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Swing Shifted
Date: Tuesday, July 16 @ 23:32:46
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Swing Shifted
by Wanda Cunningham

"Never take your eye off the ball," said Mr. Willoughby.

"Uh-huh," said Bobby aloud but secretly, inwardly, muttering, "I hate golf."

"Head down, elbows in, knees together, follow through." Mr. Willoughby was full of advice.

"Uh-huh," said Bobby. It was still the same after all these years, Mr. Willoughby giving his kids instructions in how to do everything. Bobby whanged the ball down the middle of the fairway but only a fairly weak 90 yards or so.

Mr. Willoughby sighed. "Look, hon, just 'cause you had your dick cut off and grew a set of tits doesn't mean you're supposed to swing the club like a girl!"

Copyright 2000, 2002 by Wanda Cunningham. All rights reserved.

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