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Green Lantern Wishes
Date: Tuesday, July 16 @ 23:28:34
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Green Lantern Wishes

by Wanda Cunningham

This one is for Steve.

"If you could be a super hero, who would you want to be?" asked Tommy, not for the first time. At thirteen and fourteen, the guys were almost too old to be playing this game, or were beginning to think they were.

"That's easy," said George. "Superman of course."

"I think I'd rather be Thor," said Tommy. "And don't anybody hit me! I mean Thor, the thunder god!" He rubbed his upper arm reflexively.

"Superman could clean Thor's clock any day of the week," said George, grinning.

"Oh, yeah! Thor's got magic and he is a god! People worship him, that counts for something too!"

David said nothing while his friends argued the merits of being from Krypton or Asgard. He sat there very still and imagined it. The light would envelop him and fill him and he would feel the power.

His hair would grow out long and dark with golden highlights all through it. Past his waist, down to wear he would have to worry about sitting on it. It would float out behind him when he flew.

His waist would nip in a bit, and his thighs would fill out, round and firm. His legs would be a little longer, the better to show off the curve of calf and ankle and the swelling of his round butt.

He felt his face coloring a little.

His eyes would be bigger, and green of course, with long dark lashes and a bit of color on the lids. His face would be cute and sexy, a little nose, a rounded chin and very full, very deeply red lips. He would wear earrings, emerald earrings of course.

His costume would be skintight and here he blushed even deeper. The green and black and gold suit he imagined would reveal as much as conceal. His chest would be narrow and his breasts would grow, almost too big for his narrow, delicate frame. Almost but not quite; they had to balance his other curves.

The costume would certainly be tight enough to leave no doubt that his sex had changed, crotch smooth and all the rest of the package of feminine beauty and sexiness and desirability. He smiled to think of it.

He wanted to have it all, power enough to face up to the big Kryptonian boyscout or even the Asgardian. Power and beauty and feminitiny. The hair, the face, the breasts, the butt, the legs, the costume. And a slender neck, graceful arms, delicate fingers; one of them wearing the ring....

"Aw!" complained Tommy. "Don't even ask, Dave. He always wants to be Green Lantern."

Copyright 2000 by Wanda Cunningham

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