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Transgendered Stories

New Stories and New Authors! - 30/June/2002
28 stories by Vickie Tern!

We're moving! Take a look at our new home!!

BigCloset Author List
Bill Hart
Brian Matthews
Cleo Kraft
C.M. Ellis
Constance Grant
Deane Christopher
Erin Halfelven
Lainie Lee
Lorna Samuels
Maggie Finson
Morgan Preece
Sarah Miller
Sharon Tipton
Steve Zink
Vickie Tern
Wanda Cunningham
TG stories by Constance Grant
By now, you'd think I'd be used to it...
Constance Grant's S2K Experience
...but this is what really happened!
Rebecca's Revenge
Would Becky want me impersonating her?
Sam Considered the Pistol
Love can be desperate....
Mary Walsh's Own Story
I found Robert holding one of my dresses....


Bashful Tales (by Bashful, of course)
Altered Fates: Family Matters
In the end, what really matters is family.
Altered Fates: Milkshakes at Midnight
Brothers-in-law can be improved on...
AF: The Weekend
The Medallion spices up John's marriage.
Always read the legalese, even on a wish!
Disclaimer 2, The Producer
Another lesson in reading the fine print!
Disclaimer 3, Best Seat in the House
His luck had finally changed, or had it?
Looking Out For Number One
The Great Shift changes the order of things!
David's Dilemna
David's mother-in-law gave him some choice!
Hank's Secret
His girlfriend gave him two gifts, one from SRU!
SRU Wine
Darrel agreed, always read the label!


TG Tales by Julie (aka Mrs. Bashful)
The Women's Conference
They bash us already, but you know women...
GS: A Wedding to Remember
Every girl remembers her wedding day forever.
SRU: The Killer
Give it your best shot old man, it'll be your last.
AF: The Fall to Grace
You might as well remove your clothes.
AF: A Double Dose of the Medallion
THE MEDALLION! Where'd you get THAT?
The Bowler
From behind you couldn't tell which was which.
Side Effects and Complications
I won't tell him the girl he dated once was a guy.
A Man Around the House
Had I stayed too long in the male body?


TG Stories by Paul1954
None So Blind
I want to see a good little girl...
Sitting Pretty
A phrase that he would one day regret...


TG Stories by Lainie Lee, some with co-writers
The Nuclear Nude
Ever want something in the worst way?
Robin Goodgirl
Hiding from terror in lace and bondage...
The Devil in Drag
The Devil wants a date ... for Armageddon!
Esperanza with BoyChiq
A stolen ride leads to a strange encounter...
Afterschool Job with BoyChiq
Jerry's afterschool job may be unusual for a boy.
Spellbound in the Seventies with Brian Matthews
Never interrupt your boss's meeting with a demon
The Vengeance of Dr. Rhino with Morgan Preece
Revenge and the common cold, a dialogue


Bill Hart's Spell'R'Us Universe
Spare Key, Mouse Pad, Night Light and other stories
by various authors


A-Nonie-Mouse Stories by Morgan Preece
The Vengeance of Dr. Rhino with Morgan Preece
Revenge and the common cold, a dialogue
A short ambiguous encounter on a bus...
Lust, Greed and Weirdness on the Gilded Coast
Mobsters and Manipulation...


Stories from the Erotonomicon by Erin Halfelven
Non-TG but the boss wrote them
Private Weather
A walk in the thunder inside.
Dirty and Dangerous
Isn't that what sex is supposed to be?
Ginger-with-a-D and the Hunk-and-a-Half
Every which way but loose...
Every Lollipop Loves A. Licking
Cheating at the game...


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TG stories by Sarah Miller
The Final Costume
If I had to do it over, I'd have stayed home...
Make sure you rub the crotch...of the idol.
Rainbow Camp
Are you now, or have you ever been, a woman?
The Case of the Mauve Database
Somebody killed the pointy-haired boss...
In his dreams, he always ended up female


TG Stories by C.M. Ellis
A Small Accident
Kim and Dan wake up feeling a little...'different.'


TG Stories by Sharon Tipton
A New Barbie
Few people know their heart's desire...


FFxV -- Femme Fables by Vickie Tern
Second Hand Rose
It was supposed to be an ordinary party.
Back Door
For me the world turned around...
You're always selling yourself...
A little racy for middle class tastes?
If I pretend I'm your best girlfriend...
I wouldn't bother his pretty little head...
Don't you feel like trying something new?
You're always worried about the neighbors...
Your wife has left you for another woman...
Girl Time
Remember to take your girl time pills...
I had no idea what she was talking about.
Girls' Night Out
I see she did talk you into it!
How could Cindy fail to notice?
Jack and Jill
You think that being female is a game...
I'd wanted to be a boy too until...
Letter to the Staff of
Look cute so the boys will like you...
Have fun, come back looking gorgeous...
Welcome a new lesbian into the world...
New Hairdo
I felt the quiet pride a girl feels...
Phone Calls
You can be happy looking like a woman.
A Place of Her Own
I felt free to enjoy my femininity.
Queer Halloween
I suppose it was wicked of me...
Snippety, snip!
Sooo Sweet!
You ever do anything really kinky?
Who loves short shorts?
We love short shorts!
True Love
Only one man at a time, of course.
Trust Me
Didn't you want to get them pierced?
The Two of Us
That blonde? You don't recognize him?


TG Wordification by Deane Christopher
The Girlfriend
Vicki wanted just what Jake wanted... a girlfriend.
*The Lamp
Doesn't this make seven of these fake Persian lamps?
*By Dawn and Dusk
A Spell Incantation
Wishing shoes ought to come with instructions...
Witness Protection Program with a TG Twist
I'm still in good shape! You know, for a girl!


TG Tales by CopyHack (JDCopyHack)
SRU: Changing Private Ryan
What if you didn't have to die... or fight?
SRU: Last Minute Gift
A child's wish for Christmas...


Magical TG by Lorna Samuels
A Djinn's Solution to Marital Strife
The only way we'll really understand each other...


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For those authors who will allow us to display ads on their story pages, thanks, you will be keeping us in business and making your stories available to your fans.

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