Embarrassed and disturbed that I was only embarrassed, not disgusted.

I felt my nipples stiffen, and I knew that my new body was a big part of my confusing reactions. I touched the soft little buttons, then gently rubbed them. It all felt so good. In between my soft moans, giggles and whimpers, I heard his bootsteps approaching the front door, he hadn't quite left yet. He jiggled the handle and I heard it swing open. It was now or ... never?

"Wait!" I called out, not wanting him to leave, not wanting not to find out what I might do to explore these new feelings and desperately afraid of just that.

"Oh, hello, Miss -uh- Billings?" I heard him talking to someone. Now who? But I almost broke out in a new rash from relief at having been saved from whatever I had been thinking of doing. I collapsed back on the bed in nervous exhaustion.

"Pamela," I heard Janice's new voice saying. "I'm Pamela *Hart*, Amy's aunt, her step-mom's sister. And you are?" Why the heck was Janice making Pam's voice coo like that?

"Uh, I'm Rob, Rob Willingham?"

"Hello-o, Rob?" Pam's voice practically oozed sexual innuendo. "What were you doing inside? Did Amy fake being sick for a rendezvous with you?"

Ack! What the heck was she suggesting? I felt my face burning and..., and my nipples crinkling up all over again. She knew perfectly well she had created the rash that got me out of school today with her magic. The rash that had faded away before Rob had glimpsed my wet, naked *girl* body, just before I hit him with a stainless-steel hair dryer. How the heck had all that happened just this morning? And could I possibly blush any redder?

"Uh, uh, NO! No, I was just here to spray for bugs. See?" he was probably waving his equipment at her. No, wait, the image that phrase brought to mind caused me to miss the next part of the conversation.

"Bye, Miss Hart, um, Pam!" I heard him call out.

"Bye, Robbie," I head Pam coo.

I felt my lips thin and my eyes narrow at the sound in Pam's voice. What the heck was she doing now, coming on to a kid like Robbie, she was a married woman almost twice his age? Or she would be if we ever got back to our own bodies and time, I reminded myself.

"What a hunk!" I heard Pam say to herself as she moved along the front hall toward the kitchen.

The flash of emotion I suddenly felt was confusing and revealing all at once. I was jealous! Jealous of my Aunt Pam making comments about a boy I was interested in! Omigod!

"Amy! Get your little blonde butt out here," Pam called. "We've got to talk."

Automatically obeying, I felt myself stand and head for the door of my room still nude, still wet from my interrupted shower with my little nips still firm and needy.

Chapter VI The Naked Truth

"But, I'm naked!" I heard myself protest.

"Good, it'll save us time!" she said and laughed.

I shivered. Moments ago I had been confused by jealousy over Pam's expressed admiration for Rob and now, now I felt myself lusting again for her touch on my young body. She was a witch and she had enchanted me, she could make me orgasm with a touch and a word, or at least she had done that once.

Maybe she would do it again. I quivered and made my way on soft, bare feet to the door of the family room. "Is the door locked?" I asked. "The blinds pulled?"

"Yes to the door, and no to the blinds. Come on in here, no one but me can see you." I could hear her grinning and stepped from my concealment in the hall into the arch between kitchen and family room.

"Why are you naked and your hair wet?" she asked, taking something out of a bag on the kitchen table. Donuts!

"Um. Um." My mouth filled with saliva and my tummy rumbled. "I-was-taking-a-shower-and-Rob-came-and-scared-me-and-I-hit-him-and- ran-to-my-room-and-he-asked-me-on-a-date-and-I-said-I'd-find-out-and- can-I-have-a-donut-and-what-if-Rob-comes-back-in-with-me-standing-here -naked-and-those-sure-do-smell-good!"

She laughed. "You little ditz! You probably forgot to eat, huh?"

I nodded and stepped closer to the enticing smell of the fresh pastry. I had a kid's appetite now and those sweet puffs of high calorie treats were almost irresistible.

"It's almost eleven, you're probably starved. Get yourself some milk and get me some too."

I hurried to obey and soon we were sipping milk and eating donuts, me still naked and Pam in a nicely co-ordinated pant suit, peach-pink with green accents, it looked better than it sounds. "Thanks." I said around a mouthful of donut.

"Uh-huh." she agreed. "It is just as well you are naked," she added, smiling. "When we finish here, you're going to need another bath."

I glanced down at my chest, little sugar flakes decorated my teen-age titties. I giggled in embarrassment and arousal.

"Finish your milk," she ordered and I did so quickly.

"Now stand up and brush yourself off over the sink, you messy girl, you are going to have to learn to eat daintily." She seemed amused.

I obeyed and muttered a meek, "Yes, ma'am." The implication that I might be Amy long enough to need to learn such things completely escaped me at that moment.

"Stand there," she commanded, pointing to a place in the middle of the kitchen tile. I moved quickly to the spot.

"Put your hands on your head," she said. "Keep your feet together, close your eyes, stay that way until I tell you to move again. And don't say a word unless I ask you a question."

I giggled and obeyed. I felt ridiculous, naked and posing in the kitchen like that. Besides what embarrassment I felt for being a sixteen-year-old girl, that is. It didn't actually occur to me to resist her orders in any way. Her ordering me around had actually gotten me aroused again, little nipples crinkly, little crotch hot and beginning to feel damp.

"You know that you have to do everything that I tell you to do, that I have you under a spell of obedience?" she asked. I felt her touch me lightly on the left breast just above the areola and I moaned, startled at how good that felt.

"Yes." Well, I had known it, she had said as much but it certainly explained why I could not move or answer her questions with anything but yes and no.

"Do you like that, being completely under my control?" She murmured quietly, touching me now in the same place on the other breast. What was she doing? The places she had touched me felt cool and maybe wet.

"Yes." I answered, almost surprising myself. But it was true, being under Pam's commands was sweet. I had no authority here and no responsibility either. Pam was in charge and I liked it that way. I moaned a little, not a word and not therefore covered in the prohibition she had given me.

"You didn't have sex with Rob did you, just yes or no answers?" she asked. More strokes on cheeks, thighs, arms, belly.

"No!" I felt appalled that she would ask such a question, I knew I was blushing.

"Did you want to?" She asked. I realized now she was using some sort of marker, I could smell the solvent. I hoped it would wash off!

"Y-yes." I wanted to say that *Amy* wanted to, not Brian but Brian seemed very far away and I wasn't allowed to say anything besides yes or no, so all I could add was a nervous giggle.

"You're still a virgin. Or rather Amy is still a virgin. Did you know that?" She must be preparing another spell, still making marks on me, hands and feet and back and ass. What was it this time, would it allow us to go home? Did I still want to at this moment?

"No." I answered Pam's question. I could have guessed that Amy was a virgin but how did Pam know for sure? With young girls in the seventies it was by no means a guarantee. Magic must have supplied the answer. I giggled again and gasped as she inserted two fingers between my legs and touched me lightly at the opening to my cunt. Those fingers had been inside me before, maybe she had discovered my virginity then...but....

Fingers don't count, I told myself, especially girl fingers feeling a little Clintonesque making such a distinction. My brain skipped a groove wondering just for a split second what the future president of the United States was doing right now. Did they have interns in the Arkansas governor's offices?

"Would you have laid back and spread your legs for him, had he been nice about it?" Pam asked, breathing almost in my ear, her soft body suddenly pressed against mine, her fingers working quickly, firmly, against the flesh hiding my little pleasure button.

For just a second more, I thought she meant Clinton but I realized that she was talking about Rob Willingham. I felt a word on my lips and I tried to deny it but I only succeeded in making it into a question, "Yes?!"

I moaned in suddenly intensified excitement. I quivered, wanting something deep inside me, something? Something. Something! But I couldn't even move enough to thrust my hips against Pam's hand, her magic held me almost motionless. I gasped, I needed release!

"One more question, Amy." Pam breathed. "And if you say yes, you can come, a big old hairy orgasm that will last and last and come again and again. Something men never get to do! Something only girls can enjoy, Amy! Just answer one question and tell the truth, you'll be bound by your answer just like you're bound by my spell now!"

My own breath came in ragged gasps and little whimpering moans. She had not stopped pressing her fingers into the sweetly tender flesh between my legs. Her taller, longer body was pressed against mine and I knew that just as I was naked, so was she. Breast to breast, face to face, her one hand buried in my crotch, her other grasping the soft round flesh of my ass.

What the hell was she going to ask me, I wondered? And would she please do it NOW?

"You have to answer quickly, darling Amy, and you can't lie or change your mind later. This is the only way back to the future, sweet, sweet Amy, so remember if you say yes, wonderful things will happen!"

I could hardly think with what she was doing to me but the only way back to the future? Had they even made those movies yet?

Wonderful things? I knew what that meant, Ask! I wanted to scream but I could only moan and giggle, whimper and gasp. I was a plaything in her power what could it possibly matter what I said?

"Amy, dearest Amy, Amy love, it IS the only way back and thankfully you are still a virgin, so would you fuck a demon -- for me?"


Note: Chapters 1 & 2 or Chapters 3 & 4 or Chapters 7

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Re: Spellbound in the Seventies 5 and 6 (Score: 1)
by pjladyfox on Sep 10, 2004 - 11:38 AM
(User info | Send a message)
*laughs* Oh my! Talk about amusing in a cute sort of way. I like how he/she just spilled everything out in one sentence. ^_^

And I'm not in the least bit surprised that the demon would ask that for his price. Especially considering what was interrupted the first time around. Wonder how he/she will answer?

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