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Masques of a Malleable Metal
Date: Wednesday, July 10 @ 22:49:10
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Stories of Masquerade and Transformation

by Steve Zink

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It's Only a Costume, Isn't It?A 'Smilin' Jack' Halloween Story

The S2K Bug: SteveSteve just couldn't resist.

A Day at the Costume ShopWould you like to try that on?

I'm Doing WHAT for a Living?!Really? You mean with a whip and all?

Halloween Round Robin: Witches Brew, Part 2Kathy was aware of my huge... comics collection

The Day God BurpedHey! It could happen!

The Bitch Learns MoreContinuing where Morpheus left off...

The Mansion with the Morphing Manifesto"The HOUSE did it?!
The Mansion... Manifesto - Part II
The Mansion... Manifesto - Part III

Visit Helleston, Become A New You!"The TOWN did it?!
Visit Helleston... A New You! - Part II
Visit Helleston... A New You! - Part III

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