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Lainie Lee: Spellbound in the Seventies 7
Posted by: Admin on Wednesday, July 31, 2002 - 02:28 AM Printer Friendly
in the Seventies
Chapter 7

by Lainie Lee and Brian Matthews


by Lainie Lee and Brian Matthews

Chapter 7

A demon? My mind raced for an answer.... Answer her quickly, she had asked. Or rather, she had commanded. Still under her spell, her control, totally powerless to resist, yet I felt amazingly at peace with my lack of control. I was willing to totally, completely submit to her. It even felt good to be controlled by her, to be her helpless teenage lover.

But a demon? Would I? Could I? I started to giggle at the thought. Damn giggles. Just like a girl. But the thought intrigued me. Ever since meeting Rob, since smelling his musky odor, since hearing his deep voice, since peering at his broad shoulders.... I wanted to be mounted, to be FUCKED!!! To be ridden eight ways till Tuesday. My God, did my daughter ever think like this? I must have a chat with her when I get back.

If I get back.

"Would you fuck a demon?" she asked, more a command than a question.

Yes, I thought... "Yes," I whispered.

"What? Speak up girl!" Pam was getting anxious for my answer.

"YES!!!" But her command to speak up seemed to have released me from her earlier orders to be quiet and limit myself to one word answers. I could tell more, I had to tell her more!

"I want to get fucked," I continued. "I can't explain it, but I NEED to get fucked. Right here, right now!" It appalled me, excited me, mortified me and thrilled me to hear myself saying such things, saying them in Amy's cute little voice but with my own intent and need behind them.

She smiled and said: "I thought so!"

I almost didn't hear her, the orgasm she had promised hit me. And it seemed to be wrapped up in the binding spells she had placed on me. It wracked me physically, mentally, emotionally. A roaring, flaming, tidal wave of heat and pleasure, I writhed and moaned as much as I was able, still held in the grip of Pam's spell, still helpless.

And oh! That delicious helplessness, how it intensified the feeling I experienced! Like a piece of soft plastic in a mold, the pleasure I felt heated me and the binding spells constrained me and I felt myself molded and shaped; my psyche and my soul pressure-formed into a willing slave to my desire and Pam's commands!

I would never be the same again and I knew it and it made me happy. My nipples ached and my pussy throbbed, but sweetly now, release and relief and the satisfying cessation of further desire, further need. But, knowing it would only take a word from my mistress to awaken the hunger and want and erotic longings inside me, I shivered in my realization of my true status here. Enchanted love slave to a demon-summoning witch, could there be anything more gloriously humiliating that could happen to me?

Well. "Did I just agree to fuck a demon?"

I must have said that out loud because she laughed. "Don't worry about it." An order, goodie!

And of course, then I couldn't. But not being able to worry about being fucked by a demon, worried me a little. Or should that be covered under the order not to worry about the first thing? My head spun as I tried to worry about whether I was interpreting the order not to worry correctly. The tail of that particular kitten couldn't be caught and my worry circuits tripped a breaker or something.

"And stop giggling for a moment," she added.

I hadn't known I was! Automatically, I held the teenage merriment for 90 seconds or so and then girlfully swallowed the rest of the giggles. Pam, my aunt, Amy's aunt, my-boss-formerly-in-the-future-known-as-Janet-and-now-my-mistress-and-owner-forever, was speaking.

"Have you listened at all to what I've been saying?" she asked.

Uh. "I thought I was?"

Sighing, she went over things again. We would have to wait for an auspicious night for her to summon a demon who could open the way back to the future. "I'm a lot less powerful here and now, magically, so this has to be done right. I'll have to have the right equipment, do it on the right day and at the right time and you'll have to be just perfect in your part or it won't work. Otherwise, instead of fucking you, the demon might just rip your head off or something."

I think I vibrated like a tuning fork that has been hit too hard. That thutta-thutta-thutta noise must have been my heart or maybe in attempting to talk I had got stuck on something I couldn't quite say.

Pam smiled. "Things will work out ok, honey. You're really worried about it, aren't you?"

"That's because I really want to get back home?" Didn't I?

I must! I mean, I had a life and a family to get back to, a wife who loved me and I adored, and two children, a career, I needed to get back home, back into my own body. But why did the thought of it make ice in my stomach?

On the other hand, contemplating being stuck here, STUCK, as a fifteen year old airhead in the seventies; a young girl with my mind and memories but increasingly clearly, not exactly the me I remembered being; well that thought made little prickles of delighted embarrassment run up and down my body, lingering in certain places.

Did I prefer being Amy? Little and blonde and cute with a family to love and protect her and her whole life ahead of her. Uh? I know I must have been squirming as the impossibility of my situation, the awesomeness of what I had agreed to do, and the unimaginableness of my feelings whirled around in my brain.

"Earth to Amy," said Pam and rapped a knuckle on my forehead.

"Ouch!" I rubbed the spot and glared at her but then had to grin at her grin.

"Woolgathering again?" she said. "You know that was one of the reasons I got that promotion instead of you?"


"The higher ups thought you were too dreamy, too unfocused on the projects. Your work was outstanding but they didn't think you had the management tools to move up," she said.

"Ouch. Um, they might have been right. I wasn't that unhappy being passed over, I liked uh..." something new occurred to me. "Pam? What the heck did our company do? Anyway?"

Her grin broadened. "Something that doesn't exist here and now, so your little brain is refusing to allow you to think of it. You're thinking with Amy's brain you know and you don't have my magical skills to preserve and use the knowledge that you had before, so it is beginning to fade."


"Yes, fade. It's why we must act as quickly as we can to get back to our own time and place. The longer we stay here, the less we will remember of our old lives. Oh, we'll never forget completely but we won't be able to get rich by knowing who won the 1994 World Series."

I giggled, but it puzzled me, who did win the 1994 World Series? Had I already forgotten that?

"You're thinking with Amy's brain dear, and your memories and personality are just a magical overlay on the structure of Amy's mind. Your soul is in her body, but the brain is part of the body."

I fidgeted, this was beginning to sound like a lecture. "Does that mean I'm really Amy and I only think I'm me?" I felt my lower lip tremble a bit.

She laughed. "If you look in a mirror, who do you see? But, no, the real you, your soul; that is still you, Brian what's-his-name."

I bit the lip to stop it from trembling. Brian? Brian what's-his-name? Brian Billings? No, that's my little brother, Amy's little brother, he's Brian Billings cause Daddy adopted him when he married Marie two years ago. Otherwise he'd be Brian Friedlander, his real Dad's last name. He's an okay kid even if he does tease me a lot.


I couldn’t remember what my name had been in the future! Brian Something? And apparently Pam couldn’t remember either!

This could be a bad thing.


Note: Chapters 1 and 2 or Chapters 3 & 4 or Chapters 5 & 6

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Re: Spellbound in the Seventies 7 (Score: 1)
by pjladyfox on Sep 10, 2004 - 11:43 AM
(User info | Send a message)
Oh pooh! I hope there's more of this here somewhere. Nicely done otherwise. *goes of in search of more chapters*

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008
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